6 Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tips for a Green Indoor Space

Your home is the best place of refuge, where you can feel comfortable and enjoy a cozy space that improves your mood. To achieve this, you will need the perfect design. It’s not only the look you should think about. By choosing an eco-friendly interior design, you get to save the environment while making your house pretty and more welcoming.

Why Opt for an Eco-Friendly Interior Design?

Whenever people want to go green, they usually concentrate only on exterior design. They take care of their garden, put up systems that consume less energy, and recycle their waste. However, the interior can be eco-friendly as well.

Choosing eco elements for your home design can have plenty of advantages. First of all, an eco atmosphere in a home is better for the health. By using natural materials that do not pollute or consume much energy, you will feel better both physically and mentally. The green elements will make the space more welcoming and won’t put too much pressure on your body.

In some cases, the eco-friendly interior design might be cheaper. Also, you get to save some precious resources, so spending too much for them is out of the question. In the end, one more reason to go for such interior design is that it looks good. It is often prettier than other decorative elements, so this should definitely convince you to go green.

Eco-friendly Interior Design Tips

If you cannot find some green elements for your home by yourself, here are some ideas that should definitely be helpful. Choose your favorites or, if you are feeling brave, you can adopt all of them for your home.

1.      Use Decorative Plants

The most important green element of a home is, of course, vegetation. This is where you should start from, as it’s also the easiest eco-friendly interior design idea. Take as many plants as possible and place them wherever you have enough space. The first advantage of house plants is, of course, the aspect. They make your house fresher and a lot prettier.

On the other hand, they can improve your health as well. Plants purify the air in the rooms, as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Also, they can absorb other compounds that might be harmful and improve the quality of your life.

2.      Take Advantage of Sunlight

A well-lit room means health, as you can get all the benefits from the sun even when you cannot go outside. First of all, the room looks bigger and prettier whenever there’s plenty of sunlight coming in. Your general state improves if you are exposed to natural light, so creating broad windows is a great thing to do.

However, big windows are eco-friendly because you get to save energy. If you can take advantage of sunlight throughout the day, you consume less electricity within this timespan. Go for a design that implies big broad windows, and cover them with clear drapes and let all the light in.

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3.      Choose a Green Lighting System

No matter how big your windows are, there comes a time when you need to turn on the lights. Instead of installing traditional lighting, you can choose something greener. Fluorescent light, for instance, consumed significantly fewer resources while producing the same amount of light. In fact, it looks more calming and is better for your eyes.

This type of lighting also releases fewer pollutants in your home, so there’s another plus for your health. When you go shopping for bulbs, check all the labels and see how toxic they are. You’ll see the fluorescent ones are significantly greener.

4.      Go for Eco-Friendly Materials

Whenever you can, choose organic materials instead of synthetic ones. Fibers, for instance, are a lot healthier if they are made from organic sources. This includes silk, cotton, and whatever can be found in mattresses, drapes, blankets, and other textile elements.

Also, organic materials are a lot easier to manufacture. Whatever contains plastic or chromed metal is bad, so instead choose natural wood, stone, marble, or anything that doesn’t require too much processing. Organic furniture or wall coverings look a lot better and emit fewer toxic substances.

5.      Pay Attention to Paints and Other Chemicals

Here, you should adopt the same strategy you chose for the light bulbs. Read the labels before buying anything, and avoid those products that might be toxic. More precisely, look for the VOC abbreviation. This comes from Volatile Organic Compounds, which are dangerous pollutants that spread into the air and can have a harmful effect on our health.

6.      Choose Morphing Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is the decorations of the future, and probably the best idea in terms of eco-friendly interior design. These pieces of furniture can turn from one thing into the other. The practical thing about them is that you get to save space. Don’t forget about the eco-friendly component, as you consume fewer resources to get two pieces of furniture into one.

If you can, buy a couch that you can turn into a bed at night. Choose a desk where you can work during the day, and then turn into a full dining table for your late night party. Storage chairs are probably the best, as you can both sit on them and store things inside while they offer a stunning look to your home.

Summing Up

These eco-friendly interior design tips are worth considering if you want a chic and minimalist home. They add a lot of style to a regular room, as it looks more sophisticated, less crowded, and a lot more modern. However, the aspect is not the only reason that should convince you to go green.

If you care about your health, then eco-friendly interior design is the best choice. You can improve the quality of the air you breathe and avoid inhaling toxic chemicals. Instead of consuming a huge amount of resources, you can save a lot of energy and power while still having everything you need in your home. Therefore, eco-friendly design is definitely the thing of the future.

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