9 Creative and Easy Ways to Recycle Wine Bottles

We all love having a good bottle of wine occasionally (or even more often than that). However, after drinking its contents, many people throw it away. And that’s a shame since there are plenty of creative ways to recycle wine bottles. From decorations to useful items around the house, you can feel free to cut, glue, hang, or smash the bottles to reuse them. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting reuses for this material.

Recycle Wine Bottles in Creative Ways

1. Charcuterie Board

Instead of wasting money and material on getting a new wooden or plastic charcuterie board, you can craft your own by flattening a wine bottle. It may sound complicated, but you just need to clean up the bottle and then melt it in a kiln. Make sure you are operating the kiln in safety conditions! You can then decorate the bottle if you want to and use it as a charcuterie board. Alternatively, you can hang it as an art piece on the walls, for example.

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2. Netted Bottles

If you’re a fan of beachy home décor, you’ll probably love netted bottles. A good way of saving money, yet still getting your bottles for décor, is to recycle wine bottles. You just need to get some twine/jute and to wrap it around the neck of the bottle. Then, start netting it around it. Here, you can craft it however you want, it’s all up to you. Use glue to have a seamless connection between various strands of twine. If you want it to look great, you should also glue the twine to the bottle when you’re done knotting it around. Finally, fill up the bottle with seashells or sand, for a perfect finish.

3. Terrarium

For those of you who want to know how to recycle wine bottles and love nature as well, a terrarium is a great idea. A good tip is to cut the bottles into various shapes and sizes for a greater diversity. The wine bottles will serve as glass cloches. Start by crafting the base of the cloche, which can be made of candle lids, jar lids, etc. Add moss, mini mushrooms, fairies and gnomes on it. Then place the glass cloche on top of it. You can glue this one as well, or leave it just like that if you want to change the terrarium later.

recycle wine bottles terrarium

Wine bottle terrarium. Image source: Wikimedia

4. Chandelier

Yet another creative idea if you want to recycle wine bottles is to craft a colorful chandelier out of them. You need to cut the upper part of the wine bottles as big as you want to. Color them with mod podge sheer colors. If you can’t find them, you can make your own by mixing Mod Podge with food coloring. First, you will need to cut the bottles and use colored mod podge on their inside. Let them dry overnight. Then, get a base pendant light kit and cut the wires to go through each of the bottles. Connect the wires to the ceiling light (make sure you’re doing it safely) and set the bottles in place.

5. Table Numbers

In case you’re holding a wedding or any other kind of important event, you could recycle wine bottles and use them as table numbers. Cover them with chalkboard paint and wrap them in burlap. Then, with some white or colored chalk, write on them the number of the table. It will be much easier to get organized around, and your guests will know where to sit. Another option would be to use these bottles as signed souvenirs. At the next party, ask your guests to sign them and write something nice on them for you.

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6. Twinkle Lights

Yet another easy way to recycle wine bottles is to combine them with twinkle lights. If you want to have some dim light in your living room or outdoors, try filling up some wine bottles with strands of twinkly lights. Battery-powered ones are the most practical, but you can go for regular ones too if you’re keeping them indoors. Again, you can play around with colors and obtain a great effect in the area where you place them.

7. Self-Watering Planter

For this DIY project, you need to cut the bottles in half. You can easily do it by scoring a ring around the bottle. Heat it with a candle and then dunk it all in cold water. Thanks to the fast change of temperature, the glass will crack along the scoring. You can sand the glass after if you’re afraid of the sharp edges, but that’s not compulsory. Place the bottle upside down in a mason jar and fill it up with dirt. Then, plant your favorite herbs there. The soil may not get wet during the first couple of days, which is why you might need to water them as usual. However, after a while, you will notice the herbs growing roots and starting to get their water from the mason jar.

8. Lamps

Yet another great idea for reusing wine bottles is to use them as lamp legs. Replace the original stand for a lamp with a colored wine bottle. Add the light bulb and a canopy around it and you’re set. You may simply need to use some wire to secure the actual lamp to the bottle, but that’s not complicated.

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9. Candle Holders

Our last suggestion for recycling wine bottles is to turn them into candle holders. Choose a round piece of wood as the base. Place the candle on the base. Next, cut the bottom of the bottle and place it above the candle. Be careful when handling it, since the glass will get hot when the candle is lit.

recycle wine bottles candle holders

Candle holders made of wine bottles. Image source: Pixabay

To draw a conclusion, there are plenty of ways to recycle wine bottles. Just think about the fact that there is a lot of material there that would otherwise be wasted. Instead, take advantage of it and customize your own items around the house. Moreover, you’ll have an interesting design to brag about.

Main image source: depositphotos.com

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