How to Keep Your Paper Shredder Running Nicely with Shredder Oil

There are so many uses and benefits of paper shredders. They are a great, convenient tool that most businesses use to save them on time and protect private information. Just like any other tool though, they need regular care to keep them in great shape. One of the ways to keep your paper shredder working effectively is to use shredder oil. This prevents the accumulation of dust and paper jams, giving you less to worry about. Keep reading to see the benefits, different types of paper shredders, and the proper maintenance.

Why Use a Paper Shredder?

Many people may see paper shredders as a useless expense because you can easily tear up paper yourself. While this is true, paper shredders have a lot to offer. They save you time, protect your information, and make it easier to recycle.

Saves Time

If you were to shred papers by hand and make the pieces as small as a paper shredder does, it would take hours to complete a stack of papers. Paper shredders cut down that time to a matter of seconds, and many of them can shred multiple pages at a time. This makes getting rid of a mound of papers an easy task.

Protects Information

Whether you need to get rid of papers with your own personal information or personal information for your business, a paper shredder is a must. It reduces the paper to such small pieces that no one would be able to retrieve any of the information.

Convenient Recycling

Shredded paper is easier to recycle than full sheets because it saves the recycling facility energy. It also saves space when the paper is being transported and stored. It even makes it easy to use in your at-home compost pile.

Types of Paper Shredders

There are three different types of paper shredders to choose from. Each one has different abilities that fulfill different needs. Depending on what you want from your paper shredder, a different type may be the one for you.


Strip-cut paper shredders are the least secure of the three kinds, but it is still pretty secure. It cuts the paper into strips that can be made pretty narrow. Technically, someone could still access private information if they put all the strips together, but it would be a very tedious process.


Cross-cut shredders are similar to strip-cut ones, but they do both vertical and horizontal cuts instead of just vertical. This makes them twice as secure as the strip-cut type. Many cross-cut paper shredders also come with the ability to shred more heavy duty products as well, like CDs and credit cards.


If you want the most effective and secure paper shredder on the market, the micro-cut type of shredder is for you. It cuts the paper vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, virtually destroying the paper. There would be no way anyone would ever be able to put the sheet back together again. The tiny pieces of paper would also break down faster in a compost pile.

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How to Make Your Paper Shredder Last

If you go through a lot of paper, your shredder is going to need more attention to keep it running smoothly. The number of sheets of paper shredded can create a great deal of dust that gets trapped in the blades. This causes a jam and your paper shredder is out of commission until it is fixed. The easiest way to prevent jams from happening is to use shredder oil regularly.

Know What Kind of Shredder Oil to Purchase

Different kinds of paper shredders use different kinds of shredder oil. The manufacturer will tell you to avoid lubricants like WD-40 and hobby oil because they are not as heat tolerant as the oils they recommend. Commercial shredders need specific oil-based lubricants, but the ones at home are more lenient on the kind of shredder oil you can use.

Using Canola Oil as Shredder Oil

The Fellowes brand of paper shredders actually just uses re-bottled canola oil for their paper shredders. If this is what you have, you can use regular canola oil instead of buying the same brand shredder oil. Regular canola oil is much cheaper, so you can save money.

Canola oil is great as a shredder oil because it tolerates heat at extremely high temperatures. Its smoke point ranges from 225° to 435° Fahrenheit, which is well above the temperatures that normal paper shredders run at.

If you have a different brand of paper shredder, be sure to check what ingredients are in their shredder oil before using a different kind of oil. The wrong kind can damage the metal parts within the machinery of the shredder. It is only because Fellowes uses rebottled canola oil that you can use regular canola oil on a Fellowes shredder.

How Often Should You Oil Your Shredder?

Some people will tell you a specific amount of time that you should regularly oil your paper shredder, but it really just depends on how much you use it. If you only use your paper shredder occasionally, you will probably only need to oil it every two months or so. If you use it a lot, your best bet is to oil it every time you empty the bin. When dust is starting to accumulate or you experience a jam, it is time to oil it.

How to Oil Your Paper Shredder

To oil your shredder, hold the reverse button on the shredder and squeeze oil across the entire paper entry. Hold the button for another 10 seconds to allow the oil to work its way through the metal cutters and other parts. It only takes a few seconds to do it.


Having a paper shredder is a great benefit to every home and office. It cuts down on time and reduces your paper to a manageable size. It makes your paper easier to recycle as well. To keep your paper shredder functioning properly, make sure you use shredder oil regularly. It is a simple process that takes a matter of seconds and saves you the headache of fixing it later.

Image Source: Pixabay

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