9 Best Green Jobs in the World: Work that Makes a Difference

If you’ve always been interested in environment protection and have struggled to make your voice heard when it comes to going green, then you might be the perfect candidate for a green job. What we mean by green job is a job that helps people make a living while also helping the environment and making a difference in the world. Making a career out of environment protection is the best way to make sure that you combine your passion for a clean and healthy environment with your desire to have a successful career. Since more and more people are going green nowadays, it makes sense that there are plenty of career options targeted to these people. Today, we’re going to explore 9 of the best green jobs in the world.

9 Best Green Jobs that Can Help You Save the World

1. Forester

Have you always loved forests and tried your best to preserve them? Then being a forester might be a great career option for you. People exploit forests daily, and our planet needs individuals who can help protect them. As a forester, you would have to help people understand why silviculture is much better than slashing and burning down forests. Moreover, you would teach populations how to cultivate trees for timber, fruits, and even medicine, while carefully monitoring the impact of this process on the environment.

2. Farmer

Being a farmer is definitely one of the best green jobs that you could try. Our planet needs more farmers who can engage in sustainable agriculture that is local, organic, and small-scale. The goal of sustainable agriculture is to limit the number of machine-based farms that pollute the environment. Being a farmer in this day and age doesn’t only involve growing crops. You should also have marketing skills. These will allow you to sell your products to locals and make your farm one of the centerpieces of the community.

elderly farmer holding a tool in the field

3. Wind Turbine Fabricator

It’s no secret that wind turbines help us power our homes and office buildings with energy while avoiding coal burning and other activities that release harmful gases into the atmosphere. More and more countries rely on wind energy nowadays. This means that there’s also a need for people who want to build wind turbines. Building a wind turbine is not an easy task, which is why the process entails the work of many people. These people can be former auto manufacturers or factory workers who are looking for some of the best green jobs on the market.

4. Solar Panel Installer

Solar power is another type of renewable energy that helps the environment stay clear of pollution. As in the case of wind turbines, solar panels also require people to install them and make sure they work properly. People are not only installing solar panels on their homes, but also on office buildings and even farms. Moreover, speaking of some of the best green jobs that you can find, you should know that this one pays really well – up to $35 an hour. So if you have construction skills and are looking for high-paying green jobs, you should consider becoming a solar panel installer.

5. Conservation Biologist

As global warming is becoming a more threatening presence than ever, there is an urgent need to preserve the ecosystem. This is precisely what a conservation biologist does. This type of career involves many possible job areas, from research, to fieldwork, to teaching. Moreover, you can choose to work for the government as much as you can opt for a private company or a nonprofit organization. So if you’re concerned about our ecosystem and want to help preserve it, a job in conservation biology might just be the perfect choice for you.

6. Urban Planner

As an urban planner, you would be working to lower our carbon footprint. It’s no secret that large cities contribute tremendously to the amount of carbon dioxide that we release in the atmosphere. Urban planners are looking for ways in which to limit the use of vehicles that increase the carbon footprint and encourage the use of bicycles and other such green modes of transportation. And this is not the only thing they do. They also try to minimize the effects of floods, incorrect garbage disposal, heat waves, and so on.

7. Recycler

Our list of best green jobs in the world wouldn’t be complete without one which is deeply enrooted in one of the most important aspects of environmental protection, namely recycling. If you didn’t know that being a recycler is an actual job, then allow us to surprise you. There are many such jobs in the United States, where people either work in a secondary steel production enterprise, or in specialized companies that recycle and repurpose plastic bags, e-waste, construction waste, clothing, and many other types of waste.

different types of cans gathered for recycling

8. Green Entrepreneur

If you’re more interested in being your own boss, yet still working to preserve the environment, then you might want to consider becoming a green entrepreneur. For instance, you could open a green startup and become more involved in the business of protecting our planet. For this type of job, it would be a plus if you were to have a business degree. However, this is not absolutely necessary. If you still have business knowledge, but you don’t want to open your own startup, you can also work as a consultant for other businesses, or as a marketing expert who provides people with advice on how to advertise their green business.

9. System Developer

Experts are constantly working on new ways to protect our environment. This means that there’s always room for more people who want to do the same thing. If you’re an engineer or a software developer and want to look for some green jobs where you can exercise your skill, you could get a job where you can build, develop, and even maintain different types of software related to sustainable living. Apart from allowing you to do what you love, this type of job can also provide you with a nice salary. Hopefully, this will motivate you even further.

Summing It All Up

We hope today’s guide to 9 of the best green jobs that you could try if you want to do something that makes a difference in the world has provided you with some inspiration and a couple of interesting ideas that you can explore in the future.

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