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New FDA Report On Pesticide Level In Fruits And Vegetables Increases Public Health Concerns

In September, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) released its latest analysis of the pesticide residue found in fruits, vegetables, and other food eaten by Americans, and the data suggests that there’s reason for concern that such residues can lead to illness, disease, and even reproductive problems in those who consume them. EcoWatch notes that […]

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Some Of The Most Popular Products In Your Local Grocery Store May Contain A Deadly Weed Killer

Though you may be aware that glyphosate, which is the main ingredient in the popular weed killer Roundup, causes cancer, it might surprise you to know that many of the most popular products you see in your local grocery store contain residue of this extremely dangerous chemical, RealFarmacy reports: “Glyphosate is found in many other […]

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Miami Beach Unanimously Declares Climate Emergency After Being Urged On By Youth Activists

The youth of America are starting to affect real change as the Miami Beach City Hall passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency as the city faces being underwater by mid-century if action is not taken immediately to combat the climate crisis. Protesters held a rally in September and handed off the proposed resolution to […]

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Renewable Sources Of Electricity Could Match The Output Of Coal-Fired Power Stations In 5 Years

Over the next five years, renewable sources of energy are set for rapid growth and will likely match the output from the world’s coal-fired power plants, according to a Carbon Brief analysis. Eco Watch reports: “This would mean renewables matching coal as the joint-largest contributors to the global electricity mix in 2024, according to Carbon […]

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