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The Record Heat From 2016 Happened Due to Climate Change

Human-made activities from 2016 determined the record heat and the terrible heatwaves which have affected numerous areas of the globe. The new study reveals once again the devastating effect of human activities. Human-made climate change triggered global average temperatures to increase. Researchers indicate that the devastating heat wave which affected Asia in 2016 and the […]

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The Freshwater Biome: Vital for Survival of All Life

Quick Navigation  The Freshwater Biome TypesFreshwater Biome ClimateFreshwater Biome FactsThreats to the Freshwater BiomeHelping the Freshwater Biome The world is made up of many different biomes and ecosystems. Every single living organism on Earth is part of a separate biome, which contain certain ecosystems. Buffalo and lions live in the grassland biomes, sharks and whales […]

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Industrial Pollution: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Quick Navigation Effects of Industrial PollutionMost Common PollutantsCauses of Industrial PollutionHow to Avoid Industrial Pollution Since the industrial revolution, we have seen climate change and pollution on the rise. Whether people want to believe it or not, historical data shows that levels of pollution are much higher than they should be. Not to mention the […]

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Grassland Animals: What is Threatening Them and Their Habitat

Quick Navigation  Types of Grassland AnimalsThreats Facing Grassland AnimalsEndangered Grassland AnimalsHow to Protect Grassland Animals There are many biomes all over the Earth. Deserts, forests, arctic. But one of the more popular ones, which has been the location of one of the best Disney movies ever, the grasslands. If you have ever seen the Lion […]

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Effects of Deforestation: Why Trees are Important to Life

Quick Navigation  Historical Causes of DeforestationEffects of Deforestation: RatesEnvironmental Effects of DeforestationWhat Can You Do? Take a moment and try to think about why trees are important to life on Earth. Most people know that trees provide oxygen for all living things to use. But trees and many plants for that matter, do a lot […]

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List of Natural Resources: What Drives Our Planet

Quick Navigation  Natural Resource ClassificationsThe Major Natural ResourcesProtect Our Natural Resources What makes the world go round? You probably go through your daily life without giving many things that you take for granted, a second thought. However, nearly everything you use every day is extremely important. The natural resources on Earth are responsible for our […]

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