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Green Schools: A Way for Districts to Save the Environment and Money

School districts are a huge business that employ millions of people and use tons and tons of resources. Most of the time, schools will waste precious materials and overuse valuable resources. They are aware of the problems, but it is difficult to change how much energy a 40 year old building uses. Green schools are […]

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Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels: A Comparison Between the Two

What Are Paper Towels?Paper towels are absorbent towels made from tissue paper instead of cloth. Unlike their cloth counterparts, paper towels are disposable and are usually only used once. Paper towels soak up water due to their loosely woven fiber structure. This structure allows water to travel between the fibers, even when going against gravity. […]

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Tesla Roadster: Efficiency, Cost, and More

The Tesla RoadsterThe Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car produced by the electric car firm Tesla, Inc. in California. The production of the discontinued Tesla Roadster lasted from 2008 to 2012. The Roadster set new records being the first highway legal serial production-electric car to use lithium-ion battery cells. Additionally, it […]

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What to Know About SolarCity Panels

What Is SolarCity?SolarCity currently markets, manufactures, and installs residential and commercial solar panels and solar roofs in the United States. They offer residential battery backup services as well as the installment of the SolarCity roof, both of which are incorporated into Tesla’s solar energy department. SolarCity was acquired by Tesla in 2016, and their energy […]

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Things to Never Put Down a Garbage Disposal

What Is a Garbage Disposal?The garbage disposal is a small electric device located below the drain of a kitchen sink and is used for shredding food waste into smaller particles so that it can easily be flushed through standard plumbing systems. The garbage disposal has many names: waste disposal unit, garbage disposer, compost, waste disposer, […]

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10 Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy: (Revealing Information)

Just like other energy sources we people use, there can be advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. At the moment, nuclear energy is still considered very controversial and a hot issue. Scientists and international forums still talk about the balance between the disadvantages of nuclear energy and its pros. A lot of people believe that nuclear […]

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