Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil Review

Prophet and Tools Uncented Beard Oil is a 100% natural product that was intended for men who want to grow a great beard but can't tolerate the smells. Allergy or hypersensitvity are good reasons to go unscented. The goal of any beard oil is to hydrate the hair and face. The question is, does this beard oil succeed? 

Best Fea​tures

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    100% organic
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    Made with high quality oils
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    Makes your beard soft
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    Unscented product

Initial Thoughts

Initial impressions of this natural beard oil are great, but I am curious on how long time users feel about the product. This review will be your guide to Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil’s pros and cons. By the end, you will have a pretty good idea if this is the right natural beard oil for you.


Natural beard oils contain many of the same traits as one another. The ingredients used to determine the different attribute your beard oil will have, however. The ingredients used in Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil are some of the best moisturizing natural oils available. They also happen to be some of the lighter feeling ingredients that are commonly used in natural beard oils. Using these lighter oils makes your beard feel soft but less greasy. Here are some of the specific ingredients.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a really important oil used in common natural hair moisturizers. The benefits for your hair are numerous, however, the best things about it are its moisturizing properties. Jojoba oil is full of vitamins that keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Because it is natural, it is also safe to leave in your hair and won't coat it like the hard to remove silicone bases. Jojoba is also a really light oil, so it doesn’t feel overly greasy in your beard. It also carries scents really well from other oils as it has a very light scent itself.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil is vital in natural beard oils because of the antibacterial properties. Have you ever wondered why scents are so important in beard oils? Well having good smells is really important because beards can easily begin to smell really bad if not taken care of. With a scent free beard oil like this, it is very important that bacteria growth is taken care of. Bacteria grows and multiplies much faster in your beard, especially around your mouth, because it stays more moist, contacts contaminants much more often, and traps debris and dirt really easily. It is very easy to not notice things caught in your beard when it gets thick and unkempt. I know a man who even found two ticks on his face upon shaving his beard. A good natural beard oil will soften your beard, help loosen debris, and will have the antibacterial properties of vitamin e oil.

Other Natural Oils

The other natural oils in Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil serve to soften your beard  and increase the hair's ability to retain nutrients. Natural beard oils are some of the most absorbent oils. They act like a leave-in conditioner and keep your beard feeling smooth and soft all day.


Beard hair is a far different composition than the hair that is on top of hour head. Because of the difference in texture and thickness, it is necessary to treat your beard differently. A beard is more prone to becoming brittle and experiencing breakage than the hair on your head. This is partly because the oils that are produced from your face are different than the oils your head produces. The key to keeping your beard well maintained is good beard maintenance. Natural beard oil is essential to keep your beard healthy and chemical damage free.

Natural beard oils like Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oilare the best products for your beard and face. Beard oils that are not all natural contain silicone-based chemicals, which are dangerous for your hair Silicone based beard oils tend to coat the hair over time and leave a build up on each hair. This build-up leaves your hair seeming healthy, but in reality, your hair’s ability to absorb nutrients will be ever decreasing. Over time the beard will become brittle and thinner.

The Product

Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil is a product that is great for guys who have allergies to the several different scented ingredients in normal natural beard oils. Many people who review this product say that the beard oil lasts longer than other beard oils. It is hard to determine if this is because they apply less because scent isn't a factor or if the product is a higher quality. Some people, however, have complained the exact opposite. Sometimes the type of hair you have can determine which type of beard oil is best for you. This oil is one of the best beard oils for hydrating your face and hair. This product has next to no bad reviews so it is a really safe product to purchase. The worst thing anyone has had to say is that it doesn't hold into their hair as well as they would want and that they do want a scented oil. 

About This Company

The company Prophet and Tools has not been around for very long. However, their first year producing beard products was a huge success. They claim to have, "rocketed to success in just one year by simply fixing a problem in the beard care market regarding beard oil." I don't know what that means, but maybe that is a trade secret! What I do know is that they are truly a successful company that makes high quality products. Founded in America, their focus is on expanding to other countries because they believe in their product. Another great thing about this company is that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if there is anything wrong with your product. 


If you are looking for a great natural beard oil, this brand is the way to go. It is 100% organic and is made from very high quality essential oils. People have said that they love how soft their beard feels after using it and that it will eliminate beard dandruff and itching when used regularly. 


Complaints have noted that that the beard oil doesn't last as long in their beard as other oils do. there were also some complaints of irritaiton to the face of some reviewers. However, these complaints are very few and far between. Other people complain that it doesn't feel like other oils, so if you are used to other oils, this one might feel light. 

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to doing what it says, Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oilsucceeds. Only several people have complained of facial irritation or dandruff. Almost all the people who use this beard oil say that their beard is softer and smoother. The reviews are so overwhelmingly positive I felt a little overwhelmed trying to find critical things to say about the product. Having a beard oil without a scent gives you the opportunity to let the manly cologne you wear be the only thing people smell. It will also prevent any allergic reaction you might experience from scents

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    Leaves your beard smooth and soft
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    Made from high quality essential oils
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    100% organic


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    Some people complain it does not last long.

Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil Conclusion

Prophet and Tools Unscented beard Oil is a great product that comes highly recommended by me and almost everyone else who has consistently used it. IThe price is very reasonable, and the bottle will last a lot longer than you might think. I would recommend buying a bottle if you are just starting to grow a beard and need a good consistent natural beard oil. This product is great, but whether you buy it or not, always take care of your beard with a natural beard oil.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil.

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    How many ounces is it? It is 2 oz, which will last you much longer than you realize.
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    Will this help me grow a beard? Only because it will be less irritating for your beard to grow out as it softens the hair and moisturizes the scalp.

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