Thirty-Three Informative Global Warming Memes

Memes can be a great way to teach people about some of the implicit biases they may have when thinking about global warming. They can also help us think critically (and humorously) about a serious topic. If you want to find the best global warming meme, then check out our inventory.

When someone says the word meme, the thing that usually pops into our head is a funny image with some text underneath it. While this is perhaps the most popular and widely shared form of the term, memes come in many different varieties and shapes. Art can be a meme. Music can be a meme. Politics can be a meme.

In fact, the Webster Dictionary defines a meme as “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Memes — whether they are social media posts, famous sayings, or videos — can help transmit information. Believe it or not, memes are great educational aids. They help us remember relevant information, ideas, and concepts — not to mention the fact that they are often hilarious

As such, a global warming meme can be a good way of reinforcing the idea that our planet is going through a crisis. Unfortunately, many people deny the very science that causes this crisis. Memes can often be the bridge that helps climate change skeptics realize that global warming might be a grave threat. Luckily we compiled a list of informative ideas, tweets, graphs, ideas, and pictures.

Besides providing evidence and logical reasons for why climate change is a genuine and serious issue, global warming memes also help us deal with the frustration that comes when arguing with global warming skeptics. In the same way, that satire often incites change by highlighting the ridiculousness of an issue; memes help us realize what is wrong with our society. So, if you are looking for a perfect global warming meme, then you have come to the right place.

glacier melting

Glacier Melting

Informative Graphs and Data

Not all memes need to be funny. Some memes, like graphs and charts, can show essential trends and evidence for climate change. In this section, we gathered some memes that help explain why global warming is scientifically proven. We also included some data about the types of people that generally deny the existence of climate change.

This graph by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is pretty self-explanatory — it shows a steady rise in the average global temperature. While the there are minor fluctuations each year, the trend is clear: since 1910 (with the increase in industrial development) the average temperature on land and in the ocean has been rising at a rate that is shocking and unsustainable.

This graph from the New York Times shows the percentage of Republicans that believe that humans contribute the most to global warming on the planet earth. The national average is 31%. The dark purple represents 0-30%, and the dark green represent 70-100%.

Republicans are not ignorant of the fact that global warming is happening. As this other graph from the New York Times shows, fifty percent of Republicans do believe that climate change is happening. However, most of the population that does understand live near the coast and likely feel the effects of the phenomenon more heavily in weather and storms. Like the last graph, the dark purple represents 0-30% and the dark green represent 70-100%.

This global warming meme shows some of the most convincing evidence for global warming, at a glance. It briefly lists some of the most famous proof for the increase in global warming. Though many people have tried to prove these points wrong, they have not succeeded.

The graph destroys the popular myth that it is just the sun getting hotter and not our earth that is heating up. As the data shows solar radiation decreased in recent years. The global temperature continues to rise steadily.

Global Warming

Global Warming

Popular Global Warming Myths Debunked

A global warming meme can work both ways — it can convince people that the issue is real and needs dealing with, or it can reinforce existing beliefs and prejudice. Unfortunately, there are a lot of arguments that climate change deniers enjoy using to prove their point. In this section, we go over some of the most popular global warming myths and why they are wrong.

Climate change myth #1: the climate changed drastically before, it will do it again.

While this might be true, the climate will react to the forces that change it. It is an indisputable fact that humans currently the number one cause of changes occurring in our environment and climate.

Climate change myth #2: Sunspots on the surface of the sun are causing the rising heat patterns.

The sun has grown colder in recent years according to data. The cause of global warming is the sun's rays becoming trapped in our atmosphere.

Climate change myth #3: Why would you want colder weather? Warm weather is good.

While we might all enjoy a bright sunny day, evidence shows that the negative attributes of global warming outweigh the positive qualities by a lot. Food production, public health, and our overall environment are suffering.

Yellow stone national park-191276_640

Yellow stone national park

Climate change myth #4: There is no complete consensus in the scientific community that humans cause global warming.

Around ninety-seven percent of scientists believe that humans are the cause of global warming. Just because a group of outliers disagrees with the consensus does not lend value to their faulty science and data.

Climate change myth #5: The earth is currently cooling down.

All available evidence shows that the world is getting hotter. The previous decade was the warmest decade ever recorded. Humidity is rising, the average temperature is increasing, the sea level is growing, and species migrate further and further north.

Climate change myth #6: The temperature recording models are not accurate.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, temperature recording models have been able to gauge accurate data by land, air, and sea. Temperature recording methods from the thermometer to satellites show an overall increase in temperature in both cities and the countryside.



Climate change myth #7: It is freezing outside! There is no way global warming is happening.

Local cold days do not determine the overall trends of a climates temperature rise. If you want to discover the world’s climate change, then you need to look at long-term trends in temperature and weather.

Climate change myth #8: There is more ice Antarctica right now then there were hundreds of years ago.

While it is true that the level of sea ice in Antarctica continues to rise, this is not what we need to be worried about in the long term. The real trouble comes with glacial ice melting on land and in the mountains. Satellite measurements show that the amount of land ice decreases every year. This ice melting is the likely cause in our sea level rising.

Earth’s climate system shows an overall increase in temperature since 1998

Earth’s climate system shows an overall increase in temperature since 1998

Climate change myth #9: The earth has not gotten hotter since 1998.

This myth is blatantly false. Every measure of the earth’s climate system shows an overall increase in temperature since 1998. 2015 was the hottest year globally on record.

Climate change myth #10: Many publications in the 1970s predicted there would be another ice age. Now, they are saying it is global warming.

Roughly sixty-two percent of reputable scientific predicted there would be an overall trend in the earth’s warming. Regardless, we need to deal with the evidence on hand now and not focus on past mistakes.

Climate change myth #11: Scientist link the increase in hurricanes globally to global warming, but it is not true.

A growing amount of evidence hints at the fact that global warming accounts for the increase in tropical storms. This increase in storms occurs due to the increased amount of heat in the air, which causes more violent and powerful hurricanes.

Climate change myth #12: Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” contained some factual errors.

While a Supreme Court justice argued that there were indeed nine factual errors in the award-winning documentary, the vast majority of the information is considered broadly accurate by a group of scientists.

Climate change myth #13: The sea levels rising model is not accurate at all.

There have been many different measurements and studies which confirm an overall increase in the global sea level.

Climate change myth #14: Mars is warming also, so that means humans are not responsible.

While it is true that ice caps are melting on Mars, the overall global temperature remains the same. Moreover, why does it matter what is happening Mars? We should be worried about our planet first and the mounting evidence that climate change is real.

Climate change myth #15: Scientists that perpetuate the global warming myth are only in it for the money.

Scientists do not make that much money. What do they have to gain from by lying? If they wanted to, then they could join other — more lucrative careers — like the fossil fuel industry.

Humorous Global Warming Tweets

Climate Change

Climate Change

Twitter is one of the best places for the spread of global warming memes. In addition to the fact that they are light-hearted and funny, a lot of these tweets raise excellent points about climate change and climate deniers. And if you cannot laugh in the face of absurdity, then you will probably go insane. Here are some of our favorite climate change tweets.

1) Scott Westerfeld (@ScottWesterfeld) March 20, 2014

Plot idea: 97% of the world's scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billionaires & oil companies.

2) Megan Amram (@meganamram) July 24, 2017

"whoever denied it, supplied it" also works with climate change

3) Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) October 26, 2015

parent: I'd do anything for my children!

Scientist: here's how to stave off climate change so your children can stay on earth

Parent: nah

4) Megan Collins (@megancollins) June 2, 2017

Could reporters stop asking if political leaders "believe" in climate change and start asking if they understand it instead

5) naan swanson (@johnbiehl) June 12, 2015

Alien: why should I not blow up this planet?

Human: we are an advanced species

A: how do you travel?

H: we light old dinosaurs on fire

6) Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) November 18, 2014

Global warming isn't real because I was cold today! Also great news: World hunger is over because I just ate.

7) Cake or Death (@Johngcole) August 21, 2017

Scientist:  The eclipse will be just like this...

People: Wow, you were right.

Scientist: Now about climate change

People: Shut up egghead

32 Earth Day Quotes

Global Warming For Real

8) George Wallace (@MrGeorgeWallace) April 26, 2012

Global warming's for real y'all. Someday there won't be any rappers with ice in their names. Only water. Water-T. Water Cube. Vanilla Water.

9) Hazel Southwell (@HSouthwellFE) August 16, 2017

Would any publication like my piece "neither smartphones nor millennials are killing a generation, it is definitely war and climate change"?

10) Rachel Sanders (@rachelysanders) June 1, 2017

leaving a non-binding climate agreement seems sort of like breaking up with an extremely hot person with whom you’re in an open relationship
Climate Change Memes

Climate Change Memes

Traditional Picture Memes About Climate Change

One of the benefits of memes is that they can convey a lot of information in a little amount of time. Here are some of the best traditional global warming memes out there. Luckily, they are both informative and funny (perhaps a little more amusing than informative). While they might not convince someone that global warming is real, they are still worth a good laugh.

With President Trump claiming that cold weather proves that global warming is a hoax, it is easy to see how misinformation can spread quickly and vehemently. But even President Trump backtracked on his claims. When you expose people to the truth — also if it is in the form of a global warming meme — hopefully it will win the day.

We hope this article provided you with a helpful global warming meme. Memes can connect us when it feels like members of our family or friend groups are trying to isolate us. So, next time someone tries to tell you global warming is not happening, send them this article.

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