The Best Winter Plants to Grow in Your Garden This Winter

Winter is a time for freezing cold temperatures and avoiding the outdoors. Unless you’re a ski bunny, then you’ll migrate to the mountain. However, winter doesn’t always mean that plants die out. Of course, a lot do. Also, virtually all bugs are gone during the winter. The cold temperatures of winter don’t deter all plants from growing. In fact, some thrive in the cold temperatures. Therefore, there are winter plants that you can grow in your garden. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you can’t grow delicious and beautiful plants! Winter can be a season for prosperity and blooming beauty!

Blue Spruce

This tree is a perfect and ideal winter plant. It can withstand high winds and cold temperatures. Granted, it lives its best life in the sun light. However, it can be planted in most soils around the United States. A blue spruce is a tree, therefore, it’ll grow really tall. It’ll be a beautiful addition to your backyard or front yard.


This famous plant was the inspiration for Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister in the Hunger Games series. Much like the book’s character, this plant can withstand harsh climates. It has really shallow roots. Therefore, the freezing ground doesn’t effect it as harshly as plants with deep roots. The mulch should be enough to protect the roots and keep the moisture within. It has beautiful colors and will best grow in light shade. It can withstand most climates within the United States.

Winter Berries

These beautifully, red berries are a must have in the realm of winter decorations. They can survive in really cold climates. The need moist soil which can be found anywhere where the rain and snow falls during the winter time. It’ll add a pop of color to your winter garden!

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You need to plant the onions in the fall. However, you don’t need to worry about them in the winter months. They look after themselves during that time. You won’t be able to eat the onions until the summer. However, they’re a great crop to have when the temperatures get cold.

Perpetual Spinach

This type of crop keeps growing leaves after you’ve cut some off. Therefore, it’s a great plant to have during the cold months. The spinach will keep growing in the winter time. It can withstand cold temperatures and is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s easy to plant and is an efficient use of soil and garden space.

Fruit Can be Winter Plants

There are a variety of fruits that can grow in the winter. Some need warmer, winter climates. Like, Florida of California. However, there are plenty of delicious fruits that are in the middle of the growing season during the winter time. Winter plants aren’t just bushes and trees. If you live in ideal climates, then you can grow fruit during the cold months.


In conclusion, winter plants are few and far between. However, there are plenty of winter plants that you can grow in your garden this winter. If you have a greenhouse, then you can grow more plants than if you grow them outside. Also, you can find out your climate zone and that will help you determine which plants can grow best in your zone. Your garden doesn’t have to die this winter, you just need to plant the best winter plants!

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