The Dirt Natural Toothpaste: Review

Review of the Dirt Natural Toothpaste 

The Dirt Natural Toothpaste may look pretty nasty, but it has a lot of people rethinking natural toothpaste. Right now, it is sitting at 4.2 stars on Amazon, as well as sporting a badge for Amazon's Choice. It seems The Dirt has won over Amazon, let's see if it wins us over. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Chemical Free
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    Natural Ingredients
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    Long Lasting
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    Fluoride Free

Item Specifics

The Dirt natural toothpaste is a fluoride free toothpaste with MCT oil included. The reasoning behind the elimination of fluoride is because fluoride is considered toxic to the body, but only when ingested at low to high amounts. However, it is also a big ingredient that prevents tooth decay and cavities. And since toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed, the addition of fluoride has been standard in toothpastes for decades. The biggest case for fluoride-free toothpastes is when there is a small child in the equation. Children tend to eat just about anything. So if they were to accidentally swallow their toothpaste, it could potentially be toxic to them.

There are a lot of really great ingredients in The Dirt Natural Toothpaste. The ingredients are as follows: extra fine bentonite clay, MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil), organically extracted hexane free stevia, bees wax, and essential oils of mint, cacao, rose, and cinnamon, depending on the flavor of the toothpaste. As you can see, there are not a whole lot of ingredients here. The Dirt natural toothpaste is free of fillers like soy bean or palm oil, sweeteners like xylitol, harsh essential oils, glycerine, and other artificial preservatives. The bees wax is sustainably sourced, given the currently situation with the bees of the world. MCT oil is great, not only for your skin, but also for your teeth. It has a lot of fatty acids and nutrients that make for very healthy skin and teeth. 

Certification & How Long It Lasts

The only certification carried by The Dirt Natural Toothpaste is one for certified Paleo. Certified Paleo basically means that the product is free of any grains and pseudograins, legume, dairy, and additives. Some of the ingredients that Certified Paleo does not allow are barley, rice, oats, beans, lentils, soy, cheese, milk, creams, and any additives. 

This natural toothpaste is made in such a way that one tube of it can last for a while. This means that you will be buying less and spending less over time, than you would with commercial brands. The company states that one a pea sized amount is enough. Roughly speaking, for a 50 ml tube, that would last you about 6+ months. 

About This Company

Ever since The Dirt was founded, they have been focused on using only natural ingredients and getting away from the toxic and potentially harmful ingredients used in nearly every commercial brand of toothpaste. Their mission is to provide the best clean for your teeth, while using only natural ingredients and staying away from all of the harmful stuff you find in other toothpastes. They make products that are free of fluoride, SLS, paraben and glycerine. 

Now, they have more than just natural toothpaste. They make many natural products, all for the mouth area. Toothpowder is a very popular product, that gets away from the paste and focuses on true nature remedies. They also make oil pulling mouthwash, lip balm, tongue scrapper, toothbrushes, breath spray, and more. 


The Dirt Natural Toothpaste contains all natural ingredients. Their two most popular ingredients are bentonite clay and MCT oil, which are both great natural alternatives to commercial ingredients. Bentonite clay helps to gently whiten teeth and MCT oil helps to maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums. Some of their ingredients are even sustainably sourced, like their bees wax. 

Even though the whole fluoride issue is not entirely proven, it is still nice to see fluoride free toothpaste. Just to be safe, The Dirt Natural Toothpaste does not include it in their products. 

This natural toothpaste is Certified Paleo. This means that the toothpaste is free of many ingredients like grains, dairy, and additives. This makes The Dirt Natural Toothpaste gluten free, for those who care. 

One standard tube of The Dirt Natural Toothpaste will supposedly last you about 6 months or more. The company quotes that you only need a "split pea" amount per brush. 

There are no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors in this toothpaste. This is great because many of those artificial additives are very dangerous to your health. 


There have been a few complaints when it comes to the taste of this toothpaste. Since there are no artificial flavors, it is rather difficult for natural toothpastes to lock down a great tasting toothpaste. And since basically everyone is so used to the standard mint, switching to something like cinnamon or rose mint can be difficult. 

The Dirt Natural Toothpaste does not look all that appealing. It has a rough texture to the paste and just looks pretty weird. Not a lot of people are very fond of putting something that looks nasty into their mouths. 

Final Thoughts:

On paper, The Dirt Natural Toothpaste is really great. There are no bad ingredients here, that we have seen. In fact, all of the ingredients are 100% natural. They even stay away from sweeteners like Xylitol. However, that is also why some people have an issue with the taste. In fact, Xylitol is not a bad ingredient. However to be certified Paleo, they are not allowed to use it. Nevertheless, the stuff inside is great. The bentonite clay is a great natural alternative to help whiten teeth, and the MCT oil helps keep your gums healthy. Overall, this is a great toothpaste. 

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    100% natural ingredients
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    Long lasting 
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    Certified Paleo


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    Not the best taste
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    Weird looking

The Dirt Natural Toothpaste Conclusion

The Dirt Natural Toothpaste is a pretty good toothpaste. The all natural ingredients and Paleo Certified make for a truly natural and healthy alternative to commercial toothpastes. However, the taste may not be the best. But if you do not care about that so much, you can grab yourself a tube of this for $19.99 on Amazon. For more information regarding the best natural toothpaste, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying The Dirt Natural Toothpaste.

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    How is this different from commercial toothpastes? This toothpaste contains only natural ingredients and avoids artificial additives, unlike the majority of commercial brands. 
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    How does this toothpaste make your teeth white? The Bentonite clay is a natural ingredient that has been shown to whiten teeth over time.
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    Is this good for sensitive teeth? Yes, many consumers have reported that they have not had any sensitivity to this toothpaste. 

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