The Many Uses of Toothpaste Other Than Brushing Your Teeth

Toothpaste is a staple in practically every home, mainly used to whiten and clean teeth. There are so many more uses of toothpaste that you may not even know about though. You can use toothpaste to clean, beautify, repair, smooth, and shine many different objects you have at home. You can even use it as a beauty product. Because you already have toothpaste at home, you will not need to buy expensive chemicals that do the same thing.

Each use is put into different categories so you can find the use that you need faster.

What Kind of Toothpaste Do I Need?

Do not worry about using the expensive, whitening, gel toothpastes and avoid ones that contain triclosan. The cheap, white toothpaste is a mild, abrasive stain fighter and will work perfectly. Brand does not affect how well it works, all it needs to do is fight stains and you will be good to go!

Natural Toothpaste Options

If traditional toothpaste makes you uneasy because of the ingredients, you can also try some natural toothpaste options. Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste uses ingredients that are naturally sourced, and they have great reviews. They do a great job of whitening teeth and keeping them healthy too. It does contain fluoride, so if you want a natural toothpaste without it, there is Nature’s Gate natural toothpaste. It’s free of toxins and GMOs, giving you one of the most natural kinds of toothpaste on the market.

Use Toothpaste as a Deodorizer

The first uses of toothpaste we will explore are its deodorizing aspects. You do not have to spend money on expensive fresheners when you already have a minty alternative. Here are just a handful of the uses.

Baby Bottles: Sometimes, no matter how well you clean your baby’s bottles, they smell like sour milk. To remedy that, mix toothpaste and water, and scrub the bottle with the mixture. After scrubbing, put it in the dishwasher and the sour smell will be gone.

Hands: Our hands touch a wide variety of objects every day, and especially strong smells tend to stick to our skin. For example, a potent onion can leave your hands smelling just like it for a painfully long time. To get rid of the smell, wash your hands with toothpaste.

Food Containers: Some containers keep the smell of the food you stored in there, even after washing. Minty-fresh toothpaste will eliminate the smell.

Car Freshener: If you need to freshen up your car quick, put some toothpaste on paper towels and stash them under the seat. After sitting in the sun, the minty smell will fill your car.

Skunk Smell: If you or a dog has been sprayed by a skunk, hop in the shower, rub toothpaste all over before cleaning with regular soap.


There are so many ways to use toothpaste as a cleaning product, and there are several different materials it will clean.

Clothing: Put toothpaste on a toothbrush and scrub the white rubber of your shoes to make them look good as new! Rubbing toothpaste on leather shoes will remove scuff marks, and adding toothpaste to lipstick or ink stains on clothing will remove it.

Jewelry and Metals: Toothpaste will clean diamonds, silver, and brass easily. This includes jewelry, coins, and even musical instruments. It even works for chrome finishes on appliances, decorations, and automobiles. This will give them a great shine and smell.

Bathroom and Kitchen: If you have kids that seem to always seem to get toothpaste on the water faucet, you are in luck! Toothpaste cleans faucets well and removes watermarks. It also cleans sinks and deodorizes the drain.

Carpet: Small stains can come out with a bit of toothpaste and scrubbing. For more severe stains, you may need a professional carpet cleaner.

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Scratch Repair

Scratches are unsightly and can ruin the quality of different products. Whether it be on phone screens, DVDs, CDs, or vehicles, toothpaste can clear up the small scratches and reduce the visibility of bigger ones. Rub with toothpaste and wipe away with a clean cloth for best results.

Healing Anti-Itch Cream

One of the other great uses of toothpaste is to heal rashes, bruises, and burns. Just rub on toothpaste. For itchy rashes, a layer of toothpaste will put a protective layer over the rash and prevent air from getting to it and making it itch. It will also dry out the area so it heals quicker.

Beauty Product

Who would have thought that toothpaste could actually act as a beauty product? It can! These are just a few ways.

Treat Blemishes: Whenever a pesky pimple appears on your skin, cover it with a layer of toothpaste. This will dry it out and help it go away much faster than if you left it alone. If you will be out and about and do not want everyone to see you with toothpaste on your face, do it right before bed. This will give the toothpaste plenty of time to work its magic.

Hair Gel: Toothpaste also has some of the same properties as hair gel. If you need to smooth down some flyaway hairs, apply a small amount of toothpaste to your hair. Your hair will be held in place and smell minty too.

Nails: Toothpaste can both clean and strengthen your nails. Just clean them with your toothpaste every once in a while.

Other Uses of Toothpaste

There are some uses of toothpaste that do not quite fit into the already listed categories, but they are still worth mentioning.

Crayon: If you have kids that have recently discovered that the walls are great canvases, do not worry. Though it takes a bit of elbow grease, toothpaste will take crayons right off the wall.

Restore Headlights: Headlights tend to fog up on older cars, making the lights dimmer than normal. Any easy way to remove the fogginess is to scrub the plastic with toothpaste. If your headlight covers are made of glass though, you will need a different product. Toothpaste is not abrasive enough to properly clean the glass.

Fill Holes: This may be a use that people are more familiar with. When decorating and switching around what hangs on the wall, nails leave holes all across the wall. You can easily fill the holes with toothpaste so it blends in. This only works on white walls though.

Reduce Fog: Whether it be your swimming goggles or bathroom mirror, they tend to fog up when exposed to heat and water. To reduce the fog, smear some toothpaste over the surface and wipe it off with a clean cloth.


Now that you know of the many different uses of toothpaste, you can save yourself some money, time, and effort. These tips really do come in handy! Just remember to save some toothpaste for your teeth too.

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