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Consumer demand for meat, soy, and palm oil is causing extinction of the world’s primates

Though we often don’t know it when we purchase consumer goods, the things we buy can have catastrophic consequences thousands of miles away, including leading to the extinction of an entire species of animals. Such is the case with primates, 60 percent of which are now facing extinction, according to a new study, which warns: […]

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Nitrate pollution in drinking water linked to thousands of cancer cases

A new alarming study by the Environmental Working Group has linked at least 12,000 cancer cases to high nitrate pollution levels in drinking water as President Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency weakens crucial regulations. Since 1962, the EPA has regulated nitrate levels in drinking water to no more than 10 mg/L. Former President Obama, however, […]

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Canadian scientist: Ceasing plastic production is the only way to save the planet

Single-use plastics have become so pervasive in our world that the only way to stop them is to cease producing plastic, according to a Canadian scientist who studies microplastics. Dr. Max Liboiron is the director of the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She is dedicated to cleaning up the mess […]

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