5 Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations You Have to Visit

For those who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, traveling can be worrisome. Traveling takes more resources than many people use in their typical everyday lives, but many people find joy in going to new places. More and more people are finding value in experiences instead of objects, so figuring out how to travel in an eco-friendly way is in high demand. One way you can do this is by choosing eco-friendly travel destinations. By spending your money in these places, you are investing in places that have made eco-friendly living a priority. According to the World Travel Guide, these are some of the most eco-friendly travel destinations you can visit.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is home to some of the most green-minded people in the world. Many of them cycle to work each day so that they can cut down on carbon emissions, and they even have a cycle-only bridge around the city’s harbor. While visiting there, you will see solar-powered picnic boats, restaurants that use food others would throw out, and plenty of green roofs. In fact, the city requires that all new flat-roofed structures have green roofs. Of all the eco-friendly travel destinations in the world, this is a great city to visit.

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Another one of the most eco-friendly travel destinations you can visit is Sweden. This country tops the Global Green Economy Index almost every year with their dedication to living green lifestyles. They lead the way in recycling, renewable energy, and organic food consumption. On top of all of this, one of Sweden’s constitutional laws allows its citizens access to the country’s countrysides, whether privately or publicly owned. They even permit citizens to camp on the grounds. If you want to connect with nature, this is a great place to start.

Vancouver, Canada

If you decide to visit Vancouver, Canada, you will quickly see why it is included among the top eco-friendly travel destinations. Most people travel on foot or on bikes, but the city also provides ways to get around sustainably. This includes electric buses and hybrid taxis. This place is also the birthplace of Greenpeace, and they aim to be the world’s greenest city in 2020. Many of the citizens focus on fighting climate change, promoting sustainable energy, and reducing carbon emissions. If these are also your goals, you will find good company there.


One of the most impressive accomplishments of the city-state of Singapore is their NEWater program. They efficiently capture rainwater, invest in desalination projects, and reclaim wastewater. They use advanced membranes and ultra-violet disinfection to make more clean, drinkable water. Singapore has also made many of their buildings eco-friendly since 2005, and they have a goal to increase recycling to 70 percent in 2030. If you have always wanted to visit Southeast Asia, this is a great place to go.

Helsinki, Finland

Considered one of the greenest capitals in Europe, Helsinki, Finland is another one of the top eco-friendly travel destinations on our list. The city has big goals to end car ownership for its citizens and provide sustainable public transportation instead. They even have an app for citizens to summon buses that will create the best route for their destination. They even have nature reserves all over for you to visit.

More Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

There are so many more eco-friendly travel destinations that you can look at here. In today’s world, money talks, so we have to show the world with our money what we want. By going to places that support green living and strive to reduce the effects of climate change, we can make a difference. Besides, these places also have an incredible history and culture that people love to explore.

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