The EWG Verified Label Comes to Beauty Products

There are several regulations and labels that help you know if your food is safe and free of chemicals. This is important because what you eat greatly affects your health. On the other hand, what about the products you use on your skin? Even your makeup, skincare, and hygiene products need labels to help you know which ones are free of harmful chemicals. Thankfully, that is exactly what the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has been working on since 1993. Because of their hard work, they now offer the EWG Verified label to help you know which cosmetics are safe to use.

What Does It Mean to Be EWG Verified?

Decades ago, companies introduced chemicals into many of the products we use on a daily basis. This includes makeup, body wash, lotions, and even our furniture. Several studies conclude that many of these chemicals contribute to the growing rates of cancer, asthma, birth defects, and infertility. Due to the research that the EWG has been doing, they can help you make the switch to safe, chemical-free products. If you see the EWG Verified label, there are three things you immediately know about the product.

  1. It is free of harmful chemicals. This means that the product does not include any chemicals of concern when it comes to health, ecotoxicity, and contamination. The EWG has a strict list of ingredients that absolutely cannot exist in a product they verify.
  2. The ingredient list offers full transparency. Some companies hide some of the ingredients in their products and do not include them on the ingredients list. In order to receive the EWG Verified label, products must disclose every ingredient in the product, including each ingredient that makes up the “fragrance.”
  3. The company uses safe manufacturing practices. The EWG Verified label not only shows that the product is safe, but it also shows that the company’s practices are safe and eco-friendly.
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Why Do Beauty Products Need This Label?

There are several labels that beauty products can have, but many of them do not have strict regulations attached to them. Essentially, the label “all natural” has no significance because the company gets to decide if they think their products are natural. Besides, natural and eco-friendly beauty products sell better. This is why the EWG Verified label is so important. Just like the strict regulations food has to follow to be considered organic, beauty products must follow strict regulations to become EWG Verified.

Products with this verified label will be able to charge more for their products, just like how farmers charge more for their organic produce. This helps the company prosper financially, but it also helps the customers find happiness when they realize they are using completely safe products. This label is more strict and offers more peace of mind than any other label. As of today, about 1,300 products are EWG Verified.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

The number of products with the EWG Verified label is still small compared to the many beauty brands and products on the market today. In order to help this movement grow, we need to share this information. Those around us should know what the label entails so they can make environmentally friendly choices. It also helps if we purchase EWG Verified products. This shows companies that people want safe, chemical-free makeup, hygiene, and skincare products. 

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