Pure Body Naturals Hair Gel for Men Review

Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men is a highly rated natural hair gel on Amazon. Almost 90% of the reviews are either four or five stars. That is pretty good for a natural hair gel, because they usually don’t hold hair as well as the chemical based heir gels. Pure Body Natural Hair Gel is 90% organic as well as being a natural product. Lets take a closer look and see if this product is actually good for your hair  and if it is an effective hair gel.

Best Fea​tures

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    90% organic
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    100% natural ingredients
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    Promotes hair health

Initial Thoughts

Hair gel’s primary use is to style your hair. Styling is why it was made. Many of the hair gel products on the market today are full of harsh chemicals that, while doing their job of holding your hair well, wreck your hair’s health. The chemicals are harsh and they break down your hair cells. The chemicals also tend to coat your hair even after you wash your hair, and that prevents it from getting the nutrients that it needs. Harsh, chemical laden hair gels also tend to dry out your hair and scalp by preventing oil from getting into your hair. 

Natural hair gels, like Pure Body Natural Hair Gel, use all natural ingredients that compliment hair health to promote your hair’s appearance and health. These ingredients are full of natural vitamins and oils that keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Pure Body Natural Hair Gel is 100% natural, so you will be getting a product that is designed to keep your hair healthy while also holding it in place. 


Natural hair gels often contain many of the same ingredients. Differences are honestly there, but the biggest differences come in some of the smallest ingredients. It only takes a small percentage of something to make a really big difference. Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men is not much different from other natural hair gels I have used in the past, but I did notice that my hair felt softer when using this hair gel compared to others. I imagine that softness was a result of the ingredients, so here is a list of some of the most beneficial ingredients in Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men.

Aloe Leaf Juice

Aloe contains a bunch of proteolytic enzymes that facilitate the healing and strengthening of hair and skin. Pure Body Natural Hair Gel uses aloe leaf juice as its primary ingredient. Your hair will feel softer and will appear smoother and shiner because of the positive effects of the aloe leaf juice. Also, this is great for your skin, which means that this hair gel wont dry out your scalp. Dry scalps lead to itching and dandruff. Finally, Aloe has a chemical make up similar to the keratin in your hair. This make up allows it to more fully nourish your hair and prevent it from getting brittle and braking. 


This sounded pretty scary to me before I knew what it was. I only ever associated glycerin with explosives that we talked about in science class years ago. Studying it further, I realized glycerin is naturally occurring in many natural places like plant oils. Its primary use in a hair is to pull moisture into your hair and help it maintain that gelled look. It also helps your hair stay hydrated throughout the day. So if you are in a drier climate, using gel with glycerin is a great way to keep your hair from looking worn out by the end of the day. 

Other Natural Ingredients

Any other ingredient in Pure Body Natural Hair Gel is used to give the hair gel its ability to hold your hair or stay preserved. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that hair gel can go bad when it is composed of all natural ingredients. Alcohol and its derivatives help preserve the ingredients in your hair gel so that it doesn’t go rotten. The other purpose of the really hard to pronounce ingredients in Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men is to give your hair gel the ability to hold your hair in place and have the right consistency. Quantities of each of these will determine how strong each hair gel is.


Hair gel is not just for men who want to style your hair. Natural hair gels have many different purposes for both people with short hair who want a specific style and long people who just let their hair hang down every day. Hair gel can do lot of things besides styling your hair. Hair gel is a great way to protect your hair from different weather conditions. If you are facing a really sunny day where you will be outside for an extended period of time, hair gel can help your hair retain moisture and prevent the sun from burning your hair. If hair gel is applied then combed through, it can make hair more smooth looking and control frizz that you might have. 

The Product

Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men isn’t a product with overwhelmingly positive reviews. That being said, it doesn’t really have very many negative reviews either. It seems like it is something that most consumers fell good about, but they weren’t ecstatic about it either. Perhaps this is just a reflection of the type of product this is and not the product itself. I honestly can’t remember the last time I got excited over my hair gel. In fact, this product is an awesome hair gel. Many of the reviews report that this hair gel holds their hair great and makes their hair feel even better! That is the goal of hair gel.

Pure Body Natural Hair Gel also has a goal to help your hair appear healthier and restore some of its shine. A lot of reviews state that this has been the case for them too. I think the reason this product receives so many 4 star reviews instead of five star reviews is that it is missing anything that really sets it apart. There are a lot of natural hair gels out there, and while this one is great, so are a lot of other natural hair gels. There isn’t anything that sets Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men apart. 

About This Company

Pure Body Naturals is a company dedicated to making beauty products that are natural and healthy for your skin and hair. Their policy towards their consumer is complete honesty, and they will try and give it to you straight if you have any questions or concerns. They want your customer experience to feel like you dealt with people who get it, and not a robot. Otherwise, the company uses animal free testing, all natural, simple ingredients, and they strive to promote overall healthy lifestyles. I loved going on their website and reading their FAQs page because they are just so honest about common questions. It made me happy to see a company being so straight up with consumers. That trait is something I admire in a company and it makes me want to support their business. 


Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men works well and holds your hair in place. The gel also promotes hair health and keeps it feeling natural and clean. This product is a safe way to style your hair and is all natural which meant the product wont damage your hair over time because of its healthy ingredients. 


Some people order natural hair gel thinking it will hold as well as the chemically produced alternative. If you are one of those people, prepare to be disappointed. This product isn’t as strong as many people wish that it was. Also, this product is a little bit more on the expensive side of hair gels. 

Final Thoughts:

Using hair gel isn’t something that everyone does, and using a natural hair gel can be a little bit different than using a different hair gel. Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men is one of the better natural hair gels that I have tried, but the reviews don’t really reflect that. If you want a product that will work for you and will also treat your hair right, this is a fantastic product. You won’t use this product and regret it as long as you know what you are getting yourself into. It is a natural hair gel meant to loosely hold your hair in place and keep it under control while also helping maintain overall hair health. If you want maximum hold, there are other options, but they may very well wreck your hair. I think Pure Body Natural Hair Gel is a great product that you will enjoy for a long time. 

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    All-natural ingredients
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    Leaves your hair feeling soft
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    90% organic


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    Not as effective as some wish it was

Pure Body Naturals Hair Gel for Men Conclusion

Pure Body Natural Hair Gel is a great product that you will probably like. It usually receives good reviews on Amazon. Unfortunately many people have the wrong idea about natural natural hair gels, so don’t let negative reviews detract you from getting a great product. It is 90% organic so you know you aren’t damaging the environment. Pure Body Naturals is a company that will treat you right and doesn’t test any of their products on animals. With a price tag of almost 16 dollars, however, it is one of the more expensive hair gels that you can buy. If you want to take it easy on you wallet, this might not be right choice for you.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Pure Body Natural Hair Gel for Men.

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    How many ounces is it? It is 4 oz, which will last you about a month.
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    Does this make your hair hard? It starts out hard, but if you brush it it becomes soft but still stylable.

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