20 Ways to Go Green and Be More Environmentally-Friendly in 2018

New Year’s resolutions should not be only about yourself. You should also consider doing something for the community you live, taking proper care of the environment that surrounds you. Hence, if you want to help the planet, you should find more ways to go green. You play an important role in keeping the environment safe and clean. In what follows, we will provide you a list of ideas that could help you become more environmentally-friendly this year.

Ways to go green

Change the light bulbs

You have no idea how great the impact will be if you decide to change a single light bulb with a fluorescent one. It is clear that your energy consumption will not be the same.

Turn your computer off at night

Even if you try to trick yourself that your computer is in energy mode, it still consumes a lot of energy. You should consider shutting it down during the night to have decreased energy consumption.


Everyone rinses dishes before they put them in the dishwasher. If you would directly put the dishes there, you will save up on more water. Stop wasting so much water! In case you do not own a dishwasher, you should first apply soap and scrub all the dishes in your sink and then rinse them all in the end.


Everyone has a drawer full of bags in their home. Why collecting them and continue buying more when you can just reuse what you have? Consider taking a bag with you every time you go outside, and you plan to go to the store. In this way, you will reduce the use of plastic. Plastic is an extremely dangerous material for the environment.

Hang your clothes

Instead of using your clothes dryer and wasting a lot of energy, you could simply hang dry your clothes. Even if it takes longer for them to dry, you will at least save up on energy.


Do not throw away the jars of pickles you buy after they are empty. Wash them and reuse them because you will surely find them helpful in certain situations. Furthermore, you should also consider reducing the use of packaged food items. Also, you could reuse scrap paper.

Fix the faucets in your house

By fixing a leaking faucet, you will no longer wastewater. First, you need to check all the sinks and toilets in your house to see if they are leaking. In case you do not know how to fix leaking faucets, you should call a plumber to help you. Even if you have a small leakage, you should know that it could cause a great amount of wastage of water.

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Green power

Check with your utility company to see whether they have a green-power program. Furthermore, you could also conduct an energy audit in your house to replace electrical appliances with energy efficient ones. In this way, your energy bill will no longer be so costly.

When washing your clothes…

Make sure you use either warm water or cold water. In case you use hot water, you should know that your washing machine will take longer to fill. Hence, it will consume more energy and also more water.

Water cleaning system

Stop buying numerous bottles of water! Keep in mind that plastic is a dangerous material for the environment. Instead, you should consider installing a water cleaning system on your sink. In this way, you will avoid having a pile of plastic bottles in your house and no place to recycle them.

Three house made out of grass

Shower time

Consider reducing the shower time or, at least, avoid letting the water running while you shampoo your hair. Furthermore, avoid taking a bath since that will mean wasting a tub-full of water.

Plant trees

By planting only one tree, this will have a serious impact on the environment. The deforestation process decreases the amount of oxygen in the air and increases the amount of carbon dioxide. When you plant more trees, they will absorb the dangerous carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, diminishing pollution.

Recycle cell phones

It is important to avoid throwing away cell phones after you buy a new one. You should recycle them in order to give them life again.

Public transportation

Avoid using your car to go to work or the grocery store every day. It is better if you use public transportation. This is an environmentally-friendly solution. In this way, you will diminish the amount of pollution, and you will also avoid being stuck in traffic for hours on end.

Online bills

Instead of having printed bills, choose to pay all your bills online. Besides the fact that this will save a lot of time, you will also avoid wasting paper.

Shop eco-friendly

Try to replace all the products you usually purchase for your household with eco-friendly ones. In this way, you will benefit the environment.

Unplug electronics

When you go out, consider unplugging all your electronics. Even if they are just there plugged, without being used, electricity still travels through them. Consider unplugging them to save more energy. Furthermore, you will also be able to avoid an accident with your electrical outlets while you are away in case an electrical fault occurs.

Rainwater harvesting

Consider harvesting rainwater in order to reduce the amount of water you use around the house. In this way, you will be able to wash your car with the rainwater you have accumulated. Furthermore, you could use that water to water your garden and lawn.

The use of paper

You should reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. Furthermore, you should also consider recycling it or reusing it.

Organic food

Try out some organic recipes you will finally have a healthy lifestyle. Buy organic food and cook new green recipes every day. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market. Besides the fact that they are tastier, you will also be able to reduce the use of plastics, paper and shipping materials.

Summing up

All these ways to go green can help you reduce the amount of water, paper, and energy you use. Make sure you switch from using regular appliances to energy-efficient ones. Try to recycle more and reuse all the recipients you have around your home instead of just throwing them away. Use public transportation to avoid contributing to the high level of pollution and try to have a healthy diet. Protect the planet to be able to live in a healthier environment.

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