Plum Organics Baby Food Stage 2, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack Review

Plum Organics Baby Food seems to be loved by most of the people who buy them. They have a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, as well as carry a badge for Amazon's Choice. They are highly recommended by Amazon, however, there are some concerns that need to be addressed. Let's dive right in and see how these baby pouches stack up.

Best Features of Plum Organics Baby Food

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    USDA Certified Organic
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    100% BPA Free Packaging
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    Wide Variety of Flavors
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    Stage 2

Item Specifics

The Plum Organics Baby Food is a stage 2 food. Here, the baby food will be thicker and may feature small and soft pieces of food. Since babies at this age still do not have many teeth, the pieces of food will be soft enough for them to chew with their gums, but still substantial for their appetite. Now, these pieces of food will still be sparse, as the real chunks are yet to come. It is also a good idea at this stage to start mixing different foods together, like pureed meats and vegetables, or vegetables and fruits.

In addition, at this age, it is also safe to allow them mashed, fresh fruits, like bananas. As for the serving sizes for stage two, it is recommended that you start with a teaspoon or two of each food and increase the portions to a quarter cup to a half cup of food, twice a day. However, it is also important not to overfeed your kid. Look for signs from your baby that they are full. For example, if they turn their head away from the spoon after a few spoonfuls, do not force more. Stage 2 baby food typically starts around 8 months but it can start earlier. 

This food is packaged in plastic pouches that feature a resealable top. The resealable top makes for easy storing and saving of uneaten food. In addition, the pouch style makes for convenient feeding on the go. As busy as the lives of parents are, being able to take food on the go is very important. 

As for the flavor, Plum Organics Baby Food offers a wide variety of flavors. With this pack, you get 18 pouches of 4 ounces each. This means you get 6 pouches of Pear, Spinach, and Pea, 6 of Pear, Purple Carrot, and Blueberry, and 6 of Banana and Pumpkin.


There are a lot of great features and benefits that you will be getting with the Plum Organics Baby food. They are in fact certified organic by the USDA. This is the same certification that is placed on organic foods, so this shows that you are really getting a truly organic product. This baby food is also free of all artificial flavors and sweeteners. Extra sugar is never good for a growing baby, as it can promote child obesity, plus kids do not need any extra sugar in their diet. In addition to Plum Organics Baby Food being certified organic, it is also Kosher Parve. So, for those living a kosher lifestyle, you can add this product to your approved item list. 

The packaging is 100% free of BPA and it features a recyclable cap. The rest of the pouch is not recyclable, unfortunately, but the pouches do offer a lower environmental footprint than glass jars. However, glass can still be reused forever, so there's that. 

The ingredients in the Plum Organics Baby Food vary from product to product, but looking at the Pear, Spinach, Pea version, the ingredients include all organic ingredients, with no added sugars or fillers. 

About This Company

Plum Organics was founded in 2007 by parents, for parents. It was founded on the belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the first bite. Plum Organics focuses on adventurous eating through a wide variety of flavors to promote Nutritional Intelligence. This is an intelligence that will help babies choose healthy foods later in life. 

All of their products are packed full of essential nutrients that babies need to grow and develop properly and effectively. Their product line is quite extensive. They offer food products for babies, all the way to young kids. In their baby line, they have formula, baby bowls that offer a combination of veggies and fruits, just veggies pouches, just fruits, color foods to help babies learn colors, stage 2 blends, Super Puffs that offer whole grains with veggies and fruits, teething snacks, and stage 3 meals.  


Plum Organics Baby Food is certified organic by the USDA. This shows that their food is grown organically, without any pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or horomones. In addition, their food does not have any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

The pouch style offers convenient and fast feeding. Plus, the cap is recyclable and the entire pouch is free of BPA. This is often the biggest concern with plastic containers. 

Plum Organics Baby Food offers a very wide variety of baby food flavors. In addition, they also offer food for all stages, 1-3, and everything in between. 


While babies may love the taste of the fruits with the veggies, it also teaches them something that will definitely not help in the later years. Kids do not particularly like the taste of veggies, but by giving them food that blends fruits and veggies together, it tells them that veggies are only good when sweetened with fruits. This will make them even less interested in plain veggies later on. 

The pouch style may be convenient, but it has a dark side. Because you can not see through the pouch, you have no idea if the food is still good or not. There have been many complaints of mold in the pouch, which can be very dangerous for your baby.

Final Thoughts:

The reason why everyone recommends glass jars over the plastic pouches is because 1) they are reusable, and 2) you have no idea if there is mold in the pouch or not. The mold issue is unfortunately a common problem. People have cut open their pouches to find black or green mold growing on the inside. This is extremely troubling because that can be very dangerous for babies. This issue is among the most common complaints about this brand of baby food. 

In addition, many have reported that when they received the Plum Organics Baby Food, the food was actually expired. This is very concerning, and brings up the question of who is checking the food before it is shipped. You obviously want to give the best to your child, and if the food is expired, that is definitely not the best. It is unknown if either of these issues were simply outliers, or if it is in fact a common issue. Unfortunately, the mold issue has been reported by many different people with many different brands of food. This is one reason why it is far better and safer to go with glass. 

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    Organic certified
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    Wide variety


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    May contain mold
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    Teaches wrong things about veggies

Plum Organics Baby Food Stage 2, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack Conclusion

If those issues are in fact outliers, then there should be nothing to worry about. However, mixing fruits and veggies together is still not the best idea for regular feeding. But the choice is yours. This brand seems overall pretty good and you can even grab the single fruits or veggies if you like. For this variety pack, you can find it on Amazon for $24.44. For any other information, including the best organic baby food, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Plum Organics Stage 2 Baby Food, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack.

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    What do you get in the variety pack? You receive 6 pouches of 3 different flavors, 18 pouches in total.
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    What is the ratio of fruit and vegetable? The ratio changes depending on the type of food you buy. 

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