5 Tips to Upgrade Your Backyard for this Summer’s Parties

The hot season brings with it some of the best days of the year, so why shouldn’t you want to spend them outside, in your own backyard? During the warm days and nights, the patio becomes your kitchen, and the lawn your living room. Just like a home away from home, the backyard should make you feel welcome and allow you to properly relax. But what if your house’s outdoor space isn’t exactly what you’d wish it were? You can still enjoy your summer parties, because we’re here to offer you some of the easiest tips to upgrade your backyard.

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Why Upgrade Your Backyard

We know. It never feels like the perfect time to start tinkering with your backyard layout. But if you want to achieve that ideal outdoor haven you’ve always dreamed of, there’s no better time than now. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole into your pocket, because our suggestions to help you start upgrading your backyard are budget-friendly. Let us know if these tips have been useful to you!

1. Think of a Gathering Place

When the weather is unfavorable, you probably host your parties inside the home. One other thing they probably have in common – apart from the indoor location – is the fact that they revolve around a gathering place. In many cases, it’s either the living room couch, the kitchen island, or the dining room setting. That same principle works for outdoor celebrations, as well.

Your backyard requires a common gathering spot, in addition to a dining location that casually invites your guests to sit back and relax. If you’re preparing your space for more intimate parties, we recommend you go for five-piece dining sets. For gatherings of larger crowds, seven-piece sets will comfortably accommodate the guests.

2. Be Ready for Lots of Grilling

Most summer parties have something in common: grilling. Lots and lots of it. It’s true that you can have people over and cook a different kind of meal. However, if you know you’ll be turning on the grill more than twice this summer, you might look for an upgrade. Another grill might be due, especially if your current one has started performing poorly.

The Weber Genesis Propane Grill perfectly blends functionality with style, offering some impressive extra features that justify the price. The separate warming space – which allows you to grill large amounts of food without it going cold – is particularly useful in a party setting. In addition, the side burner offers additional grilling power, which is great for dual cooking. You will also love the additional cart placed within the grill where you can keep the kitchen tools at hand. Although the entire appliance is larger than most, it features lockable wheels that make it portable.

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3. Think of a Relaxing Place

Your sofas and the cozy armchairs in the living room are probably the most sought-after spots during your indoor parties. Depending on the layout and your strategical placing, chairs and armchairs can encourage or stifle conversation. Therefore, recreating the same welcoming environment outdoors is crucial for a successful social gathering. It’s simple to upgrade your backyard by making it more guest-friendly.

This is where sectional patio furniture comes in handy. While Lowe’s, Amazon, and other retailers of outdoor furniture can definitely help you with whatever you might need, please heed our recommendation. This Baner Garden set will definitely stand out in any of your parties. With vibrant colors, the patio sectional sofa set includes four pieces designed in modern and stylish lines. No only comfortable, but also exceptionally good looking in your outdoor setting.

Made from steel, the structure of the seating group offers durability against wear and tear. The set comes with a coffee table, a love seat, and two center chairs. The offer also includes cushions that are resistant to UV, fade and weather. The Baner Garden set provides enjoyable seating for a family of four hanging out on the patio. It can also allow you to host an intimate function with ease.

4. Organize a Shady Spot

If you’re used to throwing all-day parties, then you probably know that sun can be both a blessing and a curse. Should your guests need to take a break from the heat, they need to be able to seek relief in a shady area. That is, if you don’t want them wandering inside, where your AC unit could probably alleviate the temperatures.

This is probably the easiest and least expensive suggestion on our list: invest in patio umbrellas. A budget-friendly option, patio umbrellas provide broad coverage for no matter how many people. Usually available in 8½ and 9-foot options, these accessories can turn a melting disaster into a successful, cool party. If your guests stay late into the night, you can also look for patio umbrellas equipped with eco-friendly LED lights.

patio umbrella with LED lights


5. Add the Right Accents

When you upgrade your backyard, the details will make all the difference between a functional setting and an outdoor haven. These details can be literally anything that personalizes the space and brings a touch of magic. If your backyard is large enough and you want to splurge a little, we recommend the Outdoor Garden Tiki Torches (a set of 6). You can trust them to light up any atmosphere.

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Thanks to their sturdy metal construction and long-lasting fiberglass wicks, these garden torches will maintain their shine over the seasons. And if you’re thinking of greening your entertaining area, why not purchase (or make) some raised garden beds? Not only are they affordable, but they also add a grand allure to your personal oasis.

So, what do you think? Are you inclined to apply at least some of our recommendations? We can’t guarantee but we’re pretty sure that if you incorporate any of the tips listed above to upgrade your backyard, you’ll be enjoying some of the best days of this summer. Time to organize a patio party!

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