Wool Dryer Balls by Pure Homemaker Review

There are so many brands of dryer balls on the market today, it is difficult to know which one to pick. You can choose from wool or plastic, small or extra large, and a full range of colors. How do you know which ones are the best dryer balls on the market? In reality, it comes down to your own personal preference. Dryer balls are better for the environment and they keep chemicals off your skin and your children’s skin, so there is no losing. One brand you should consider is Pure Homemaker, which is featured on our list of the best dryer ball brands.

Best Fea​tures

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    Fragrance and chemical free
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    Great price
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    100 percent money back guarantee

Initial Thoughts

The dryer balls from Pure Homemaker have one of the highest ratings of any of the other dryer balls we have reviewed here at Green and Growing. It is obvious that almost every one of the customers love them too. It has a rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, and over 3,600 customers have reviewed this product. Of those reviews, 90 percent of the customers gave these dryer balls either a rating of 4 or five stars. Even better than this, 80 percent of the reviewers gave them a perfect 5 star rating. There has to be a reason for all these good ratings, right? We are here to give you an in-depth look at these dryer balls so you can decide for yourself if they are worth it.


Pure Homemaker dryer balls only consist of 100 percent wool. They do not add any synthetic fibers or materials, and they do not add any fragrances. These wool dryer balls only contain wool. This makes them a completely natural product, and wool is the best material you can use for this kind of product. Wool is really what helps prevent static cling in your dryer. Static forms in dry environments, including the inside of your dryer. When your clothes rub against the inside of the dryer and the other fabrics tumbling around it, electrons break free from the materials. This creates differently charged atoms in your clothes, which is what static is. This is why different fabrics cling to themselves and each other.

To combat this, wool dryer balls absorb some of the moisture from your wet clothes and radiate it back as they dry. This creates a humid environment that prevents static from even occurring. Of course, if you overdry your laundry, it will take all the moisture out of the wool. With no more moisture in the wool balls, the inside of the dryer becomes the perfect environment for static. It takes a bit of time to figure out, but once you have dryer balls for a while, you will know when to stop the dryer before static forms.


There is so much more to the Pure Homemaker dryer balls than just preventing static. They also protect the environment and save you money. Because these are handmade dryer balls that consist of only wool, they do not have manufacturing processes that include harmful chemicals. This product is also biodegradable so you will not harm the environment when you decide to toss them. In fact, you can even add them to your compost pile when you can no longer use them in the dryer.

Wool dryer balls also last a long time, so you only have to pay for the set once every few years or so. This reduces your costs for laundry products because you need to replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners much more frequently. They also help save you money on your electric bill. This is because dryer balls separate your clothes as they tumble around in the dryer, and this allows the hot air to circulate better. This helps your clothes dry much faster, so you run your dryer less for each load of laundry. Over time, the money you save on your electric bill really adds up!

The Product

Pure Homemaker sells their product come in a set of six extra large dryer balls handmade of wool. This set only costs $9.95 on Amazon, and that is a great deal for such a large set. Each wool dryer ball is about three inches in diameter, which is slightly larger than a tennis ball. In order to achieve the best results, you should make sure to not over-stuff your dryer. If there is not enough room for the dryer balls to move around, you will not notice a difference in the drying time. By using smaller loads, the product is able to work more effectively.

Even though Pure Homemaker does not use fragrances in their wool laundry balls, you can add your own scent to them. In order to add a natural fragrance that comes with other benefits, add a few drops of essential oils to each dryer ball before adding it to the dryer. You can run them in the dryer a few times before the scent starts to fade. After that, you can continue to use your favorite oil or you can experiment with other oils and combinations.

About This Company

The website for Pure Homemaker does not give out much information about the company itself, but the product speaks for itself. Based on the products they offer and the information on their website, this company is committed to helping you keep toxic chemicals out of your home. Wool dryer balls are a great place to start! They help you to eliminate chemicals from clothes that touch your skin all day, every day. Even though we do not have much information about Pure Homemaker itself, the customer reviews show that they offer high quality dryer balls.


The first thing you need to know before purchasing a product is whether or not it works. Based on what the customers have said and continue to say, these dryer balls are high quality. They do exactly what they are supposed to do, which includes reducing your laundry’s dry time, softening and fluffing fabrics, and reducing static. They also contain only wool, so there are no synthetic materials combined with it. This is the perfect way to eliminate all the chemicals from your laundry.

On top of all of this, Pure Homemaker dryer balls are set at a great price. Some brands that sell dryer balls charge more money for a smaller set, whether it contains fewer dryer balls or each one is smaller in size. If you really want the most bang for your buck, you are better off getting this extra large set of six. Besides, if you decide you do not like them, Pure Homemaker offer a 100 percent money back guarantee. Customer reviews, including the small number of negative reviews, claim that this company has great customer service.


The only potential disadvantage to Pure Homemaker dryer balls is that they have the potential to shed on your clothes. If this is a problem, it is extremely easy to felt them again by yourself. All you have to do is look at this article here.

Other customers complain of increased static, but this is purely caused by over drying the laundry. Even the instructions on the packaging specifically tell customers to not dry their clothes too long. It may take you a while to figure out the right time to stop your dryer, but you will get the hang of it.

Final Thoughts:

With a rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon and over 3,000 positive reviews, Pure Homemaker wool dryer balls are definitely worth your money. They come at a great price for a set of six extra large dryer balls, which is $9.95. Many other brands charge much more than this, so this is a steal of a deal. These dryer balls are high quality and perform well, so you really cannot lose in this situation. If you are ever dissatisfied though, the company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee.

pure homemaker dryer balls, pure homemaker wool dryer balls


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    100 percent money back guarantee
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    Great price
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    Fragrance and chemical free


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    May shed wool fibers 

Wool Dryer Balls by Pure Homemaker Conclusion

There are several brands on the market that sell dryer balls, but it can be difficult to decide which ones and the best dryer balls for you. We have compiled a list of the best on the market for you to look at and choose from. Whether you want a wool or a plastic dryer ball, we have reviews for you to look at. This collection of reviews will help you to choose which product is best for you and take the steps to eliminate chemicals from your laundry.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Woolzies, the Original Highest Quality Wool Dryer Balls.

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    How large are these extra large dryer balls? They are about three inches in diameter, which is about the size of a tennis ball.
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    What if I do not like Pure Homemaker dryer balls? No need to worry. This company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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