UNREAL Milk Chocolate Gems Review

Mention chocolate and you are sure to turn at least a few heads. Tell them that the chocolate uses sustainable ingredients, non-GMO certified, and doesn't use anything artificial and you're sure to turn a lot more. Unreal Milk Chocolate gems are able to say all three of these things about their chocolate and more. Chocolate might be the most popular candy there is and it comes in all sorts of varieties. At the end of the day sometimes you just need some chocolate and to lean back and relax. Let's take a look at Unreal chocolate together and hopefully by the end of this review you will be able to determine for yourself if this is your next healthy treat!

Best Fea​tures

  • check
    Organic, sustainable ingredients
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    Vegan chocolate

Initial Thoughts

I am personally a big fan of chocolate. Unreal chocolate gems caught my attention right from the start and I started to do a little more research. The packaging is very bright with bold, fun print that catches your eye. The Unreal company is non-GMO, vegan, and committed to giving you healthy chocolate that you don't have to worry about all the "bad stuff" as the company puts it. On Amazon it has the Amazon's Choice badge meaning it's well liked and comes at a pretty good price. Let's take a closer look at this chocolate and see what it's made of and how it stands against the competition. 


Unreal milk chocolate gems are a healthy alternative to other chocolate products on the market. They use organic ingredients with a guarantee that there is nothing artificial in their product. Using sustainable ingredients they've made a tasty milk chocolate that you can be assured are healthy for your children and yourself!

Organic Nonfat Milk

Milk would be an implied ingredient for milk chocolates. Unreal uses only organic nonfat milk in their product and it has few different benefits. In organic milk there are higher levels of antioxidants like beta-carotene. This aids in reducing inflammation and will be a little bit easier on the stomach when used in Unreal chocolate. Also with it being a nonfat milk it gets rid of some extra saturated fats giving the chocolate just a little more of a health value.

Cocoa Butter

Fair-trade cocoa butter is another big ingredient in this chocolate. Fair-trade, when used in reference to foods and ingredients, means that the ingredient is bought at fair prices from the producers by the company. Cocoa butter is one of the ingredients that helps to give the chocolate a smooth and creamy taste. However, it is unfortunately quite high in saturated fats. On one hand it is a great thing that the company is participating in fair trade and on the other this is a high fat ingredient.

Organic Blue Agave Inulin

This was an ingredient that I had not heard of before. As I did more research into what it does and some of the benefits of it I was very impressed. Inulin is a type of fiber that improves digestive health and has become quite popular as a supplement to aid in overall digestive health. With organic blue agave inulin it works as a sweetener to give the chocolate the sweet taste that we crave. It also has shown that is has a very low impact on blood sugar levels making this a slightly better option for those with diabetes. 

Cane Sugar

Unfortunately Unreal wasn't able to find a healthier alternative to sugar. However, they use cane sugar due to the fact that it is not processed and just a little healthier than the processed sugars. It is used in conjunction with the other natural sweeteners in the chocolate.


The product comes in bright packaging with oversize lettering. Unreal along with its chocolate gems has many different chocolate based products. Among these are dark, dark chocolate with almonds, and crispy dark chocolate peanut butter cups. They also have a peanut center and crispy dark gems option to go along with the milk chocolate.

The Product

With the Amazon's Choice badge you can be pretty confident in a product. This seal of approval is given to products that are high quality for a decent price, usually. Unfortunately Unreal's chocolate falls on the pricier side, a five ounce bag will cost you about nine dollars. That comes to about a dollar and fifty cents an ounce. However, on the Unreal website their milk chocolate gems only cost five dollars in total. Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems has very few reviews from customers, only 13 reviews, but has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. With so few reviews it's hard to get a great idea of what people think but it seems that it is well liked. 

Most of the customers that have tried the product commented on how the the chocolate tasted very similar to other chocolates such as M&M's. The shell of the chocolate is made of cane sugar and dyed different colors by various vegetable oils giving it the multicolored appearance. Unreal chocolate gems seems like a quality product that is becoming popular quickly.

About This Company

Unreal company all started with some experiences from two brothers while they were young. They grew up with parents that didn't like them eating some of their favorite chocolates, most likely because of the "bad stuff" as the owners put it. As the brothers grew up they decided that they would try to make their own chocolates that were healthier and didn't have all the artificial additives that other chocolates had. After a lot of tries they were able to finally develop there recipe for their chocolates, artificial free. Unreal has a mission to give clean, natural goodies to their customer and bring "good" back.


There are plenty of pros to the Unreal chocolate gems. First they have no artificial ingredients, using only organic ingredients to give the cleanest chocolate possible. The Unreal milk chocolate gems have a great rating on Amazon with the Amazon's Choice badge to go along with it. Most everyone that reviewed this product was impressed by the taste of it. Finally, they will use only fair-trade ingredients showing a level of concern and care for those who are producing their ingredients.


One of the tough things about this product is that there are only 13 reviews by customers on Amazon. This makes it a little tougher to get a general idea of what people think. One of the complaints about the product however is that the chocolate would show up melted or deformed. Also the actual color of the candy is not as vivid as shown in the picture. The product is pricey on Amazon at nearly nine dollars, however on the Unreal website it is only five dollars.

Final Thoughts:

With only 13 reviews on the product that was one thing that made me pause when looking into this candy. However, most of these reviews were positive and commented on how these chocolates tasted good. I was very impressed that they used no artificial ingredients or preservatives. With a lot of different options for all their chocolates Unreal does a very good job. I would recommend this candy to a friend looking for a cleaner and healthier way to enjoy some sweets. 

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  • plus
    Organic ingredients
  • plus
    Company has a fair-trade policy


  • close
    Occasionally is not packaged well

UNREAL Milk Chocolate Gems Conclusion

There is a lot of chocolate out there to choose from. Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems is up there competing with other health chocolates and is a great way to go healthier without compromising taste. If you have decided that you would like to try these chocolates out for yourself take a look on Amazon using our link below, or check it out at Unreal's company website. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the UNREAL Milk Chocolate Gems.

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    Are these chocolates vegan? No, Unreal does use animal products in their milk chocolate gems.
  • How big is the bag that the chocolate comes in? The bag is 5 ounces.

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