Wine Bottle Art – Fun Decor Ideas for You to Make

Whether you are a big wine drinker or just collect stuff to fill your artsy-fartsy lifestyle, wine bottle art has been a big thing for a while now. You can find this kind of art in any art shop, hipster cafe, thrifty local business and a lot of other places. The reason wine bottle art is so popular is partly because the end result looks pretty cool and there is a lot you can do, but also because its fairly simple to do. It can be as easy as empty wine bottle ideas DIY with paint and putting flowers in it, or as in depth as remolding it to a desired shape. Whatever your skill level in arts and crafts may be, here are a bunch of awesome ideas and some information you may find useful. 

Benefits of Wine Bottle Art

Good for the Environment

Reusing old wine bottles is incredible for the environment. The benefits of wine bottle art are pretty much the same as recycling wine bottles. Minus the fact that the recycled glass can not be reused for new products, of course. During my research I also found that there are many benefits to drinking that wine before making the bottle into something cool, so there's that also. 

Saves the Landfills

By reusing wine bottles and making them into awesome creative pieces, you are saving those bottles from ending up in landfills. Glass can take years and years to breakdown in a landfill. During that time it is just taking up space and further polluting our planet. In addition, glass is not biodegradable. This means to effectively get rid of it, it needs to be burned and melted down, which increases the amount of carbon emissions that are released in our atmosphere. 

Cheaper and Helps Local Busineses

There are also many social and economic benefits to wine bottle art. Not only is making your own wine bottle art cheaper than going out and buying new products, but if you plan on wine bottle decor, that can help promote whatever local business you are buying from. Plus those decor items are typically still cheaper than buying brand new items. Not to mention you are also supporting the artisanal work of those craftsmen as well. Also if you are looking for a place to support artisans and buy inexpensive wine bottle art, Etsy is an amazing resource to use!

Allows for Creativity

Lastly, wine bottle art has it's advantages for you personally. Making this kind of decor yourself is a great way to use your creative powers and even improve your skills. Also, making these with someone else like your kids or partner is a great bonding experience. Plus, you'll be left with a one of a kind product that only you have, and that is just awesome. 

wine bottle art

DIY Wine Bottle Art

If you are the creative type and have the means to work do this kind of thing, there are countless ideas of how to use old wine bottles. You can do the easy thing and use them as vases, or go as far as making a table using the bottles as supports. Here are some fun DIY wine bottle decor ideas and tutorials on how do reuse wine bottles and turn them into home decor. 

Bottle Chandelier



Clean the Bottles

Collect an assortment of discarded wine bottles ranging in different heights and colors. Remove labels using utility knife and damp cloth. Once most residue is gone, rinse bottles in sink with running water. NOTE: Some labels are more difficult to remove than others. If labels won’t come loose quickly, consider soaking them in water until the paper and glue soften.



Score Bottles

Place each wine bottle upright on a flat, even surface. Use glass cutting tool to score the perimeter of the bottle, approximately 1/2” up from the bottom. Once completely scored, knock bottom of bottle loose using hammer. The hammer should create a clean break, causing the bottom to drop off in one piece. NOTE: The bottoms of the bottles are removed so that the sockets and light bulbs can be placed inside.



Add Wire to Sockets

Cut lamp wire with wire cutters into 16” strands which should account for the proper span needed between the socket and the junction box which each socket will be screwed into. Attach each end of the wire to the corresponding positive or negative screw located inside each socket using screwdriver. Repeat this step for all wine bottles.



Ensure Proper Socket Fitting

Insert light bulb into socket and ensure a level fit by placing sockets up inside of each of the bottles. Repeat this step for all wine bottles.



Cut Wood Plank to Size

Depending on the desired length of your wine bottle chandelier, cut the plank of 2” by 8' pine to size using reciprocating saw or circular saw. NOTE: The remaining portion of wood will be used to create a ceiling canopy which should be at least 24” long. If your wine bottle chandelier is intended to be 6 feet long or smaller, the remaining pine will be sufficient enough to make the canopy.



Stain the Plank

Use damp cloth to add two even coats of self-sealing wood stain to 2” x 10’ pine plank.



Drill Holes for the Bottles

Using drill and 1” paddle bit, add holes directly through the pine plank spaced approximately 8 inches apart.



Test Fit

With the bottle-holding plank placed along a flat, level surface, place wine bottles upside down into drilled holes to ensure a tight, secure fit.



Add and Conceal Junction Box

Attach shallow square plastic junction box along the center of the top of bottle-holding plank using drill. Create a fascia to hide the junction box from view by making a four-sided frame using 1” by 2” pine fascia trim, miter saw and wood screws. Place fascia around junction box and test all socket wires for proper length. NOTE: To electrify the chandelier, lamp wires from all wine bottles will connect together in the junction box, then be transferred to the ceiling through one central grounded wire permanently affixed to the main junction box of the ceiling.



Create the Ceiling Canopy Piece

A ceiling canopy will be attached directly to the surface of the ceiling and be used to suspend chain which will hold the bottle-holding plank. Create the ceiling canopy from the remaining 2” x 8’ pine, first by staining it with two coats of the self-sealing wood stain. Next, use drill to add two central holes into the canopy spaced wide enough for securing the canopy tightly to the ceiling-mounted junction box. Add a third hole roughly 1 inch from the other two, wide enough to feed lamp wire up through the wood plank and into the ceiling-mounted junction box.



Add Hanging Hardware

Attach six hook eyes to the wood plank for securing each strand of chain. When all hook eyes are in position, do a dry run by attaching the ceiling canopy to the ceiling with screws up through the holes and into the junction box. Attach chain to hook eyes, then cut chain to proper length using bolt cutters.



Suspend Bottle-Holding Plank

Suspend bottle-holding plank from ceiling canopy with chain. Use caulk gun to add silicone along surface of drilled holes. Next, insert wine bottles up into holes until securely and snugly in place, then insert sockets up through the wine bottles and through drilled holes of plank.



Feed Wires to Junction Box

Feed each socket’s wires up through the holes and into the central junction box. Lastly, with the help of a friend, remove screws from canopy, then insert grounded wire from the bottle-holding plank’s junction box up through the small, drilled hole of the canopy and into the junction box of the ceiling. Re-attach canopy, then turn on light switch to test chandelier.

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Citronella Wine Bottle Candle


  • Glass bottles (almost any glass bottle will work, just be sure it’s not too thin)
  • 1/2-inch replacement torch wicks
  • 1/2-inch x 3/8-inch copper coupling with stop
  • 1/2-inch copper tube cap
  • 1/2-inch teflon tape
  • 1-2 bags of marbles (I found mine at the dollar store!)
  • Tiki fuel
  • 1/2-inch funnel (optional, but it sure helps!)


Place 1-2 bags of marbles in the bottom of your wine bottle. Small rocks work well too, just be sure you put something in the bottom of your bottle to keep the wick from falling through.

amp_citronella_IMG_9153Wrap the 1/2-inch (wider) end of your coupling with teflon tape so it will fit snuggly into the mouth of the bottle.

amp_citronella_IMG_9155The idea is to wrap just a bit more than you’ll need so you can press it down into place after you fill the bottle with torch fluid. Set the wrapped coupling in place but don’t press down firmly just yet.

amp_citronella_IMG_9157Remove the wrapped coupling and slide the replacement wick through, leave about 1/2″ of the wick sticking out of the top to light.

amp_citronella_amp_IMG_9161Place your funnel in the mouth of the bottle and carefully add your torch fluid. You don’t need a funnel for this step, but it drastically reduces the amount of torch fluid that spills on the outside of your bottle -and that is a major plus in my book! Be sure not to fill the bottle all the way full so that when you place the wick in it won’t overflow.


Add your wick and press in on the teflon tape so the coupling makes a tight fit.

amp_citronella_IMG_9163Keep the copper cap on when the torch is not in use so the wick stays dry. Enjoy a mosquito free evening! Just be sure to keep your glass of wine a safe distance away from your new candle.

(Idea from

wine bottle art

Other Ideas

Of course there are countless other ideas that you try out as well. There is a really cool one that turns a wine bottle into a hummingbird feeder by securing the bottle with wire and adding a nozzle to the end with a dish that slowly feeds out the sugar water. A similar idea that requires you to cut off the bottom of the feeder or at least put holes at the bottom and fill the rest with bird seed. Another one, and probably the most popular option that uses Christmas string lights and places them inside the wine bottle, leaving you with a really cool lighting option. You can make wine bottles into lamps, candle holders, wind chimes, self feeding plant holder, and so so many more. 

The only limit to what you can craft using wine bottles is your own imagination and creativity. Whether you are doing a wine bottle project with your significant other or a friend, or even just by yourself,  these wine bottle craft ideas are a great experience. 


Wine bottle art is a great project for anyone to try their hand at. Whether you just want to have fun painting a wine bottle the way you see fit or if you want to get really into it and try a more advanced idea, you will have a blast doing it. If you try any of these ideas or even create your own, please send us your pictures in the comments below! 

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about how to stay green, check out what the rest of Green and Growing has to offer. You may end up learning something new while you're at it. 

Image Source: Craft Cue

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