Top 5 Auto Recyclers in the U.S. and Their Services

If you have an old car that you can’t use anymore but would like to dismantle for parts, your best bet would be an auto recycler company. Since a vehicle is made of so many recyclable parts, when it is no longer fit to use, the environment could benefit a great deal from you taking it to an auto recycler. The car recycling industry has gained prominence lately, as more and more companies are providing their services to people in need. In the U.S., you can find a lot of auto recyclers ready to assist you. Today, we are going to look at 5 of the best and what they offer their clients.

Top 5 Auto Recyclers in the U.S. – What Do They Offer?

1. United Recyclers Group

One of the first and most impressive auto recyclers in the U.S., United Recyclers Group has over 525 locations spread around the country and Canada as well. They pride themselves with being able to tackle every change in the business effectively, since recycling needs can vary greatly. They provide high-quality products and they look at the individual needs of auto recyclers.

This company was established in 1995 with the aim of providing auto recyclers with a great inventory management system. As a consequence, they rely on software, technology, and innovation. For people who want to become members, they have educational programs as well. They want to teach people efficiency, data security, long term growth, and much more.

2. Metro Auto Recyclers

Metro Auto Recyclers specialize in truck and OEM automotive parts. They opened their first facility in 1988, so they’ve been around for a while. Since then, the number of facilities has grown, and so have their services. They take care of the needs of many categories of people. From body shop owners, to individual mechanics, car dealership owners, and more.

Also, their network is spread around the nation. This means that they can quickly find certain parts they need but don’t yet have in their warehouse. Anything from headlights to transmissions, engines, and so on, Metro Auto Recyclers is the place to find them all.

table covered with different car parts

They successfully enforce measures that ensure quality, so you can expect high-quality auto parts from their company. Moreover, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has given them the Indiana Clean Yard Gold Status, which not many auto recyclers receive. This shows that the company is genuinely concerned about our environment’s health and wants to protect it as much as possible.

3. Automotive Recyclers of Michigan

Automotive Recyclers of Michigan is another association similar to United Recyclers Group, except for the fact that they are a non-profit. They started their business in 1972 because they wanted to help firms that were collecting auto parts from people in order to recycle them. Now, they have more than 100 direct members and 30 associates, which they help with operating their facilities, selling auto parts, and making sure that they preserve the environment in the process.

They have a program called Michigan Certified Automotive Recycler in which more than 40 members are currently participating. Moreover, they aim to always have the best technologies and newest equipment. That is why their standards and quality expectations are high. Automotive Recyclers of Michigan also deals with issues such as water and air pollutions, waste generation, mercury disposal, and so on, which are clearly threatening our environment.

4. United Auto Recyclers

Since 1977, United Auto Recyclers has been one of the most important providers of recycled auto parts. The interesting thing is that they have both domestic and foreign replacements. Whether you are looking for parts for your car, truck, or SUV, you can rely on them. All you have to do is use their online database and look for the part you need. They will even ship the item straight to your house no matter where you live in the U.S.

You can find anything from remanufactured engines, to transmissions, front clips, deck lids, wiper motors, seat-belts, and anything in between. Even if you cannot see the items in person, they have an extremely detailed and colorful catalogue. So you don’t have to worry that you won’t get what you had in mind. They also offer a guarantee of 90 days and the possibility to extend your warranty.

United Auto Recyclers has the URG 8000 Standard of Excellence, which means that they also concern themselves with environmental issues. They focus on green living and practicing sustainability for the sake of our planet.

5. All American Auto Salvage

Finally, the All American Auto Salvage is a company that, as its name suggests, focuses on salvaging car parts that you no longer have any use for. This business opened up for the public in 1983 and it has been family owned ever since. They work to dismantle vehicles and keep the parts that they can recycle. Then, people who would like to purchase them can visit their facility or choose the delivery service.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the business of repairing cars and you are looking for auto parts that you can use, or if you simply want to purchase something for your own car, this business will take care of your requests either way. They also promise to help repair shops take care of customers’ vehicles and keep insurance companies satisfied.

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If you choose the delivery option, you should know that they have an 8-vehicle delivery fleet. That ensures you will be able to receive what you’ve ordered the same day or the next one at the latest.

Summing It All Up

Whether you are looking for auto recyclers because you would like to dispose of your old car or you need some parts for your current vehicle, you are definitely contributing to the efforts of saving our planet if you choose this option. Even recycling companies that are looking for firms such as the United Recyclers Group to help guide them through the process of implementing the best and newest technologies of the industry are one step closer to a less polluted environment due to their initiative. All in all, auto recyclers are an important part of the strategy that we have to come up with in order to relieve some of the pressure put on the planet.

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