ArtNaturals Essential Body and Foot Wash Review

Many body washes are tough on skin and use ingredients that can be harmful to the environment. Looking for a body wash that is mindful of the environment and your personal health is a hard task. With ArtNaturals they are a completely environmentally friendly company. Therefore they use only natural and sustainable ingredients in their product. With a long list of health properties in their body wash it is one of the best natural body washes on the market. After this review hopefully you will be able to know if ArtNaturals Essential Body Wash is the new body wash for you.

Best Fea​tures

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    99.3 percent natural
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    Fair-trade organic ingredients
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    Great for all skin types

Initial Thoughts

At the start of looking into the ArtNaturals body wash I was expecting just another body wash. There are plenty of them out there and all of them seem to be just about the same with maybe one or two ingredients separating them. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that this body wash was not only cruelty-free and used natural products, which is what you would hope to see in a natural body wash, but it is completely vegan as well. With 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon it is popular with customers, it's obvious that people seem to like it.


ArtNaturals has plenty to brag about with the different ingredients it uses, along with this it also can brag about what its product doesn't have. This body wash is certified vegan, uses organic ingredients, and is sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free. This basically means that this body wash is free from all the skin and hair damaging chemicals that are present in most body washes. One of the focuses of ArtNaturals is use of natural oils that are beneficial for overall health and wellbeing, not just for skin and hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is know for many different qualities. It is known for stimulating healthy hair and skin growth, it has healing properties, and is known to be a great anti-fungal agent. Tea tree has been used as an anti-bacterial ointment in some parts of the world for many years. Along with this it is also known to be good in helping with acne, this is especially helpful for those who struggle with acne in more difficult to reach places such as the back. With a scrubbing brush in hand you are able to reach and have a helpful solution to troublesome acne.


ArtNaturals decided to use this special oil that comes from another wonder plant serving many of the same purposes as the tea tree. With eucalyptus oil it works great as a cleansing and purifying agent for the skin. Alongside being a great cleanser for skin it also works wonders in relieving muscle and nerve pain. It has analgesic and antineuralgic qualities, this just means that it works as a pain reliever, that help to soothe strains and other minor injuries. This is a great addition to this amazing body wash.

Aloe Vera

Many know aloe vera to be a reliever of burns, which it is. There are many different qualities that this plant derived product has however. It has been shown that this plant can aid in skin health and preventing wrinkles. It does this through stimulating collagen production and also improves the elasticity of the skin.

Coconut Oil

Lastly, coconut oil is a more commonly used oil. It can be used for cooking and is know to help lower cholesterol. It is also a great moisturizing agent, ArtNaturals uses this in their natural body wash to keep the skin moisturized. The oil prevents the skin from getting overly dry and adds a pleasant aroma as well.


All of the ingredients in ArtNaturals Essential Body Wash are natural and organic. This is great as it provides many benefits to the skin and keeps it from getting damaged with nasty chemicals. As a natural body wash it is meant to stimulate, soothe, and deodorize the skin along with being a great antiseptic and anti-fungal. At ArtNaturals they look to provide with an affordable and eco-friendly option that will not leave you high and dry. It moisturizes very well and is great for all skin types from oily to dry to sensitive.

The Product

ArtNaturals currently has a 4.3 stars out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with nearly 1,900 reviews. It only comes in one size at 12 fluid ounces. It has many different health benefits and is great at preventing or aiding in curing many different problems that one might have. Some these include athlete's foot, jock itch, or other types of ailments that damage or irritate the skin. At $18.00 it is a little bit on the pricier side for 12 ounces. It is a vegan product and the company has a strict cruelty free policy. Cruelty free means that none of their product is tested on animals. It is an environmentally friendly product and one that you can feel comfortable in buying.

About This Company

The goal that ArtNaturals has set out to achieve is to "...offer high-quality items at an affordable price to enhance the well-being of our customers - beauty and nature lovers alike." (from ArtNaturals home page.) They aim to make products that are health conscious and good for your hair, skin, body, mind, and spirit. As a company that uses pure products from nature they practice safe and sustainable harvesting methods. Only the best quality is used at ArtNaturals to give us a different kind of experience than from anything else.


Many different customers reported that it has a pleasant smell that is not overpowering and is long lasting. It kept most from stinking of body odor throughout the day. It also is great for your skin and does not irritate according to most. There were even some reviews on Amazon that reported in it helping to clear up some acne and soothe psoriasis symptoms. 

Only high quality ingredients are use by ArtNaturals and ensure that you will receive a high quality product. They don't use parabens or phthalates meaning that the customer can be confident that they are not using harmful chemicals on their body.


Some customers reported that the body wash did not do much to keep their body odor in check. Even after scrubbing well they said the odor was back in a matter of two to three hours. There were also reviews that stated that the aroma of the body wash was very unpleasant. 

Final Thoughts:

All in all this is a terrific natural body wash. ArtNaturals Essential Body Wash is a smashing hit with its customers and provides a high quality, eco-friendly product. Ingredients used in this are full of many different health benefits, therefore you will come out with healthier skin than before you used it. There aren't worries of using damaging chemicals on your skin or of the company testing on innocent animals. I like this product and would recommend it to a friend.

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  • plus
    Completely vegan product
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    All natural ingredients
  • plus
    Good on all skin types


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    Doesn't last all day long

ArtNaturals Essential Body and Foot Wash Conclusion

There are many ways to care for the environment and one of those is being responsible in how and who we buy from. ArtNaturals has shown themselves to be an environmentally friendly company that the customer can be confident in. Along with this they have created a great product that is healthy for your skin and whole body. ArtNaturals Essential Body Wash is a quality product that should be a consideration for anyone looking for a natural body wash. If you are interested in using this body wash take a look at it on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying ArtNaturals Essential Body Wash.

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    How big is the bottle? The bottle is 12 fluid oz.
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    Is this an all natural body wash? This is an all natural body wash that is certified vegan.

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