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Benefits of Recycling: (Why It’s Important)

Menu Recycling BasicsWhy is Recycling ImportantBenefits of RecyclingRecycling and Sustainability Everywhere, recycling is under heavy suggestion. But why? Why is recycling so important for the Earth. Well, on average Americans throw away 185 pounds of plastic every year. It accounts for over 10% of the total waste we generate. The plastic that is thrown away […]

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Is Nuclear Energy Renewable? (The Truth about Nuclear)

Is nuclear energy renewable? Nuclear energy being added to the renewable energy source list has been a topic of controversy over the years. Is nuclear energy renewable? To understand why, it is important to understand what the process of creating nuclear energy entails and what renewable energy is versus a sustainable energy.Renewable Energy vs. Sustainable […]

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Eco-Friendly Products To Help You Save the Environment

With pollution becoming more and more serious, companies are doing their part to help reduce their footprint on the Earth. A big way this is happening is with eco-friendly products. These products can replace almost any regular item. From cleaning products to sunscreen, and even clothing. By using these items instead of regular commercial products, […]

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What is Hydroton and Which are its Pros and Cons?

When developing a hydroponic garden, learning what is hydroton is crucial. Gardeners know that hydroton grow rocks represent one of the most adaptable growing mediums. Actually, hydrotons are not rocks, representing an expanded clay product. This product has increased in popularity among both soil gardeners and hydroponic gardeners. However, they gained the highest popularity in […]

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Hugelkultur Raised Beds: What They Are and How To Make Them

Hügelkultur raised beds represent composting processes that consist of raised planting beds developed on top of compostable plant materials or decaying wood debris. This type of composting process can be extremely useful since it improves water retention, soil fertility, and soil warming. Hence, this nurtures plant growth. Hügelkultur is a German term, meaning hill culture. […]

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