5 Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard at Home

Cardboard comes in various shapes and sizes, and we likely have a lot at home. The most popular kind is corrugated fiberboard, which is what most of us refer to as cardboard boxes. You will also find cardboard holding your paper towel and toilet paper rolls together, dispensing tissues, and housing some of your favorite snacks.

Though you can recycle most of these products because they are paper-based, you can reuse it as well. This saves recycling plants energy since they are not processing materials used only once. If you need any ideas, here are seven ways you can reuse cardboard.


This one is a no-brainer, but you can take advantage of it! You can use larger boxes to store holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, pictures and photo albums, and so on. You can even use smaller boxes to store cards and announcements (whether it be wedding or pregnancy) you have received over the course of the year. Keep using the cardboard boxes until they can no longer hold your things. Then comes the recycling part.


This is related to the storage idea, but it is slightly different. If you are like many people, you have several cords that go to different electronics. They can end up tangled together and create a mess. To organize them, use a smaller cardboard box (like a shoe box), and place empty toilet paper rolls inside. Feel free to cut them to size to fit the depth of the box. Store each cord in a toilet paper roll and never worry about your cords tangling again.


Corrugated cardboard is compostable, so you can also use it as a planter for gardening. Just line it with an aerated bag, add soil, plant your seeds, and watch them grow. You can also use pieces of cardboard to label which plants are going where, that way you do not forget what they are as they start growing. This is only smart if the planter is inside though because rain will ruin the labels quickly.

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Those of you with outdoor pets can also use cardboard to keep your pets warm in the cooler months. Cardboard is a great insulator and can easily add warmth to an animal’s space. Lining your dog’s kennel, rabbit’s hutch, or any other dwelling, will help them stay warm so you do not have to worry about them.

Scratching Post

This is also in regards to pets but for cats this time. If you have a cat who cannot seem to stop clawing at your furniture, you can make a cheap scratching post out of corrugated cardboard. Rolling it into a large roll will create a scratching post well suited for their sharp claws. (It is up to the cat though if they want to use it though.) Odds are, the cat will find a nice place to sit before you can even get started on the project. It’s another use for the box though, so why complain?

The Cardboard Possibilities are Endless

There are more ways to use cardboard that can be named, so this is only a short list to give you ideas. You can be as creative as you want! By reusing your cardboard at home before you recycle it, you are being even more environmentally friendly.

Image Source: Pixabay

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