9 Urban Vegetable Garden Ideas to Eat More Healthy at Home

Eating more home-grown fruits and vegetables as well as choosing for a sustainable lifestyle will not only benefit your health but also the environment. Even if you do not have enough room to develop a big garden, you could use these urban vegetable garden ideas and make the most of the smallest spaces. You could try out innovative vertical gardening solutions, ranging from easy-access planters to hanging pots.

Nevertheless, you have to remember to use every possible inch you have on your balcony or your deck. If you want more than just a pot with essentials, then stacked raised beds could be one of the best solutions. The raised beds system will assure you that every plant you put there has equal access to the sunlight. However, you have to pay attention to the solution you use depending on the area you live in.

Keep in mind that reflected heat in urban areas can damage the plant really fast, drying out the soil. To make sure your plants will not die in this environment, you could use a slow-delivering drip irrigation system. In what follows, we will provide some urban vegetable garden ideas to help you have a healthy diet.

Urban Vegetable Garden Ideas

Square foot garden

Even if you may think that this is a really small space for a garden, you have no idea how many foods you can grow there. Square foot gardening consists of 4×4 boxes placed on the ground. You should use high-quality soil for your small garden. Then, you should divide it into square-foot sections, making sure you have enough space between plants. In this way, you will make sure they have enough room to grow. Hence, you will be able to fit all the vegetables you want in a small garden.

Self-watering grow box

This is the perfect solution for those who may not be really responsible with their plants, and they may forget to water them. If you want a small garden with the minimum effort and space, then this is the solution for you. In this way, you will get your homegrown products by using a small self-watering system. After you set up the system, you only have to put water in the reservoir. Therefore, the plant will be able to retrieve the water it needs through its roots.

One-pot vegetable garden

This is one of the simplest urban vegetable garden ideas. Developing a one-pot vegetable garden is a simple solution, using a small place. All you have to do is to drill a few drainage holes in a galvanized water trough. Next, you have to add soil and plant complementary groups of plants. You can plant tomatoes together with chives, jalapenos, and basil.

Gutter Garden

A gutter garden is extremely useful in case you do not have enough space to spare. When space-saving is a problem, then you could use this urban vegetable garden idea. Furthermore, besides occupying less space, it also looks amazing. You will not have to worry about wild animals or bugs because this system keeps plants off the ground, in the sun.

If you are careful when watering the plants, you will make sure that the ground along the foundation and the house siding will not get wet. You can try to make it greener using salvaged gutters.

A vertical garden with flowers

Developing your own vertical garden out of recyclable materials or some pieces of wood is even better.

Vertical gardening with salvaged materials

This system works wonders, but if you want a personalized garden, you should know that you can get as creative as you want. Furthermore, you can also use salvaged materials and learn how to recycle. You can make vertical raised growing boxes. Some gardeners love to use mismatched wood when building a vertical garden. It could look amazing and you will also spare some good money if you do it yourself from some pieces of wood you have kept around the house.

WeeTree wall of plants

This method of developing a garden full of flowers and plants will not only reveal your creative side, but it will color your entire house. Besides that, you can also use a WeeTree wall of plants to hide an ugly wall or to shade a building. Other gardeners also use it to grow food instead of plants. This system will allow you to grow row after row of ornamentals, vegetables, and herbs, even if you already have a postage stamp-sized yard.

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Easy access salad box

Some may really like gardening, and they think that they could be dedicated gardeners if it weren’t all about bending over and over to reach the plants. Well, here is your solution. No one said that your garden needs to be at the level of the ground. You could develop raised beds on platforms or table legs. A ‘Small Space Salad Box’ by Sunset may be just what you are looking for.

If you want to create it yourself, you will need some tools, glue, some 1x4s, and a redwood planter box. The attractive waist-high garden would look incredible, and it will be useful especially if you have back problems.

Woolly pocket planter bags

This is an innovative way to grow your favorite veggies or ornamental plants. Vertical gardening looks more like art. You should use the Woolly Pocket planter bags which are made of breathable recycled wool planter bags. Hence, they will keep your wall dry. However, at the same time, the planter bags keep moisture inside for the plants. Your new green wall will work well with any type of wall surface.

Shoe organizer garden

This option is similar to woolly pockets but is even cheaper than the previous method. Your canvas shoe organizer can be more useful than you have ever thought, helping you grow your plants. You should keep it off the wall using strips of wood. The innovative system works in the same way, but it excludes the wicking properties. Hence, you will have to frequently water it.

Summing up

All these urban vegetable garden ideas can help you transform a corner of your yard into a small piece of heaven, with your favorite plants, ornamentals or even vegetables. If you want to eat healthy food, you need to grow it yourself. Use one of our suggestions here, developing mini-gardens out of recyclable materials. Furthermore, if you are e vegetarian or vegan, these tips will help you grow your own food in a healthy way.

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