Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights Review

More and more people are learning about solar Christmas lights and buying them for their homes. Every year, Americans run up their electric bill just to run all their different electric lights. This comes from the lights on the Christmas tree, the ones on the house, and the ones on the fence, bushes, or porch. This requires much more energy than what the American home normally uses. Solar powered string lights, on the other hand, give you the same effect without the extra money coming out of your wallet. Today, we will be taking a look at the Vmanoo solar Christmas lights. By the time we are done, you will know if this is a good product for you.

Best Fea​tures

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    Soft glow
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    Great Price
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    LED light bulbs

Initial Thoughts

The Vmanoo solar Christmas lights look just like any other strand of solar powered string lights. The cord is dark, which helps it blend in with its surroundings while the lights shine. At the end of the strand, where there would normally be a plug, is a solar panel. When you place the solar panel in direct sunlight, it converts the sunlight into energy and stores it in the battery. This battery is what helps the lights charge during the day so they can shine all night long. This brand of solar string lights currently has a 3.5 star rating on Amazon, which is not great, but it is better than some other products. Let’s take a closer look to see why this product has this rating.


The most impressive aspect of the Vmanoo solar Christmas lights is their use of LED light bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs, which means your solar panel does not have to generate as much energy to run the lights. Even though your access to sunlight is completely free, it is still better to use energy-efficient lights. It is more environmentally friendly to take this route. Besides, more and more people are getting rid of their incandescent lights and switching to LEDs. 

Not only are LED lights more energy-efficient, but they are also much safer than traditional bulbs. Using less energy allows them to remain cool. Incandescent bulbs frequently heat up and some even cause fires. Every year, these kinds of lights cause fires and millions of dollars in damage in the United States. Some people even die in these fires. It is definitely safer to use LED string lights because the likelihood of them starting a fire is highly unlikely.

These solar Christmas lights also have a solar panel with a battery installed behind the panel. The panel converts the light into energy and stores it into the battery, making it so the lights will have enough energy to run for several hours. Many customers state that the original battery is not high quality, but there are screws in the back of the panel that allow you to replace the battery.


Another great aspect of the Vmanoo solar Christmas lights is the fact that they are waterproof. The design of the lights, combined with their plastic material, prevent water from getting inside and ruining the strand. Plastic is not the most eco-friendly option, but this plastic is durable and can withstand the elements for years. This means that you can make the most of the material before you decide to recycle it. This waterproof feature is perfect for those who experience rain and snow during the holiday season, which includes many people in the northern hemisphere. Keep in mind that cloudy days with minimal sun will affect the performance of the lights, but the precipitation will not ruin these lights.

Customers also state that these solar powered Christmas lights have a nice glow, but are not extremely bright. Those who want to use these lights for their brightness will likely only find disappointment. On the other hand, these lights are perfect for adding a soft glow to your winter landscape, especially where there are not outlets available for electric lights. These string lights can go anywhere on your property to provide light because the solar panel can generate energy wherever there is sunlight.

The Product

Vmanoo offers a variety of different colors for their solar Christmas lights, but the ones we are looking at today are a simple, warm white color. It comes in a set of two strands, and each strand is 72 feet long. Each strand has 200 LED bulbs spread evenly along the strand every 10 centimeters. They also come with a set of eight modes to control the lights. You can keep a steady glow or change the lights to twinkling or various forms of flashing. Surely, there is a light mode that will match the aesthetic of your home. Next to the button that controls the light modes is the on and off button.

These lights also have a built-in sensor that detects sunlight and the absence of it and turns the lights off and on accordingly. When the sensor detects the absence of sunlight, it will turn the lights on automatically. Similarly, when the sensor detects sunlight, it will turn the lights off and start charging the battery. This feature allows your lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn without you even having to think about it.

If these solar string lights sound like a product you would like to try, this pack of two is available on Amazon for $20.99. This is a great price for solar lights, considering one strand is generally more expensive than this. This may mean that they are not as high quality as some other brands, but the price makes solar energy available to more people who want to try it.

About This Company

We do not know much about Vmanoo as a company, other than the fact that it is a small company in California. They offer a variety of different solar powered lights, from white lights to multi-colored. This company offers products that are reasonably priced so more people can experience the benefits of solar energy. Many times, people complain about the price of solar products, but these are different. The price is set well, especially for a set of two. Once people try solar and see it’s benefits, then they will likely venture out to the more expensive, high quality products.


As stated previously, one of the greatest advantages of using the Vmanoo solar Christmas lights is that they have LED light bulbs. This kind of light bulb comes with various benefits, including being safer, more energy-efficient, and long-lasting when compared to incandescent bulbs. They save you money in the long run because it takes thousands of hours before they burn out, and they save you money because they are least likely to cause a fire.


The biggest complaint from dissatisfied customers is in regards to the quality of the product. One customer even states that they are “cheap for a reason.” This is one of the consequences you face if you buy cheap products. Some customers claim their lights have worked for months, but others only got a couple of months out of them. This could be due to defective lights, lack of direct sunlight, or a defective battery. The lights may work well, but if the solar panel or battery does not work, the lights will not work either. Thankfully, most customers state that it is easy to return any defective lights.

Final Thoughts:

If you do not have the money for high quality solar Christmas lights, you can always try the Vmanoo string lights to get you started. For only $20.99, you can get two strands of solar powered lights. These will help introduce you to solar energy and help you to see how beneficial they really are! You can really use your imagination when you figure out how to decorate with them because you are not tied down to wherever an outlet is available. If you decide to give these lights a try, let us know what you think of them.

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    Soft glow
  • plus
    Great price
  • plus
    LED light bulbs


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    Some strands stop working after a while 

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights Conclusion

Even if you do not like the Vmanoo solar Christmas lights, there are several other solar string light reviews available here at Green and Growing. We have compiled a list of the best solar powered Christmas lights on the market for you to look through. Odds are, you will find one that you like and want to try out. Once you do, you will see how great using solar energy really is.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights.

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    How long do these lights need to charge? Vmanoo recommends that you charge their lights for six to eight hours in order for them to stay on for eight hours.
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    How do you change the battery for these solar lights? There are screws on the back of the solar panel. Underneath that panel is the battery.

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