8 Foods to Cool You Down This Summer

With temperatures continuing to climb as summer quickly approaches, we need ways to cool off. Heat-related issues are more common than you would think. To avoid overheating, we need to know the ways to cool down our bodies, whether that be through swimming, cooling your home naturally, or eating cooling foods. We will be focusing on latter. The following eight foods will help keep you cool as you enjoy summer and the good times that come.


Cucumbers will naturally cool down your body because they are mainly composed of water. You can snack on them plain, put them in water, or make a refreshing green juice. This will quickly combat the heat. All of these foods are also healthy for the body, so that is a plus.


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Watermelon is the epitome of the delicious summer snack. Many of us remember it from our childhood, both the delicious taste and dripping fingers. It also has a high water content that effectively cools the body. It essentially acts as a natural air conditioning inside your body.


Lemon comes with several health benefits. Adding lemon to your water not only keeps you hydrated, but will also heal your skin, boost your immune system, and detox your body. You can look classy and stay hydrated as you sip from your glass of lemon water.


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Pineapple, along with its delicious cooling properties, also contains an enzyme (bromelain) that reduces inflammation in the body. These also give a great boost to a green smoothie, so you do not have to eat it plain to gain the benefits.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, are extremely healthy and have a high water content. This makes them easy to digest, meaning that your body will not have to worker harder—which will also heat up your body—to break the food down.


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Pomegranate juice will naturally lower your body heat, as well as give you plenty of iron. It also cleans your arteries, regenerates your liver, cleanses the kidneys, and slows down allergic reactions (perfect for seasonal allergy sufferers!). Stay cool while drinking delicious juice!


Mint is a great herb and natural medicine that cools the body temperature. You can crush mint leaves and use the juice as a medicine, or add it to a drink to add additional flavor. It also smells great and keeps pesky bugs away, so keep a plant nearby.


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Cold fluids, like milk, are also effective at lowering body heat. Just like cooling down your mouth after eating spicy foods, milk can cool your body temperature.

Cool Down Instead of Overheat

To prevent overheating this summer, stay away from heavy and spicy foods (peppers, potatoes, and meats) because they will warm your body. If you do eat them though, try the above foods to lower your body temperature back down. Remember to drink plenty of water too!

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