Pela Created an Eco-Friendly Compostable Phone Case

Apple sold over a billion iPhones in the last decade. People then buy the standard accessories to protect it—generally a screen protector and case. Most phone cases are made of oil-based plastics and are not environmentally friendly in the slightest. More people are taking strides to help the environment, and you can help even more with the 100 percent compostable phone case Pela has to offer.

How Did Pela Get Started?

Founder Jeremy Lang was at the beach with his family in Hawaii when his son dug up some plastic. This unsettled him. He started to realize the severity of the world’s plastic pollution and knew he needed to do something about it. His main drive is to provide a reliable product that also will protect his children in the years to come.

We cannot do away with phone cases. Smart phones are incredibly convenient because you can carry in your pocket your cell phone, camera, computer, calculator, flashlight, and etc. all in one small device. They are also expensive, so you need to protect it. Pela phone cases help you protect your phone and support a good cause at the same time.

What Are the Phone Cases Made of?

These phone cases are made of what the company calls “Flaxstic.” It is a material made of GDH-B1, a compostable bioplastic elastomer, and flax straw. About 45 percent of the case’s weight is biobased, with the remaining 55 percent being Flaxstic. Unfortunately, the materials needed for Flaxstic are not renewable, and they acknowledge that. They are continuing to work toward making a phone case that is completely renewable and environmentally friendly. In the meantime though, they say that 45 percent biobased is better than nothing. It is definitely one of the most eco-smart cases on the market.

What Are the Benefits?

Pela phone cases, though extremely environmentally friendly, act just like normal phone cases. Flax straw adds a natural impact resistance to the case, which may even absorb impact better than other flexible plastic cases. It is also smooth and flexible.

Did we mention that these cases are 100 percent compostable? When you are done with your case, you can either send it to an industrial compost facility or put it in your own compost pile at home. Depending on the quality of your compost, it can take anywhere from six months to three years for your case to completely decompose.

Pela also donates a portion of all their sales to non-profit organizations that are committed to making the world a better place. They have donated to and Surfrider Foundation and plan to donate to many more great causes.

Customer Reviews

Many of the reviews, especially on Pela’s website, agree that their phone cases are incredible. They love the plastic-free packaging and handwritten note that comes with every purchase. One review stated that the color of the case bled onto their pants, but they are “more than happy with it.”

There are also reviews on Amazon, but many of the products on there are fakes that are not actually Pela phone cases. If you want to purchase one, be sure to go through their website.


The amount of products available that cater to the environment’s well-being is outstanding. People are more aware and striving to make a difference. Pela phone cases are another product that is making waves and bringing more awareness to the world.

Image Source: Pelacase

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