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Irish teen wins global science award for developing method to remove microplastics from water

An 18-year-old Irish teen recently won the Google Science Fair for a project he submitted that removes microplastics from water, according to the Journal of Ireland: “(Fionn Ferreira’s) project examined a new method for extracting microplastics (plastic particles less than 5mm in diameter) from water. Microplastics or microbeads are mostly used in soaps, shower gels and facial […]

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Bureau of Land Management appointee wants to give all public lands to fossil fuel industry

As the Trump administration prepares to gut the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by disbanding its headquarters, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has appointed as acting head a man who wants to give all public lands to the fossil fuel industry. Nearly a quarter billion acres of land in the United States belongs to the American […]

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Pacific Island nations declare climate crisis as fears rise they will be uninhabitable by 2030

Several Pacific island nations have declared a climate emergency and warn that their islands may not exist in a decade if the rest of the world continues to drag their feet when it comes to meaningfully address climate change. As global temperatures continue to rise, sea levels are rising with them, resulting in a calamity […]

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Startup up company has novel solution to garbage in overflowing landfills: Vaporize it

Around the world, landfills are stretched to overflowing, barely able to keep up with the garbage produced by society. But the waste in landfills doesn’t just take up space. It also produces methane — a greenhouse gas — which is considered to be 82 times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2), What can be done […]

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Microplastic befouls 57-mile stretch of tourist beaches on Sri Lankan coast

The southern coastline of Sri Lanka, which features popular beaches and resorts, is a draw for tourists visiting the country, but it turns out that the global plastic crisis could now endanger those once pristine locations, according to a new paper published recently in the Marine Pollution Bulletin. Researchers found that along a 57-mile stretch […]

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