Vegan Leather Company Produces Pocketbook Made From Apple Skins

In a major win for sustainable eco-friendly products, a company called SAMARA has found a way to make leather goods from apple skins.

For a very long time, leather goods such as belts, wallets and pocketbooks have been made from animals skins. In fact, leather derived from cows contributes to the climate crisis we all now face because the demand for leather has resulted in the clearing of forests to make way for cattle ranching.

But SAMARA aims to do things differently and has done so by seeking alternative materials to make leather products.

According to the website:

The brand was born out of a need among women for small, minimalist purses and wallets that were not overtly branded, that were truly eco-friendly, not posing any harm to animals, without luxury markups but with the same quality as higher end brands. Our factories pride themselves on attention to detail, whilst using the finest, most eco-friendly materials.

“As the vegan leather industry is growing, we decided that it was time to raise the bar and start experimenting with other plant-based materials…to ensure that our products are made out of the finest quality materials and that they are sustainable,” one of the owners told Treehugger. “Our promise is to create our products from the least amount of materials possible, without harming any living thing in the process.”

And that experimentation has paid off because now the world can choose to purchase wallets made from recycled apple skins discarded by juice companies.

“We’ve been hard at work over the last year, aiming to create our best seller – the Mini – out of apple-based leather,” the website says. “After many iterations and quality checks, it’s finally here.”

“Made from apple skins that are by-products of the juicing industry, and some PU that acts as a binding agent, we’ve designed our newest addition to the Mini Collection – our Apple Leather Mini,” the company continued.

PU refers to polyurethane, a plastic material. However, the company points out that they use a minimal amount of it and that it’s much less harmful to the environment than polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC.

Eventually, the company hopes to find a way to stop using PU in their products.

Until then, the current product is still more sustainable and environmentally friendly than animal leathers, and every purchase contributes to a worthy cause because the company is working with a partner to deliver solar backpacks that provide light to poor students at night.

As we grow, we are committed to creating impact. We’ve collaborated with The Soular Backpack, a company that provides children who don’t have access to electricity with solar powered backpacks so they can do their homework every night without the carcinogenic and environmentally dangerous kerosene lamp. Every purchase through Samara covers the cost of a Soular Backpack for a child in need in East Africa, so that they have access to light every night. It’s safe to say, when you buy a Samara product, you are lighting up someone else’s life.

SAMARA clearly intends to be a company that changes the world.

Featured Image: SAMARA

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