Excellent Stocking Stuffers for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas is another one of those holidays that can quickly become one of the most harmful times for the environment. Between all the wrapping paper, bows, plastic packaging, cardboard boxes, and other materials that present your gifts, we create a lot of waste. For many families, all of these materials end up in the garbage Christmas morning. Instead of being wasteful this holiday, give eco-friendly gifts to your friends and family members this year. In fact, almost all of the items listed below are small enough for you to use them as stocking stuffers. With that being said, check out these eco-friendly stocking stuffers that will keep the receiver and the environment happy and healthy.

Personal Hygiene Stocking Stuffers

With personal hygiene products alone, humanity creates tons of waste. In order to combat that, here are some personal hygiene stocking stuffers that are both elegant and environmentally friendly.

  • Bamboo Toothbrush: Bamboo toothbrushes create almost zero waste, other than the bristles. Companies like Brush with Bamboo and The Giving Brush make the handle from bamboo and the bristles from BPA-free plastic. This reduces waste drastically since most people use toothbrushes that are completely plastic.
  • Non-Plastic Hair Ties: Another great stocking stuffer for those with long hair is non-plastic hair ties. They always seem to disappear, so who knows where the plastic in them is going? Kooshoo uses organic cotton and natural rubber to create their non-creasing hair ties, making them much better for the environment.
  • Sandalwood Comb: Another source of plastic waste comes from combs. Using a sandalwood comb as a stocking stuffer looks elegant, and it is less likely to break (think off all the plastic teeth that break off over time). These combs have sandalwood oil in them as well, which keeps your hair and scalp healthy.
  • Silk Floss: Another way to reduce plastic with stocking stuffers is to give silk floss as a gift. Made by silkworms, this material is 100 percent biodegradable. It also promotes good oral hygiene, and everyone likes having a great smile!
  • Stainless Ear Pick: Have you ever heard of a stainless ear pick? Essentially, it is a metal cotton swab you use to clean your ears. This replaces all the disposable ones we go through, effectively cutting down on waste. Make sure you clean it after every use though.

Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

As a society, we love food and many families tend to congregate in the kitchen together. There is just something about being together and bonding over food and drinks. If these are the things we love, why not use kitchen items as stocking stuffers too? If you do not know what stocking stuffers to buy, give these items a look. Perhaps they will even inspire you with the perfect gift for a loved one.

  • Cotton Coffee Filter: We all probably know at least one person that turns on their coffee pot first thing in the morning. A perfect gift for them that also reduces waste is a cotton coffee filter. These filters are organic, so they do not contain any chemicals. They also do not affect the taste of the coffee. By using these, you can just wash them and reuse them over and over again.
  • Food Sets: Instead of candy in your Christmas stocking, why not give out food sets? You can easily find sets of hot sauce for that person who can never get enough spice, or you can give a honey set to the one who likes adding sweetness to everything. Other examples include fancy sea salt sets, coffee samples, and even fair-trade chocolate samples.
  • Tea Strainer: This is perfect for your loved one that buys loose tea leaves or makes their own tea. A tea strainer eliminates the need for tea bags, so it cuts down on waste. It also looks cool and old-fashioned.
  • Wine Bottle Tumblers: Wine bottles do a great job holding wine, so why get rid of the bottles once their empty? You can cut the bottles to create fancy tumblers that your loved one will love. You also get extra points for using bottles from their favorite kind of wine. 
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On the Go Stocking Stuffers

With everyone’s busy lives, some gifts would be great to help your loved one while they are on the go. Just to give you a few ideas, check out these examples of on the go stocking stuffers.

  • Bamboo Utensil Set: To-Go Ware creates an adorable bamboo utensil set that is perfect for those wanting to avoid disposable eating utensils. Each set comes with a fork, spoon, butter knife, and chopstick, which is really all you need. They even come with their own traveling cover made of recycled plastic.
  • Metal Water Bottle: It is extremely important to stay hydrated, but it can be difficult if you are constantly going from place to place. Reusable water bottles not only make it easy to stay hydrated, but many of them are insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.
  • Phone Case: If you know someone who is always dropping their phone and needs a durable yet eco-friendly, considering getting them a Pela phone case. They make their phone cases with a combination of biobased materials and a bioplastic elastomer. These cases are compostable too!
  • Reusable Straws: Plastic straws cause major problems for the environment, and many companies are slowly phasing out plastic straws. If you know someone who loves using straws, give them reusable straws as a stocking stuffer. They come in all sorts of eco-friendly materials.
  • Reusable Snack Bags: Another way to help your friends and family members reduce plastic waste is to give them reusable snack bags. You can buy them online, but we also have a great pattern here if you want to make them yourself.

Organic Stocking Stuffers

Many of the eco-friendly stocking stuffers we have described so far help us to reduce waste. There are other ways to be environmentally friendly too, and one example is by using organic products. If a product is organic, the manufacturer or grower does not expose the items to harmful chemicals. Here are a couple of organic stocking stuffers for you to look at and see if someone you know would benefit from it.

  • Organic socks: There are many people that talk about how they always get socks in their stocking for Christmas. If you want to go the extra mile, consider adding organic socks to the rest of their gifts. PACT Organic offers organic cotton socks that look amazing. If you want to go for zero-waste socks, take a look at the company OSOM. They create socks from 95 percent recycled fabrics so that none of it goes to waste. They do not use water, toxins, or dyes, so you can rest assured that they are a great stocking stuffer idea.
  • Organic seeds: Every family and friend group always has at least one person that is a gardener or has dreams of growing a garden. In order to help them get started, place some packets of organic seeds in their stocking. This will help them to grow delicious fruits and vegetables at home that are completely natural. This is also a great idea because gardening helps people to cut down costs at the grocery store because they grew some of their food themselves! 

For Those Who Do Not Want a Material Gift

We have covered a large number of ideas for stocking stuffers, and each of them works great for both men and women. There are some people each holiday season who do not want a material gift, whether they live a minimalist lifestyle or they are simply content with what they already have. There are still great gifts you can give them that do not require a physical gift. Here are a couple of ideas for you.

  • Donate to a Nonprofit Organization: If your friend or family member does not want a physical gift, you can always donate some money in their name to a nonprofit organization. This shows that you care about the things they care about. There is a wide variety of organizations that do a lot of good in the world, so there will not be a shortage of ones to choose from.
  • Gift Cards: If you want to play it safe, gift cards are never a bad idea. Whether you make the gift card very general (like an Amazon gift card) or more specific (like a Whole Foods gift card), people have a hard time saying no to a monetary gift. This way, they can spend it on what they really want.


There are so many ways to give gifts during the holiday season, and many people fill their stockings with just candy. While the occasional sweet is nice, there are many other small gifts you can include. Giving eco-friendly stocking stuffers this year will add a unique flair to your holiday that both the receiver and the environment will enjoy. By doing this, we can share our love of the environment with each other and make a difference in the world. Our examples can help others to cut down on waste and have fun at the same time.

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