7 Tips to Increase Your Fuel Economy

At the beginning of the month, the Trump administration deemed Obama-era fuel economy standards too strict and announced plans to weaken them in the future. This disregard for better fuel efficiency and emissions will likely slow the current progress of eco-friendly technological advances in vehicles. The push for hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles will decrease. We can still make a difference though. Here are seven tips to implement to keep our air cleaner and make the most of your gasoline when you drive.

1. Be Nice to Your Gas Pedal and Brakes

We don’t have to drive like we own a racecar. Peeling out at an intersection and waiting to brake until the last possible moment will quickly lower your miles per gallon (MPG). This means that you will spend more money on gasoline in the long run because your vehicle is not performing to the best of its abilities. Your MPG will also decrease if you tailgate other drivers and are constantly alternating between the gas and brake pedals. Be nice to your car and those around you by not speeding and adjusting your speed at a moderate rate.

2. Combine Trips

If you have multiple places to go, combine them into one trip to save gasoline and prevent more emissions in your city. You can also carpool with coworkers and friends to your destination to keep an excessive amount of drivers off the road (this helps with traffic too!).

3. Regulate Air Conditioning Usage

Using the air conditioner at the wrong time can affect your fuel economy. Odds are, if you are driving around town, your best bet is to turn off the AC and roll your windows down. However, if you are driving on a highway, it’s better to keep your windows up and AC on because the air coming in through the windows will cause additional drag on the vehicle.

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4. Use Cruise Control

For those who have an automatic transmission, cruise control should be your best friend, especially if you are a commuter. Cruise control will help you keep a consistent speed and reduce fuel consumption. Some vehicles also come equipped with an Eco mode, which will limit how fast you can accelerate to increase fuel economy.

5. Do Not Idle

Idling lowers your MPG and needlessly emits toxic gases and pollutants into the air. If you are going to be sitting for a while, just shut off the vehicle. Also, cars today don’t have to wait to warm up anymore, so you no longer have to wait to drive in colder weather.

6. Reduce Weight

You don’t need to carry around unnecessary items in your vehicle, so remove those you don’t need from your trunk and backseat to lower the weight your vehicle has to carry. Even the racks and equipment on top of your vehicle can add not only weight but drag because there is more that has to cut through the air. If you don’t need to be carrying them around, remove them.

7. Keep up with Regular Maintenance

You also cut back the number of pollutants your vehicle emits by keeping up with its regular maintenance. To make sure your car performs to the best of its ability, replace the air filter, fill the tires, clean the fuel injectors, and use your make and model’s recommended octane fuel.

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