9 Sustainability Initiatives that Deserve Our Attention

Living a sustainable life can not only help you have a healthy lifestyle, but you will also be able to protect the environment. Furthermore, using all sort of sustainability initiatives can help people combat climate change effects. Governments and climate change organizations around the world are trying to come up with as many solutions and strategies as possible.

Many countries around the globe have developed their own sustainability initiatives, trying to combat their problems while inspiring others. Communities have tried to reduce the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment, using practices to promote renewable energy sources. Furthermore, they have also implemented strategies to help them diminish the amount of greenhouse gases.

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Some countries and communities started using recycling programs to diminish the amount of garbage and sewage pollution. They have also started educating residents on sustainable practices via community volunteers. The U.S. has also implemented many of these sustainability initiatives to try to live in an eco-friendly society where people learn to respect their surroundings, protecting the environment.

In what follows, we will provide some of the best sustainability initiatives used in the U.S. that try to transform the urban jungle into an eco-friendly society.

Sustainability Initiatives

1.Green Building in Chicago, IL

Almost two decades ago, Chicago turned into the epicenter of LEEP-certified buildings when they have opened the Chicago Center for Green Technology. Then, the city focused on developing green architecture. Hence, they have developed the Green Permit Program to provide an expedited permit process. Furthermore, through this program, they have also offered others the possibility to reduce fees for green projects. The most LEED-certified projects in the U.S. are in Chicago.

2.Sustainable Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

In 2010, Mayor Michael A. Nutter created the Greenworks initiative in order to explore sustainability initiatives. He wanted to explore these strategies through the lenses of the economy, equity, environment, energy, and engagement. The city managed to expand recycling options in public spaces and at events. Furthermore, they have also added more types of plastic to the list of recyclable materials in Philadelphia.

Back then, the city also developed e-waste drop-off centers to diminish the amount of waste that reaches landfills. Hence, they managed to engage residents in sustainable action. Moreover, the city planted over 89,000 trees and refurbished over 5,500 homes with cool roofs, insulation, and air sealing.

3.Wind Energy in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi is also known as America’s Wins Power Port. This metropolitan area in Texas has the first on-port wind farm on the continent. Residents use the Port as a shipping hub for wind turbines. Furthermore, the purpose is to harness the winds in Texas to generate clean energy. Texas is already one of the top states when it comes to wind power. Furthermore, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi also has 11 vertical-axis turbines which generate 92 kilowatts. Hence, this is one of the largest installations of the type in the nation.

4.Solar Energy in Long Beach, CA

California is the top state for solar energy in the U.S. This is due to the photovoltaic systems implemented on the structures of the Long Beach Airport and Long Beach Convention Center. This Convention Center holds one of the biggest public-facility solar installations on the West Coast. It generates over 1 million kilowatt-hours of eco-friendly electricity.

5.Xeriscaping in Denver, CO

The landscape promoted by Denver is meant to conserve water, being known as xeriscaping. Furthermore, Denver also spread the use of this idea in states like Nevada and Arizona which have a dry climate. Residents in Denver were able to develop xeriscape around their homes. The city has also implemented water board to facilitate easy-to-follow downloadable resources and plans. In this way, every resident can remodel their yards.

Some people riding their bicycles in a bicycle lane

Implementing alternative transportation is another sustainability initiative that helps us diminish greenhouse gas emissions.

6.Landfill Rehabilitation in New York, NY

The world’s most massive landfill that measured 2,200 acres was developed into a park that implemented advanced landfill engineering techniques. The Freshkills Public Park is three times bigger than Central Park. Back when it was a landfill, it accepted over 29,000 tons of trash on a daily basis. However, landfills mounds have been processed through a special process.

In this way, they managed to annihilate the toxic fumes. Furthermore, workers there have treated the soil to ensure public health and promote proper drainage. Now, safety regulations are met.

7.Organic Food in La Farge, WI

La Farge houses Organic Valley, being the biggest organic farming co-op in North America. To make this possible, officials have combined private, federal, village and state funding. In this way, the co-op was able to produce sustainable food. The barn measures 45,000 square-foot, housing the company which enhances natural light and minimizes heat. The barn was developed by using recycled material, all being locally sourced.

Furthermore, the sustainable farm also hosts the Kickapoo County Fair, hosting sustainability workshops and some rural heritage exhibits. The nearby area of Vernon City also houses numerous other organic farms, more than any other country in the nation.

8.Climate Positive Community in Oberlin, OH

One of the U.S. cities which is part of the Climate Positive Development Program is Oberlin. This city works to eliminate carbon emissions, reinforce the local economy, and create a sustainable base for communities. Furthermore, it also tries to restore local forestry, food supply, and agriculture.

The Oberlin College’s Ecolympics is an energy reduction competition. This was the precursor of the Campus Conservation Nationals that was a national energy reduction competition.

9.Alternative Transportation in Portland, OR

The Portland Bureau of Transportation added bike routes to encourage residents to use alternative transportation while keeping current routes. Portland is also known for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Their mission is to develop sustainable and healthy communities, making bicycling accessible.

Summing up

All the sustainable initiatives implemented in the U.S. a few years ago show that numerous cities in America do their best to combat climate change effects. Many of them promote healthy food via organic food harms. Others encourage alternative transportation while other help people recycle. We should all try to use more eco-friendly alternatives and protect the environment.

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