8 Benefits of Driving the Eco Friendly Cars of 2017

Green or eco friendly cars refer to those vehicles able to deliver high mileage with the help of hybrid and electric technology. Seeing as the number of cars on our roads is growing exponentially, each one of us is responsible for making an effort to reduce the humanity’s carbon footprint. You may not be particularly attracted to driving a green car, but today we aim to change your mind by showing you some of the benefits associated with driving your own hybrid car.

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Firstly, you must keep in mind all the environmental advantages. They include less fuel consumption and reduced emissions compared with many traditional gasoline-powered cars.  However, there’s more to hybrid cars than just their ecological prowess. They also bring a host of financial bonuses, as well as a few surprising advantages in terms of performance. Read on to find 8 benefits of eco friendly cars and tell us which might convince you to consider investing in an electric vehicle.

1. Reduced Fuel Costs

We start with this point because it’s the most obvious and most-praised benefit of owning a hybrid car. A battery-assisted vehicle can definitely save you money at the fuel pump. Many buyers interested in electric cars are attracted to the flashy fuel mileage numbers boasted by the Toyota Prius and other similar. Who wouldn’t want to crest 50-mpg? These cars are especially useful for those with a long commute, thanks to their ability to drastically reduce the money spent on monthly fuel bill. A hybrid car is also an effective means of transportation in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

2. Fewer Emissions

Traditional vehicles contribute to climate change with their high amounts of toxic emissions. The effects on the environment can be devastating. In addition to reducing the number of vehicles on the road, we should also focus on vehicles that use less fuel. Vehicles that consume less fuel for the same distances will emit fewer toxic substances into the air. Meanwhile, improving gas mileage is also a great way to decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide.

By comparison, hybrid cars keep the air much cleaner, making a difference particularly in massive urban areas. Here, gridlock often generates smog from the aggregation of atmospheric pollutants. In some states, hybrid cars are so praised for their ‘clean’ tailpipes that owners don’t even have to perform yearly emissions testing. In turn, this saves the drivers hassle, money, and time.

3. Excellent Return on Investment

Although purchasing an eco-vehicle comes with higher initial investment than a conventional car, there are benefits, too. The return on investment is almost instant. Various costs – including fuel, maintenance, and insurance – drastically plummet. In the end, you save a lot of money. Responsible driving and proper care will also take you far. Fortunately, electric cars are designed in such a way that the engine experiences minimal impact.

In addition, there are often additional incentives at the state level. You may receive discounts on vehicle registration and taxes, as well as benefit of extra income tax rebates. All of these add to yet another financial benefit of investing in a hybrid car. While these incentives vary, we recommend you check your area’s position on hybrids before you decide to purchase an electric vehicle.

4. No Idling

All cities display signs warning you about ‘no-idling’ zones, and for good reason. Idle cars are not just wasting fuel; they’re also contributing to the pollution and smog that we just mentioned. Hybrids win again, given that they almost never idle their gasoline engines. Once the car has come to a stop, the internal combustion motor instantly shuts down. This way, the vehicle avoids emissions and conserves fuel. The car’s battery usually takes over, powering the seat heaters, the radio, and the climate systems, until the vehicle moves again to reignite the gas engine. Less pollution and more efficiency – what else could hybrid owners wish for?

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5. Driving in the HOV Lane

Carpooling is a great way to reduce commuting stress, save fuel, and take cars off of the road. How many times have you gazed longingly at the fairly empty high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane as you were sitting in a jam? One of the additional benefits of driving a hybrid car is that you may receive access to the HOV lane even if you’re the only one riding. The idea behind this perk is that hybrid cars deserve to drive on the HOV lane because of their low tailpipe emissions.

6. Learning More Eco-friendly Driving Habits

Most of us wouldn’t claim to be professional drivers. That’s why we often develop driving habits that make us use a bit more fuel than necessary. Meanwhile, most hybrid cars provide owners with a basic ‘driving tutor’ system, which compensates drivers for taking it easy on the throttle and the brakes. Simply squeezing the gas and jamming on the brakes at each stoplight is hurting the environment deeply. Re-evaluate some driving habits to make your trips more efficient. Then, you can use the same skills to any other vehicle you will pilot – electric or not.

7. Technological Innovations

Thanks to technological advancements, more and more cars can recharge their batteries while they are on the road. In other parts of the world, there are initiatives to redesign roads so as to accommodate the requirements of hybrid vehicles. This kind of innovations prove the future of eco-friendly driving holds even more surprises. They also encourage drivers to invest in green cars for the hope of a greener planet. As you enjoy the financial and technological advantages of an eco-car, you can also demonstrate you are committed to protect the environment. Eco-vehicles come with benefits to their owners as well as the planet.

8. High Resale Value

If you’ve been shopping for a used hybrid car, you might have noticed these vehicles hold their value much better than their gas-only counterparts. There are a few reasons why. Hybrid cars are typically sold in smaller batches, making them rarer than gasoline models. This means you’re going to have a harder time finding a used edition in any given area. Electric vehicles also benefit of a higher standard of equipment. Lastly, most hybrid cars come with robust records of reliability, which adds to the price of a second-hand vehicle.

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