The Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer Review

The Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer is a product for men seeking thicker, softer, healthier, and overall superior beards. This moisturizer is fragrance free made from natural and organic ingredients. The motto of Rugged Bros Beard is, "if we can't make the best we won't make it at all." 

Best Fea​tures

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    Quality Natural and Organic Ingredients
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    Fragrance Free
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    Makes your beard soft and thick

Initial Thoughts

This product is very impressive. It is a first-class moisturizer made from high quality products that will trump any name brand alternatives. Those who take pride in their beards and are looking for a refined, finished look need look no farther than the Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer.


Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer only uses products from the rugged outdoors where they were hand-picked and selected to be in this all natural and organic moisturizer. You are sure to get a refreshing and moisturizing effect from the properties of Vitamin E, Aragon, Cactus, Avocado, Caster, Sesame, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Black Seed Oil.

Aragon Seed

Aragon Seed is a common ingredient in many moisturizers, but Rugged Bros Beard Company does not settle with just any Aragon oil. Rugged Bros Beard Company goes above and beyond to seek out the most premium oils handcrafted in Morocco. This authentic Moroccan aragon seed oil will satisfy those who seek only the finest quality moisturizers. Aragon oil is best known for its softening properties. High in Vitamin E and fatty acids these essential nutrients allow the oil to hydrate and soften even the most rugged of beards.


It is funny to think that something that thrives in a desert would be a key ingredient in a moisturizer, but cacti are known for their rich vitamins and healing properties. Many beard enthusiasts are looking for a product that leaves your beard with a natural healthy and polished look. The abundance of omega fatty acids provides your hair with the additional nutrients to hold to the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Cactus is not only targeted for hair growth but has key properties in caring for your skin. You can't have a strong healthy beard unless you have a healthy base. Cactus oil regenerates and repairs damaged skin.

Black Seed Oil

The Black Seed Oil is native to Southwest Asia and is an extract from the black cumin seed. This oil is also known as nigella sativa, kalonji, and amber-hued oil. Your hair and scalp will thank you for using Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer because they use the  black cumin seed oil to cultivate hair growth. It is the hair growth that help you reach a rugged looking/real man's beard. The oil is also used for hydrating the scalp alleviating any beard dandruff, eczema, or irritating flaking.


Beard hair is course, wiry, and can be easily damaged. The texture and thickness requires a more refined and more potent product. The dryness can cause irritation to the skin and face leaving you with dandruff from your beard and increased acne. It is important to find a product that can both hydrate your skin and the beard hair so there is not excessive irritation from the brittle hair. Especially if you have sensitive skin it is important to find a moisturizer that will hydrate and strengthen your skins elasticity and the integrity of your beard. As you moisturize it creates a healthy environment for thicker beard growth.

Natural moisturizers for your beard like Rugged Bros Beard Company are high quality products to help repair and rejuvenate your face and beard. This all natural and all organic product is both good for you and the environment. As your skin and beard soak up the needed nutrients you wont be bombarded with abrasive scents or aromas because Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer is fragrance free. As you apply the product daily your hair will grow thicker and stronger while maintaining a luxurious shine.

The Product

The worst is when you have been out all day long and that your once perfectly groomed beard becomes greasy and unruly. The Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer leaves your face soft without wet and greasy side effects. According to customer reviews they loved this product. It rated well on with a 4.3 out of 5-star review. 75% of users gave Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer a full 5-star review.

This product goes for retail at around 17 dollars. The moisturizer, while not cheap, is packed with revitalizing, moisturizing, and softening ingredients for a competitive price. It's not going to break the bank and it gives the results you're looking for. 

About This Company

Rugged Bros originated and is based in New York City. Brothers Wes and Joseph Townsend are the original rugged brothers who designed and manufactured the Rugged Bros brand and products. The thought behind Rugged Bros was to make a product for men from all backgrounds. It is for the man that puts on his boots and heads to the construction site and it's also for the dad chasing his kids around the house. Rugged Bros products and moisturizers are for the most rugged and the most sensitive of men. These brothers pride themselves on finding and selling the finest men's products. Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer stands by the company's motto, "If we can't make it the best, we won't make it at all."


This product is a softener and a leave in conditioner which allows your beard to remain soft and lush all day long. Throughout your day you don't have to fight an obnoxious smell from your moisturizer. The Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer is fragrance free. It smooths and hydrates without greasy residue and smells. The natural and organic ingredients in this moisturizer improves and promotes beard growth. 


There are very few cons for this beard lotion. Some customers said there was a slightly floral scent to the moisturizer and others compared the smell to artificial grape. Due to its pump head sometimes it gives you more than you wanted.

Final Thoughts:

Rugged Bros Beard are true to their motto they strive to make quality products that are better than the competition. No more breakage from wiry hairs with this beard lotion. It keeps your beard in good condition from morning until night. The product comes at a reasonable price in comparison to other beard products. According to the reviews this is a really well liked beard moisturizer that gives results. It claims to be odorless but there some that claim there are various smells that come from it. I believe it's a good product and would recommend it those in search of a good product.

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    Leaves your beard smooth and soft
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    Made from high quality essential oils
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    100% organic


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    Some people don't like the smell

The Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer Conclusion

In conclusion Rugged Bros. Beard Moisturizer is a product you can trust. It will keep you beard and skin moisturized throughout the day. It keeps the wiry hairs at bay and gives your beard a smooth feel that you can run your hands through. It's an all natural and organic solution that you can feel comfortable using. At a decent price you get a great product.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying The Rugged Bros Beard Moisturizer.

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    How many ounces is it? It is 3.4 oz, which will last you much longer than you realize.
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    How would you describe the scent? It has a slightly floral scent.

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