The Gentlemen’s Beard – Premium Beard Oil Review

The Gentlemen's Beard - Premium Beard Oil is a product made for guys who want a really manly beard in both appearance and smell. As a 100% natural product that was made in the USA, it is exactly my type of product. The goal of any beard oil is to hydrate the hair and face. 

Best Fea​tures

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    100% organic
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    100% fragrance free
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    Leave-in conditioner for all day softness

Initial Thoughts

Gentleman’s Beard moisturizer is sure to impress. 78 % of customers gave it a 5 star review. This product is an all-around favorite with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews. My initial thoughts on this product were positive. This moisturizer is for the refined gentleman who wants a beard that will impress. No more dry wiry hairs this moisturizer is sure to leave you with a classy, sophisticated beard.


How do you make a product that moisturizes, hydrates, smooths, and has everything your beard needs without the intense aromas? Gentleman’s beard has found the oil you’ve been looking for, fragrance free and full of essential, natural oils that will benefit your hair and skin. The beard oil is 100% natural and organic meaning there are no fillers, GMOs, or additives. The ingredients are as follows: Organic Helianthus Anuus seed oil (sunflower seed oil), Organic Argania Spinosa seed oil (Argan seed oil), Organic Oenothera Biennia seed oil (Evening Primose), Organic Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil (JoJoba), and Tocopherois (Vitamin E).

Oenothera Biennia Seed Oil or Evening Primose

The Oenothera Biennia seed or also known as the Evening Primose is rich with essential fatty acids and is especially rich in Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) also known as Y-Linolenic Acid. Evening Primose is well known for both its nutritional and medicinal uses. GLA has nutrients to combat inflammation, eczema, and other illnesses. The high content of the fatty acid binds to the hairs and strengthens the hair decreasing breakage. As the beard strengthens it appears more full and thick.

The medicinal qualities of GLA provide healing and nutrients to the skin. With Gentleman’s Beard Oil there is no harsh side effects such as burning sensations on the face or cheeks. This feature, no burning, is a game changer for those who struggle with sensitive skin.

Helianthus Annus Seed Oil or Sunflower Seed Oil

The Healianthus Annus Seed Oil reinforces the skin barrier. This extra reinforcement to the skin improves the skins ability to hold and retain moisture under and on the skin surface. This increases all day hydration and relieves any irritation or itching.

Other Natural Oils

Other natural oils as listed above in Gentlemen’s Beard oil help hydrate and soften your beard. These oils are essential to the leave in conditioner attribute as they help keep your beard soft and looking like a gentleman.


Beards are coarser and more wiry then other hair. They tend to be thicker and require quality products to keep them well maintained and looking classy. Due to the courser texture, beards require lots of nutrients that can soak in and keep the beard soft all day long.

We hear of so many different beard oils but none of them are exactly what we want. Mainly customers are deterred by overpowering scents or unpleasant aromas. The Gentlemen’s Beard Club has the perfect product that moisturizes and best of all it is fragrance free it is the Gentlemen’s Beard Oil.

The product also is a leave in conditioner this is a unique feature that keeps your beard hydrated all day long. There is no need to worry about reapplying the product half way through the day. Apply the oil once in the morning and it is sure to keep your beard smooth and well maintained all day long. The Gentlemen’s Beard Club wanted to make their product user friendly and the leave in conditioner provides quality results with minimal upkeep and keeps you looking refined all day long.

The Product

Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is 100% made in the USA and is made strictly from natural and organic oils. The Gentlemen’s Beard Club tested their products to ensure purity and full potency in their oil. None of their products were tested on animals and these oils are ensured to be good for you and the environment.

The intense moisturizing ingredients provide extra moisture to the skin eliminating any dandruff in the beard. With the skin properly hydrated it also eliminates any obnoxious itchiness.

Thought went into packaging the oil. Amber glass bottles were selected because the amber glass protects the oils from UV rays and prevents oxidation. Which means the gentlemen’s beard oil has a longer shelf life and does not lose its potency or become ineffective. The glass dropper also allows accurate measurements per use to ensure you receive the perfect quantity without over doing it.

The Gentlemen’s Beard Club is so confident in the effectiveness of their product that they have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. What more do you want from a company then knowing that if this product does not perform to your desired results or to pure excellence you will get your money back.


Fragrance Free, leave-in conditioner which hydrates all day long alleviating any itching and dandruff. This extra moisture also not only leaves your beard feeling soft and smooth but provides a luster and shine that is sure to impress. The oil also strengthens the hair and provides extra nutrients that bring out the natural highlights in the beard.


While many have come to the conclusion that this oil is scent free, there are other customers that find the oil to have a metallic or coppery smell for a few hours after application. Like any oil product it may stain linens due to its oil base. If you do not handle and apply the oil with care and accidentally get it on any cloth it could leave stains.

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    Leaves your beard smooth and soft
  • plus
    Made from high quality essential oils
  • plus
    100% organic


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    Metallic smell for a few hours after application

The Gentlemen's Beard - Premium Beard Oil Conclusion

Gentlemen’s Beard Oil is the beard oil for a gentlemen who likes soft, quality, precise, well groomed beards. This oil is not only the solution to unruly beards, but can be used to tame eyebrows as well. This beard product has everything you need and more give it a try and see if it can make you feel like a true gentleman. Treat your beard with luxury by using Gentleman’s Beard Oil.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying The Gentlemen's Beard - Premium Beard Oil.

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    How many ounces is it? It is 1 oz, which will last you much longer than you realize.
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    I know this is "unscented", but what does it smell like? I assume some of these oils have some sort of smell to them. It doesn't have any smell whatsoever.

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