Volkswagen rises again by making electric cars even more eco-friendly

“In the darkness, we found the light.” That’s the new tagline in the latest Volkswagen commercial advertising the automaker’s brand new I.D. series based on the iconic van line popular among hippies in the 1970s. Only this vehicle is electric and more eco-friendly than ever before.

Volkswagen sure did go through a dark time recently when it got caught cheating on emissions tests, not exactly something any car company that professes to be environmentally conscious should be proud of.

Rather than giving up, however, the company decided to work hard and revolutionize the auto industry, not just by the cars they manufacture, but also by how they manufacture them.

According to a report by Inverse:

“The announcement is a welcome shift for the firm, which just four years ago was found cheating on emissions tests and hit with $15 billion in fines. With the upcoming ID, the company plans to produce battery cells in Europe using clean energy, while exploring ways to use renewable sources in raw material production. The Zwickau production facility in Germany, which will produce the ID, also uses entirely clean energy. Volkswagen expects its new strategy to reduce carbon dioxide by one million tons per year, equivalent to a coal plant that serves 300,000 households — assuming the buyer charges the car from sustainable sources. Thomas Ulbrich, head of e-mobility at Volkswagen, described the car as “the Group’s first climate-neutrally produced electric car,” adding that “truly sustainable mobility is feasible if we all want it and we all work on it.”

This should serve as a model for all automakers around the world as climate change continues to get worse.

Volkswagen is even advertising their electric cars, which is something no other automaker is doing according to Clean Technica.

“For the first time ever in America, a car company is spending advertising dollars to promote electric vehicles in a big way on national television,” the website noted.

In a statement, Volkswagen of America CEO Scott Keogh promised accountability and made it clear that the company is going to endeavor to win back our trust.

“This campaign is for all of those we disappointed, all of those who stayed with us, those who worked like crazy to keep us moving forward and for all of those who stopped caring,” he said. “We have a responsibility to do better, to be greater and we intend to shoulder that responsibility.”

The Volkswagen website even busts 12 common myths about electric vehicles.

For instance, on whether electric cars are less affordable than conventional vehicles:

“An electric car can be as cheap as an equivalent diesel car,” the website explains, going on to point out that the cost of the battery alone has dropped 80 percent in the last ten years.

Electric cars also secure more jobs in our changing world and have a longer range and shorter charge time, as well as having a much smaller carbon footprint than any standard vehicle driven today.

If the United States would start building as many charge stations comparable to the 17,400 currently operating in Germany, more Americans would have the ability to switch to an electric car that is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

What Volkswagen is doing is revolutionary, especially in the United States as the current administration coddles the oil industry and tries to kill current emissions standards.

The company truly did find the light. Other automakers need to find it, too.

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