Projects to Make with Shredded Paper

Even though many people are taking a paperless route when it comes to paying bills and receiving statements, but we still end up with paper at home. It comes in the form of junk mail, scratch paper, newspapers, magazines, and many others. Especially for junk mail and other kinds of mail, it is smart to shred the paper to protect personal information. This brings up a dilemma though. Once we have a pile of shredded paper, what are we supposed to do with it? Keep reading to learn of the many projects you can make with shredded paper as well as our top picks for paper shredders that get the job done well.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Phrase Never Gets Old

We continue to use the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” at Green and Growing because it is timeless. If you want to live an environmentally friendly life, you will need to reduce your use of products that are harmful to the environment. You should reuse the products you already have and recycle the products you can no longer find a use for.

Starting to go paperless is a great way to reduce the amount of paper you use, which reduces your carbon footprint. Paper companies will need fewer trees cut down, so trees will be able to continue purifying and beautifying the Earth. Some people reuse paper by using it as scratch paper, and some people put all of their paper straight into the recycling bin.

Recycling is a great option, but it takes resources and is not an entirely green practice. If we try to use our paper as much as we can before tossing it in the bin, we can cut down and waste and harmful emissions.

How to Reuse Shredded Paper

For the paper that you have chosen to shred, it can be difficult knowing how to use all the little pieces. Do not worry because we have so many uses for shredded paper that you may not even need to recycle it. You can use shredded paper for decorations, gifts, crafts, packing, animals, and composting. Here are our suggestions.

Gift Bags

One way to use shredded paper is to stuff it in gift bags. This creates a cute, unique look to the gift as well as saves you the money of buying tissue paper to stuff the bag. If you want to be really fancy, you can use colored paper that you have shredded or color the paper yourself.

Party Table Centerpieces

Spice up the table centerpieces at a party with some shredded paper. You can scatter the pieces in the center (craft stores have a neat device that makes crinkled paper for you!), place them in vases with fake flowers, or use the shredded paper as a bed for the actual centerpiece.


There are so many crafts that you can make using paper. Fun projects kids will love is paper mache. Mix equal parts flour and water, dip the paper shreds in it, and lay it in whatever creative way you desire! You can make the classic volcano for a science experiment or a paper mache bowl.

You can also use shreds of paper to glue on a full sheet of paper to make different shapes and designs. Some people have even gone so far as to make a canvas of shredded paper and make their own sheets of paper from the shreds.

Packing Delicate Items

Packing for a move or to store items can be stressful if you do not know what to use as a buffer in the box. Styrofoam is messy and sticks to everything, and it is one of the worst products for the environment. Instead, use your paper shreds to stuff your boxes. You can either put them straight in or place the shreds in plastic bags to act as pillows for your fragile belongings.


You can also use shredded paper as stuffing for a wide variety of items. If you are making a scarecrow (whether it is actually for your garden or just for decoration), you can use shredded paper as the stuffing. You can use it in pillows for your patio or even a child’s Halloween costume that needs a bit more padding.

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Animal Bedding

Some people suggest using shredded paper for animals. You can use it to add extra warmth to your dog house or guinea pig or hamster cage, and you can also use it for the nesting beds of rabbits and chickens. Just make sure the animals you are using it for are not susceptible to certain inks or dyes on the paper before putting it in close proximity to them.

If you do not have any animals, you can always check with your local animal shelter because they may have a need for it.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is expensive and not always the best for the environment. To make your cat litter last longer, add shredded paper to the bottom of the container. Using just shredded paper and no litter can get smelly fast if you do not change it fast enough, so if you do a mix of both, you will not have to watch for every time your cat uses the bathroom.


You can even use your paper shreds in your garden because paper is biodegradable and safe to use with your plants (as long as it does not have a glossy covering). When planting seeds that need a lot of moisture, adding wet paper over top of it will protect it and add extra water. You can even use shredded paper as a mulch around your plants.


At the end of the day, if you still have shredded paper that you need to use, you can always add it to your compost pile. It is a great addition and will help add nutrients back into your lawn and garden. If you do not have a compost pile, you can ask around and find someone who does because they will gladly take it off of your hands.

Need a Paper Shredder to Shred Your Paper?

Perhaps you have been reading this and do not even have a paper shredder of your own. If you have been inspired to be better about throwing out all the paper in your house and reuse it, you will need help figuring out what kind of shredder is right for you. Shredders typically come with three different kinds of cuts, ranging from the least effective to protect your privacy to the most effective. You will also need to know how to best maintain a paper shredder so you can continue to reuse the paper you accumulate at home. 


There are so many great uses for shredded paper around your home that are environmentally friendly as well as thrifty. You no longer have to worry about what to do with your paper shreds because we have a great list that will keep you busy!

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