Volkswagen is manufacturing ‘micromobiles’ in preparation for the end of mass car use.

Once again, Volkswagen is taking innovation to the next level, this time by preparing for a future when mass car use in cities is no longer sustainable.

Carbon emissions around the globe are out of control, especially in cities, which produce most carbon emissions and particularly feel the effects of climate change and rising global temperatures.

Vehicle traffic is a major cause of carbon emissions.

Volkswagen is betting that the way we get around in cities is going to change drastically in the near future because of how unsustainable mass car use is, and that’s why they are jumping ahead of their closest competitors by manufacturing what they call “micromobiles” so that the future can begin now.

“Answers are needed to avoid the threat of traffic collapse on the one hand and to meet the changing demands of modern mobility on the other,” Volkswagen Group said in a statement.

Volkswagen then presented its vision of city transportation.

The vision: city visitors and residents will soon be able to arrive in the world’s metropolises, park their cars at home, at the hotel or in multi-storey car parks and then use smaller zero-emission models.

A series of “micromobiles” include electric scooters and bikes as well as a version that can carry light cargo. There’s even a vehicle that combines a motorcycle with an electric compact car. All of the vehicles have good range, produce zero carbon emissions and increase mobility.

“Energy for the electric motor is supplied by a lithium-ion battery (energy content: 500 Watt-hours),” Volkswagen says. “The range is up to 100 kilometers. A novelty for cargo bicycles is the tilting technology: The innovative technology ensures that the transported goods on the loading area do not tilt into the curve with the cargo bike, but are always balanced horizontally.”

It’s a road Volkswagen started down earlier this year when it introduced an electric take on their classic van, and became the first automaker to run a national advertising campaign in the United States to promote.

These latest innovative vehicles prove that Volkswagen is serious about reducing car traffic and carbon emissions, and they could hit the market within the next few years. An increasing number of people around the world want to reduce their carbon footprint and find more efficient ways to get around, especially in cities. These “micromobiles” give everyone the opportunity to do just that, and it would be far cheaper in the long run because the vehicles would be less expensive than a car and would not require gas.

It’s just a matter of charging up the battery. This would revolutionize travel in cities, and Volkswagen is counting on it.

Featured Image: Volkswagen Group

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