Woolzies, the Original Highest Quality Wool Dryer Balls Review

Chemical-free laundry is not only an ongoing trend, but it is also great for your health and the environment. The chemicals in dryer sheets and fabric softeners build up on your clothes, which then come in contact with your skin. This can cause rashes and a handful of other health problems. On top of that, those chemicals also enter the atmosphere from your dryer vent and contribute to your city’s pollution. It is because of what these chemicals do that the trend even started. In order to start eliminating chemicals from your laundry, you will need a set of dryer balls. The brand we will be looking at today is Woolzies, one of the number one dryer ball companies in the United States.

Best Fea​tures

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    Lasts for 1,000 loads
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    100 percent pure New Zealand wool
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    Reduces drying time by 25 percent

Initial Thoughts

Woolzies wool dryer balls appear to have several great aspects to them. For starters, they consist of wool, which is the best material you can use in dryer balls because they produce the best results. They also come in recyclable packaging that does not have many pieces to it. This is a nice touch that shows how much the company wants to be environmentally friendly. This product currently has a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon, which comes from over 1,600 customer reviews. With this number alone, it is clear that most people have great things to say about it. Let’s take a closer look.


As previously stated, these are wool dryer balls. This kind is even better than the plastic variety because they do a better job of preventing static cling in your fabrics. Plastic is good at bouncing around and fluffing the fabric, but it will not do as well with static. Wool balls absorb some of the moisture from your clothes and radiate it back into the dryer. This provides a warm, humid environment, and you can only create static if the air is dry. If you have been wondering what the difference between wool dryer balls and plastic dryer balls is, static is the answer. This is why you should go for wool.

Woolzies dryer balls consist of New Zealand wool, which is impressive in its own right. The reason why New Zealand wool is so sought after is because it is one of the highest quality wools on the market. They produce a blend of wool that is known not only for its softness but also for its durability. It is important to use high quality wool, especially in your dryer balls, because it helps them perform the job better.


There is so much more that dryer balls can do for you, the biggest one being that you can save more money. People tend to think that chemical-free and natural products are more expensive, but this is mostly only true if you compare one price tag to another. Woolzies dryer balls are definitely more expensive than a package of dryer sheets, but the difference is how long they last. Most people use dryer sheets once and then throw them away. With Woolzies, their dryer balls last for over 1,000 loads, so you get to reuse them for years. With dryer sheets, you will be buying a new box every few months.

Woolzies dryer balls will also save you money on your electric bill. Dryer balls help the hot air in your dryer circulate through each article of clothing, which helps them to dry faster. Woolzies claims that their product will help you cut down your normal drying time by at least 25 percent! This means that you will run your dryer less than you usually do. This leads to consuming less energy, which means a smaller electric bill. Other than the fact that they do not use chemicals, using less energy also shows that these are eco-friendly dryer balls.

The Product

Woolzies come in a set of six extra large dryer balls. They are $25.99 on the Woolzies website, but you can buy them on Amazon for only $16.95. They come in environmentally friendly packaging, which only consists of a cardboard box. If you really wanted to, you could just add the packaging to your compost pile and use it to fertilize your garden next year. This is the same for the dryer balls. Wool is biodegradable, so you can also add them to your compost pile after they wear out after a few years.

Did we also mention that these dryer balls are hypoallergenic? It would not be worth ditching the chemicals for a product that still irritates your skin. This product contains only wool, so it eliminates any other irritants for your skin. Even customers who experience skin irritation from wool do not experience any irritation from wool dryer balls. In fact, these kinds of products are gentle enough to use when drying clothes and diapers for small children and infants.

About This Company

Woolzies is a small, family owned and operated company based in southern New York. Woolzies mission is “to provide essential household products which are made naturally and responsibly, without sacrificing quality, safety or integrity.” Kathy, a mother of five children, established the company in 2011 after being frustrated with the number of chemicals in her everyday household products. Even the ones labeled “natural” still contained harmful chemicals. She started by making her own fabric softener, then moved on to other household products.

Since then, Woolzies dryer balls have become some of the most popular and most loved laundry balls on the market. This company makes each of the products—not just the ones for the dryer—with their customers and the environment in mind. They want to help you smile and know that your children are safe and that you are contributing to helping the environment.


There are so many great things to talk about when it comes to these dryer balls. For one, they last for 1,000 loads of laundry, which means one set will last for years before you need to replace them. Some customers even state that theirs have gone well over a thousand loads. This is mostly due to the fact that these consist of felted wool. It is even better that these dryer balls use 100 percent pure New Zealand wool, which is one of the softest and most durable kinds of wool on the market.

These dryer balls also help you to save money in the long run. Not only do you only have to buy a set every few years, but they also can help you lower your electric bill. They do this by rolling around in your dryer, separating the fabrics and helping the air to circulate better. In the process, they also make your clothes fluffy, soft, and static-free.


The most common complaint from the small handful of dissatisfied customers is in regards to shedding. These customers said that the wool was leaving fibers all over their clothes that are difficult to remove. Some customers said it helped reduce the number of loose fibers by pulling off the fuzz after each use. You can also try to felt the dryer balls again to get them to stick back together again. (Learn how to do this here.)

Some of the other complaints refer to shipping errors when they received their package in the mail. No one has talked about the return process, so if you have experience with it, let us know so we can share. If you really want to avoid any potential shipping errors, you can also find Woolzies products in a handful of stores like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Woolzies dryer balls are a hit for us, so we have added them to our list of the best dryer balls on the market. You can get a set of six extra large wool dryer balls for $16.95 on Amazon. If you decide to try these out, let us know how they worked for you! Dryer balls are a great way to remove chemicals from your laundry and protect yourself and the environment. Even the packaging helps you to know that this company wants to be environmentally friendly.

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  • plus
    Reduces drying time by 25 percent
  • plus
    100 percent pure New Zealand wool
  • plus
    Lasts for 1,000 loads


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    May shed wool fibers 

Woolzies, the Original Highest Quality Wool Dryer Balls Conclusion

We encourage everyone to give dryer balls a try, whether you like the Woolzies brand or a different brand. They not only keep harsh chemicals away from your skin and out of the air, but they also help you save money. Who doesn’t want that? On top of all of this, wool dryer balls are also great for the environment. They are long-lasting, biodegradable, and an overall great buy. If you want to see what other dryer balls make our list of the best dryer balls, it is linked at the bottom of this page.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Woolzies, the Original Highest Quality Wool Dryer Balls.

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    How long do the Woolzies dryer balls last? They will last for 1,000 loads, but many customers have had them even longer.
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    How many extra large dryer balls should I use per load? It will vary from person to person. Some recommend using three for normal-sized loads and the full six for extra large loads. A good rule of thumb is that the more dryer balls you use, the faster your clothes will dry.

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