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What is GE doing with Natural Gas? It will amaze you!

General Electric is sinking billions of dollars into natural gas turbines and power plants as the answer to the world’s need for cleaner and more flexible power. It’s also investing heavily in software to manage every aspect of electricity generation, distribution and consumption, in the form of its internet of things (IOT) offering, which it […]

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Why Moodys Thinks Cheap Batteries are Bad for Utilities

Batteries for grid-scale energy storage are getting cheaper all the time, and could be economically competitive without subsidies for certain key applications by decade’s end. That’s good news for utility customers and the power grid, but bad news for merchant power generators and utilities, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report released last week. “The […]

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Open Platforms with Demand Flexibilities are a Boon for Utilities!

The fastest-growing companies in America generate billions of dollars from platform business models that match suppliers directly with customers, free from the debt burden of ownership of physical assets. In spite of the success of such models, most electric utilities are heading in the opposite direction and maximizing capital investment as a vehicle to maximize returns. In […]

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Utilities Strive to Reach the Forefront of Community Solar

Community solar is transforming from an experimental offering supported by mandates to a powerful utility tool for retaining customers, says a leading community solar developer. With 115 megawatts of projects expected through the end of 2015, community solar is still a small fraction of the U.S. solar market. But the sector is defined not just […]

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Shell Leaving the Arctic?

Associated Press: Shell to Cease Alaska Offshore Arctic Drilling Royal Dutch Shell will stop drilling for oil and gas in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast following disappointing results from an exploratory well backed by billions in investment and years of work. The announcement represents a big change of heart from Shell, which was counting on offshore […]

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