5 Ways To Use Wind Power in Your Home: Sustainable and Disaster-Proof

In terms of renewable energy, wind power is one of the best sources to turn to for electricity. However, it’s not just for industrial use. You can utilize wind power in your own home, which lowers your carbon footprint and your utility bills. Not to mention helps you prepare for disasters.

The ways that you can use wind power may surprise you — it’s not cut and dry. And advancing technology continues to offer new ways to use renewable energy.

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5 Ways to Use Wind Power Daily

DIY wind turbine with PVC vanes

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Because wind is a renewable resource, you can use as much wind energy as you want. The only limitation on wind power comes from your geographical location. Just like solar energy, some areas are better than others for this kind of resource.

People have harnessed the power of the wind for centuries, from sailing to grinding grain. Thanks to today’s technology, you can use wind power for much more.

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1. Become self-sustaining

If you want to dive head-first into renewable energy, you can use wind power to become completely self-sustaining. That allows you to go off the grid and not rely on the city to provide your electricity.

However, it takes quite a bit of preparation and money to accomplish.

For one, you have to live in an area that has a high enough annual wind speed. You will also have to live in a rural area to avoid any windbreaks and zoning restrictions. Once you meet the qualifications, you can generate clean energy on your own because wind turbines require minimal maintenance.

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2. Pair with another renewable energy source

two solar panels on a roof on a sunny day


It’s not very common to find someone who goes completely off-grid. However, pairing wind power with another renewable energy source is much more prevalent. Most people that use multiple energy sources tend to pair solar and wind energy together.

That’s because both solar and wind power fluctuate and are never constant. Having both allows you to generate electricity at different times because the wind tends to be stronger when there is less sunlight (think of when a storm blows in, for example).

Not only does investing in renewable energy reduce your bills each month, but it also provides clean energy with zero guilt.

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3. Lower utilities

Even if clean energy is not a big motivator for you to invest in wind energy, having cheaper bills most likely is. If you want to offset your electric bill, you will need to figure out which kind of turbine will be the most beneficial to you. The best way to utilize wind energy in your home will come down to what your city allows.

The average household uses 10,932 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, which amounts to about 911 per month. It would take a high-watt turbine to make a significant dent in this energy usage, but a 1.5-kilowatt wind turbine can cover about 300 kilowatt-hours a month in an area that averages 14 mph winds each year.

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4. Old-school pumps

Just because people used the wind to pump water and grind grain back in the day, doesn’t mean that you can’t still do it now. In fact, that’s especially useful for those that live on a farm or use well water.

Thankfully, modern wind-powered water pumps are more sophisticated and efficient. The wind powers a pump rod in the well that then moves up and down. That moves the water through the pipes and gets it ready for your everyday use.

Just make sure you invest in one that works well because some models are not as up to speed technologically.

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5. Charge batteries

You can also use this source of renewable energy to charge a variety of batteries. Besides, it’s a great idea to have your turbine charge a battery that you can use when there isn’t any wind. That allows you to benefit from the wind at all times.

You can use wind power to charge an electric lawnmower battery, a small boat motor, or even an electric scooter battery. If you want to get into some newer tech, some companies have also created miniature wind turbines that can charge your phone or laptop computer.

Even though smaller turbines can’t make a considerable dent in your power usage, it can help you become energy efficient in small ways.

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Renewable Energy Is More Versatile than You Thought

Thanks to modern technology, there’s so much that you can do with renewable energy. You can use wind power to cover all your electrical use at home, whether you need it for farming or domestic use. You can even use the wind to charge your electronic devices.

As technology advances, there is sure to be even more that you can do with the power of the wind. Besides, it’s a clean energy source that allows you to care for yourself and the environment.

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