Top 14 Recycled Christmas Ornaments for Eco-Friendly Holidays

It’s that wonderful time of the year when Christmas is approaching, and you will share incredible moments with your dear friends and families. When getting ready for the holidays, you may need some recycled Christmas ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree and your house. Even if this should be the most magical time of the year, sometimes is also the most wasteful.

The winter holiday season has a major impact on the environment when it comes to greenhouse gases and water use. Specialists indicate that if every family could reuse only 2 feet of holiday ribbon, the 28,000 miles of ribbon saved would be enough to tie a huge bow around our planet. In what follows, we will provide a list of the most incredible recycled Christmas ornaments that you can do by yourself at home.

Christmas trees

The focal point of Christmas holidays is the Christmas tree. You are likely to debate the problem of ‘real’ or ‘fake’ for a while with your family. However, if you want to do a good deed this holiday, you will choose a fake one, developing it from recycled materials.

A ‘Living’ tree

If you really want to feel the smell of fir and you have decided that you want a real Christmas tree, you should get a potted one. You will have the fresh, festive smell in your house. The, after the holidays are long gone, you can plant it in your garden. You will enjoy its beauty the whole year, and you will help protect the environment since you will plant a tree.

Recycled cardboard tree

Who said you need to use your exquisite Christmas decorations on a real Christmas tree? A recycled cardboard tree would look just as good. If you have some old cardboard boxes, you could develop a minimalistic 3D tree in no time. And you will be able to decorate with all those colorful Christmas lights you have.

Driftwood tree

Living by the beach has its perks. You probably find a lot of driftwood. Now you know the perfect use for it. Just gather a few sticks and develop an uncommon and nautical-themes tree. Assemble the sticks and fix them in such a way that you will get a different Christmas tree.

Pallet tree

If you do not have any driftwood, it might be easier for you to find a wooden pallet. You can even try asking a local store or somewhere at a construction site. Maybe they will donate one to you. This alternative is extraordinary since you will not need to cut or glue anything. However, you might need to paint the wooden pallet, and a few nails will do the trick. Then, all you have to do is to attach your Christmas decorations in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Paperback book mini tree

If you want a bunch of mini Christmas trees, this is the nicest recycled Christmas ornaments idea. Book lovers will certainly enjoy this idea since all you need to do is to sacrifice one battered paperback book. You will also need some dry adhesive, and your mini tree will be ready. If you want to add a festive touch, you could sprinkle some glitter on it.

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The wreath apparently originated in ancient Rome, being a sign of victory and status.

Foraged green wreath

You could develop this Christmas wreath to bring the smell of the forest inside your house. Choose the textures and the colors that suit the rest of your home décor and forage your own greenery. You should consider including eucalyptus, holly, and fir to obtain a fragrant wreath.

Two pine-cone reindeer

Instead of purchasing new Christmas ornaments, you should make some from pine-cones.

Pine-cone wreath

Another foraged option would be a pine-cone wreath, without adding any greenery. You have to make a circle of cones, by gluing them and then add a satin bow to offer it a high-quality look.

Upcycled holly leaf holiday card wreath

Every year, about 2.65 billion Christmas cards are sent. Why not recycle some of the ones you have received the previous years? You can cut them in the shape of holly leaves and then stick them together in a circle to obtain a colorful wreath.

Recycled paper wreath

If you have some old newspapers lying around, you should definitely use them to develop a nice Christmas wreath for your front door. You need to cut some pieces of paper and develop some paper cones from it. Then, assemble them together in a circle, and your new wreath is ready.

Tree ornaments

Instead of spending a lot of money on buying new Christmas ornaments, you should develop your own by recycling what you have at home.

Puzzle piece snowflakes

This is one of the coolest Christmas decorations you could develop. There are for sure some puzzle pieces lying around the house from an old puzzle. Why not use them to develop something new? Just paint them in white and stick them together in a circle to make a snowflake.

Rustic snowflakes

All need are some forged twigs, pine needles, old buttons, ribbons and some berries. You will have some unique snowflakes to hang in your Christmas tree this year. You can even consider adding them to Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Soda can tab bauble

This is a stylish use for your weird collection of soda can ring-pulls. You can use all the leftover tabs you can find to create this amazing Christmas bauble.

Santa toilet paper rolls

From now on, you should stop throwing away your toilet paper rolls so you can develop these funny Santa copies. You will need some rope, colors and some white paper. All the kids in your family will love them.

Pine-cone reindeer

You will only need some googly eyes and some twigs. These will surely complement the toilet roll Santa perfectly. You should add some red noses and a ribbon to hang them on your Christmas tree.

Summing up

All these recycled Christmas ornaments ideas could help you have an extraordinarily festive Christmas. You will not only save some money, but you will also be able to use the materials you have in a creative way, developing recycled decorations.

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