Qedertek 200 LED Solar Powered Christmas Lights Review

Many people dream of a white Christmas this time of year, but you can make your holiday green instead. This is not to say that your yard will bloom again, but you can use environmentally friendly products to go green this holiday season. One of the most popular holiday decorations are strands of string lights. Most people know about the electric variety, but there are also solar powered string lights available for you to try. Today, we will focus on the Qedertek solar powered Christmas lights.

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    Great customer service

Initial Thoughts

Looking at the Qedertek solar lights for the first time, they definitely look different than regular incandescent string lights. For one, this is because these lights use LED lights. They also do not have the traditional light bulb look, going for a short cylindrical look instead. While the look is different, customers state that they give off much more light than expected. Customers have given these Christmas lights a rating of 3.9 stars on Amazon, so we will take a closer look at this product and the benefits it has to offer you.


The first noteworthy aspect of the Qedertek solar powered Christmas lights is that they use 200 LED light bulbs. We have known for quite some time that LED lights are better than incandescent bulbs, so this makes this product immediately superior. For one, LED lights last much longer than the other variety, lasting an average of 25 times the longevity of incandescent bulbs. Some even say that LED bulbs can last for up to 50,000 hours! By using LED string lights, you will not even put a dent in those hours throughout the holiday season.

The other benefit to using LED lights is that they use less energy than the incandescent variety. This means that the solar panel on the end of the string does not have to create as much energy to run each bulb. Additionally, this also helps the lights to run cooler than incandescent Christmas lights. Several homes catch fire every year due to holiday decorations and lights, so you will be much safer with these LED bulbs.

These Christmas lights also have a solar panel and built-in 1800mA NI-MH batteries. The solar panel makes it so that these string lights are purely powered by sunlight. For most American people, their electric bills go up during the holiday season because they are using electricity to run all of the additional lights. Solar powered Christmas lights do not run up your electricity bill because they use solar energy. The built-in battery also makes it so that your lights can charge during the day and shine all night long. Even if you do not keep your Christmas lights on all night, the battery will keep the remaining charge and be ready for the next time you turn them on.


While all the materials in the Qedertek solar string lights make them a great eco-friendly holiday decoration, there are even more features that make them fun and easy to use. First of all, the entire product, lights, solar panel, and all, is waterproof. This helps them to withstand any snow, rain, or inclement weather you face in your geographical area. It is also nice to not worry about precipitation ruining your lights.

The solar panel and battery also make these string lights easy to use. You can use a setting that turns on the lights whenever the solar panel detects darkness and turns off the lights whenever it detects sunlight. This makes it so you do not have to remember to turn your Christmas lights on or off, effectively erasing part of the stress that comes with the holidays. There is also a switch to turn off the lights completely, so you do not have to use this setting if you do not want to.

Lastly, the Qedertek solar powered Christmas lights have eight modes for the lights that you can play with. You can keep the lights steadily shining or choose a variety of flashes and pulses to best create the effect you want. Because you can use these lights to decorate the outside of your house, your bushes and shrubs, or your patio, you can use these lights however you want. There is no set way you have to use them! People like to get creative during the holidays, so do whatever you want.

The Product

These Qedertek solar powered lights come on a 72-foot long strand with 200 LED bulbs attached to it. It comes with a 6.5-foot lead cable, solar panel, battery, and a stake for the solar panel. On the back of the panel, there is an on and off switch, as well as a switch for each of the eight light modes. On Amazon, you can grab a set of these lights for $21.99. They are normally $30.99 on the Qedertek website, so this is a steal of a deal! 

Solar powered string lights are typically 30 to 50 percent more expensive than electric string lights, so they typically seem pricey up front. In actuality, the price is worth all the benefits you receive. Remember the higher electric bill during the holidays? Imagine how soon these lights will pay for themselves just with the money they save you!

These solar lights have a rating of 3.9 stars on Amazon, so there are clearly some issues with the product. To see what customers do not like, look at the cons section below. Some people say that these lights are cheap compared to other solar Christmas lights, so these are probably not as high quality as some other brands.

About This Company

Qedertek does not give much information about themselves on their website, but they mainly focus on how they want to help their customers. They believe in the ease of shopping online and want to provide the best online service possible. They offer their products on their website, but you can also find them on the Amazon and Walmart websites. According to customers and their Qedertek solar string light reviews, this company has great customer service and will replace any defective products.


There are always several advantages to using solar powered Christmas lights, and the Qedertek brand offers a great product for those who are new to solar lights. They come at a great price that is similar to traditional electric string lights. Granted, they may not be the most high quality solar lights, but the price is great for those who do not want to spend the extra money.

These Christmas lights are long-lasting as well, mostly due to the fact that Qedertek uses LED light bulbs. These lights consume less energy and take extended use before a bulb burns out. Even when a bulb does go out, the rest of the light strand works just fine. The fact that these lights are waterproof also help them to last a long time.

When it comes to great qualities about the company, Qedertek also keeps their customers in mind and wants to give them the best product possible. This means that if your lights are defective or not up to standard, they are great at providing new lights and great customer service.


The most common negative review for these solar powered Christmas lights is that the customers have a hard time getting them to work. This could be because the strands are defective or it could be that the customers did not use the lights correctly. The company recommends that you charge the lights for six to eight hours in order for them to work properly.

Final Thoughts:

For the most part, the Qedertek solar powered Christmas lights are a good product to try. They need several hours to charge, but once charged, they will light up for eight hours or more. They use LED bulbs, so they will last much longer than incandescent string lights. If you want to give these lights a try, you can buy them on Amazon for $22.99. If you have already used them before, let us know how you like them!

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    Great customer service


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    May be difficult to use for some customers 

Qedertek 200 LED Solar Powered Christmas Lights Conclusion

If these solar Christmas lights are not quite what you have in mind, there are several other brands that offer similar products. We have a list of our top solar lights that you can check out. Odds are, one of the products on our list will be one that catches your eye. If you want to save money on your electric bill, these kinds of lights are perfect!

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Qedertek 200 LED Solar Powered Christmas Lights.

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    How long do these lights need to charge? Qedertek recommends that you charge their lights for six to eight hours in order for them to stay on for eight hours.
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    Can you connect several strands together like traditional string lights? You cannot connect them because each strand comes with its own solar panel.

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