Top 10 Most Environmentally Friendly Companies and How They Help

Nowadays, people are more and more concerned with the environment and its resources. Until a few decades ago, the planet’s fuels seemed infinite, and people didn’t really care on how much and quick they were consuming these valuable resources. Businesses know now that they need to find alternative sustainable ways to grow, rather than discovering new resources to exploit. Here are the best environmentally friendly companies you should follow.

Top 10 Best Environmentally Friendly Companies to Be Aware of

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Note: The following list presents eco-friendly companies, in no particular order.

1. Ikea

Everyone knows Ikea, which is a huge furniture manufacturing company. It became popular due to its new approach in the logistic area. The company works great as a self-service business, where you go and choose your desired furniture pieces, which you can easily transport and assemble on your own. Many people accuse Ikea of using a large timber quantity every year. What not everybody knows is that Ikea has been practicing eco-friendly activities for many years now. They use and sell only energy-efficient lighting.

2. Unilever

Unilever is one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the world, doing more than just a few green investments. Their entire corporate identity and organizational culture have integrated and embraced sustainability. They have even developed a Sustainable Living Plan, which focuses on several business areas such as production, sourcing, and supply chain. The company’s representatives are extremely careful when it comes to using water and energy resources. Moreover, they have a unique approach when it comes to how they treat both their suppliers and communities in which they function.

3. IBM

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When it comes to early sustainability adopters, IBM is one of them. It might pleasantly surprise you to find out that IBM has made a lot of efforts to support sustainability ever since 1971. One of their biggest goals, which they have achieved, was to reduce their electricity consumption with 5.1 billion kW. They reached this objective between 1990 and 2000. This saved energy is enough for an entire town. Nowadays, IBM does its best to lower traffic congestion issues in several big cities around the globe. It definitely is an eco-friendly business, being socially and environmentally responsible.

4. Hewlett Packard

Bill and Dave, the founders of HP, had always thought about how their company will impact the environment. Since the company’s launch, in 1939, both of them searched for effective ways to improve society and support communities. Therefore, they built their company with this philosophy in mind. In 2008, Hewlett-Packard became a pioneer, being the first hi-tech business to use greenhouse gasses within its entire supply chain. They are constantly recycling their outdated products and replace them with more energy-efficient models. It is a win-win situation: the world is less polluted, while the company saves over ten billion dollars in energy costs every year.

5. Johnson and Johnson

In 2011, Johnson and Johnson’s representatives promised to do their best to make this organization the most socially and environmentally responsible one in the world by 2015. I don’t know if they are number one when it comes to CSR activities, but they are among the best environmentally friendly companies for sure. Over the last two decades, this company has created a great work environment, being a great supporter of the society as a whole. J&J is the second largest company in America that uses solar power. More than half of its total energy use comes from natural and regenerable sources such as the wind, the sun, and biomass.

6. Nike

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Lately, Nike has been a very active company when it comes to taking green measures. They have worked a lot to apply environmentally friendly measures all the way throughout their supply chain. Nike representatives don’t joke about their water and energy consumption as well as about carbon and chemical toxicity levels. They created their Netherlands headquarter building from recycled aluminum frames. Even though this company wasn’t always an eco-friendly business, they have come a long way since their beginnings.

7. Panasonic

Even though Panasonic is not that promoted and acclaimed by the general public, it receives a lot of high marks from experts. Like all the other companies described in this post, Panasonic also has huge and ambitious energy goals. They talk about increasing efficiency, lowering consumption, and using renewables. The company manufactures eco-friendly products. There is a simple method through which this firm sets itself apart from other environmentally friendly companies. They have integrated sustainability into everything they do, making it a way of life. The company’s building received a LEED certification.

8. Adobe

According to Newsweek, in 2014, Adobe was the greenest hi-tech company, which came as no surprise because this firm does a lot of things to support sustainability. Over 70 percent of its working spaces have received LEED certifications. Their main goal now is to achieve the net zero level of energy consumption. Also, they are looking for new innovative ways to reduce packaging, which is a plastic pollution source. When California faced a historic drought, Adobe managed to reduce water consumption by over 60 percent.

9. New Belgium Brewing

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This company is an industry leader, especially when it comes to sustainability. The company’s headquarter is in Colorado, and it has incorporated eco-friendly measures in a wide range of business areas, from production to marketing. They even encourage people such as employees and clients to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by choosing to use the bike instead of their cars. They truly mean business when they apply energy efficiency tactics to their entire brewing process. Its representatives are advocates for the changes that our climate experiences.

10. Yahoo

Yahoo amazes us not only by being an Internet giant but also by its green activities. On their website, they always encourage people to choose eco-friendly lifestyles. They not only publish sustainability tips but they also put them into practice. Yahoo is among the best environmentally friendly companies in the world, reducing their water consumption by 95 percent. Moreover, they use 40 percent less energy than they used to. They created buildings and working spaces that follow all sustainability rules.

Wrapping It Up

More and more companies make efforts to change their activities. This way, they don’t affect or negatively impact the planet anymore. It seems that we have finally understood that we need to be gentle with our planet. However, there are still plenty of challenges to overcome and mindsets to change. Businesses started by writing some general eco-friendly tips on a piece of paper (I’m sure you sense the irony). Now, they also apply what they only talked about so far. All the above environmentally friendly companies have gone a long way since their beginnings. They are more and more concerned with sustainability issues.

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