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California Won’t Buy From Car Companies On The ‘Wrong Side’ Of History

The state of California has a powerful message for automakers who support the lowering of fuel efficiency standards for cars sold in their state: No more state contracts for you. Cal Matters reports that Governor Gavin Newsom made it clear companies that make vehicles that don’t meet the higher fuel efficiency standards the state has […]

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New Study Finds Link Between Air Pollution And Brain Cancer

A new study from McGill University in Montreal has established for the first time a link between air pollution particles from motor vehicle exhaust and brain cancer. EcoWatch reports: “According to a study published this week in Epidemiology, increased exposure to ultra-fine particles (UFPs) produced by diesel engines and burning coal raises the risk of developing […]

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Federal Reserve Pays Attention To The Climate Crisis For The First Time

As climate change continues to ravage our world and causes billions upon billions of dollars in property damage, the Federal Reserve is finally paying attention to the crisis. While scientists around the globe have been warning for years about the unfolding crisis, everyone else has been slow to react, including financial institutions. “Nobody denies that […]

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