Cafe Altura Organic Coffee: Review

Review of the Cafe Altura Organic Coffee

Cafe Altura organic coffee claims to be the original organic coffee. Due to the fact that they started in 1980, this may very well be true. Right now, they are sitting pretty at 4.4 stars on Amazon, as well as sporting a badge for Amazon's Choice. So Amazon sure thinks that this is a great coffee, along with the people. Let's see if we agree with them. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Not Bitter
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    Reusable/ Recyclable Can
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    Amount of Coffee With Each Purchase
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Item Specifics

Cafe Altura organic coffee is a pretty basic all around coffee. The specific coffee we are looking at is their ground Regular Roast. This is a medium roast coffee, which has a smooth, mild flavor but none of the bitterness of other darker coffee. While some medium roasts can be rather hefty and strong, this one is very mild and creamy. This makes it a perfect medium roast as it can be great hot, cold, day or night. Plus, no heartburn after drinking it due to its very low acidity. No one likes heartburn, especially after drinking the fuel that will power you throughout your day. Just puts you in a bad mood. Thankfully, you will hopefully be in a great mood after a cup of Cafe Altura organic coffee. 

Cafe Altura organic coffee Regular Roast is sourced from certified farms in Chiapas, Mexico. For those who are bad at geography, Chiapas is the bordering state to Guatemala, where a lot of coffee is grown. The fact that this coffee is only grown in Chiapas makes it somewhat a single origin coffee. However, they have other blends and roasts that come from other places including Guatemala, Columbia, Hawaii, and more. As for the roasting process, all of that takes place in Ventura, California, which is northern California. 

Obviously all of the coffee made by Cafe Altura organic coffee is, well, organic. It is all certified USDA organic. Their organic coffee is also KSA Kosher and contain no GMOs and is fairly traded. They also have a variety of Fair Trade brand coffees, which are also certified organic. I am sure it sounds a bit confusing so I'll do my best to break it down. There are two branded types of coffee that Cafe Altura Organic Coffee sell. Organic and Fair Trade. Their Organic coffee is USDA certified, as well as KSA Kosher and Non-GMO. Their second type, Fair Trade coffee is both Fair Trade and certified Organic, but not Kosher and may contain GMOs. 

While the organic coffee itself does not have any special features besides being Kosher, there is other stuff behind the coffee that is special. First of all is the can it comes in. It is both reusable and recyclable. This is a great feature because it shows that the company has actual intentions of protecting the environment. Secondly, this particular roast comes pre-ground and vacuum sealed. This is great as it retains the freshness of the coffee while being transported wherever it needs to go. This also gives their coffee a massive 2 year shelf life. Using no preservatives to make that happen, only vacuum sealed packages. 

About This Company

Cafe Altura Organic Coffee started back in the late 1970s. The original idea was to farm organic foods and develop related businesses that would help create markets for organic and Biodynamically grown products. They managed to begin a trading relationship with, their still main, farm called Finca Irlanda in Chiapas, Mexico. Their start was very hard as they had very little money, no credit, and a surplus of people. Plus being really one of the first to introduce organically grown coffee into a world of commercial coffee was very difficult. 

30 years later, they are still in business and better than ever. Plus they are still being guided by the original creator of Cafe Altura, Chris Shepherd. Their founding principles are quality, sustainability, care for the environment, and the workers who maintain the land. They are all about making sure their workers are treated fairly, that their growing processes do not negatively impact the environment, and that they produce quality coffee. 

All of their roasting takes place at their facility in Ventura, California. However, their decaffeinated coffees are processed at the certified Mountain Water Process plant in Mexico. They offer a wide selection of coffees from Breakfast blends, to Columbian Dark Roast and Espresso. Cafe Altura organic coffee also features Fair Trade coffees from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Peru. 


All of Cafe Altura organic coffee is USDA certified organic. Their Regular Roast is also KSA Kosher and include no GMOs. Kosher is something that is rarely seen in the coffee scene, so it is definitely worth mentioning. They also have a fair trade line of coffee, which is also organic certified. 

Most of their coffee, with the exception of their blends or labelled otherwise, is single origin coffee. They have a 30 year trade agreement with Finca Irlanda farms in Chiapas, Mexico. 

Their Regular Roast coffee is a very mild coffee. No serious bitter taste, not strong, low acidity. All resulting in a great all around roast. Perfect for any time of day, and for any type of brew. 

Their company is one of the original pioneers of the organic coffee industry. They were founded back in the late 70s, and still run on the same principles and standards. They are highly environmentally friendly and focus a lot on Fair Trade.

The can that the coffee is packaged in is reusable and recyclable. This covered 2 of the 3 Rs of recycling. Reuse and Recycle. 

The vacuum seal of the packaging keeps the coffee very fresh. It even has a 2 year shelf life, due to the vacuum sealing. 


On their Amazon page, it does say "3 pack". However, this can be a little misleading. While you only get one can, there are three packages of the vacuum sealed coffee inside that one can. So you really do get 3 packages, but only one can. Many customers were confused by this when they order from Cafe Altura organic coffee and only receive one can. 

Many have reported that their decaf coffee is a bit bland. This may be due to the water process the coffee goes through to remove the caffeine. But taste is all very subjective. What one person hates, another may love. So that is really all up to you. 

Final Thoughts:

Cafe Altura organic coffee is, overall, a great coffee. Certified organic, kosher and non-GMO (at least for their Regular Roast line of coffee). Plus the fact that their regular roast is single origin is really great. They do have other coffees that are either blends or come from other farms in different regions, but overall, they are all pretty good. The only downside is their decaf coffee which a lot of people do not seem to like.

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    Certified Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO (Regular Roast)
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    Great taste
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    OG Organic Coffee


  • close
    Misleading "3 Pack" advertising
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    Fairly bland decaf coffee

Cafe Altura Organic Coffee Conclusion

Cafe Altura organic coffee is a great all around coffee. Their company has great principles which they have followed for the last 30+ years and have continued to strive to make great coffee. Currently, you can pick up a 3 pack of their Regular Roast for $29.75. Just remember, "3 pack" means one can with 3 vacuum sealed packages of coffee inside, to avoid any confusion. For more best organic coffee information, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying Cafe Altura Organic Coffee.

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    Is the Regular Roast whole bean or ground? The Regular Roast is pre-ground, which makes things much more convenient. However you can buy whole bean from their website. 
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    Is their Mexican coffee shade grown? Yes. All of their coffee from their farm in Chiapas, Mexico is shade grown. 
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    How is their decaf coffee processed? It is processed using the water processing method. No chemicals are used. 

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