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Recycling Tips: 10 Simple Ways to Cut Waste and Save the Planet

​The damage done to our environment by human-created waste can’t be underestimated. In recent years, the reality of the impact we are having on the world around us has become more clear than ever. Islands of plastic waste are forming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, more and more parts of the world […]

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Edible Six-Pack Rings are a Step in the Right Direction to Save Marine Life

For decades, people’s trash has made its way into the oceans and has negatively affected the animals that reside there. Sharks and large fish eat aluminum cans and turtles choke on plastic bags that look like jellyfish in the water. Millions of animals have died because of our garbage. One of the most infamous products […]

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Alternatives to Dryer Sheets That Are Safe for Your Household

Laundry. We’ve all done it, we’ve all avoided it. Laundry is an inevitable part of living, in general. Everyone has a similar system to clean their clothes and keep them fresh. It’ll start with getting the clothing wet and washing the clothes with soap, then, the clothes need to be dried. Something that commonly accompanies […]

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Things to Never Put Down a Garbage Disposal

What Is a Garbage Disposal?The garbage disposal is a small electric device located below the drain of a kitchen sink and is used for shredding food waste into smaller particles so that it can easily be flushed through standard plumbing systems. The garbage disposal has many names: waste disposal unit, garbage disposer, compost, waste disposer, […]

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