Bird Mites: How to Get Rid of Them Naturally in 11 Simple Steps

It is extremely difficult to deal with or even harder to eliminate bird mites. There are numerous means you can try to learn how to get rid of bird mites, but not all of them may seem efficient. The main challenge is that they can breed into a huge population really fast, being able to infest the whole house. However, you should not worry since they cannot survive on people. Nevertheless, you might experience bird mites bites if your house gets infested.

All You Need to Know About Bird Mites

After biting you, they can live red itching bumps on your skin. Usually, they tend to bite people at night, feeding on their blood without them not knowing it. Before learning how to get rid of bird mites, you should first learn more about bird mite tick. They are so small that is hard for us to identify them. Furthermore, they are also extremely mobile.

These ticks are semi-transparent in color and oval in shape. They are usually very popular in areas with a hot climate, especially in locations where birds position their nests. They feed on birds like sparrows, starlings, pigeons and many other poultry-related animals. Mites divide into three different species, and all of them are capable of feeding on humans.

They include the tropical fowl mite, namely O. bursa, the red poultry mite known as Dermanyssus gallinae, and the northern fowl mite or the Ornithonyssus sylviarum. However, the most challenging one is D. gallinae. It is harder to eliminate these mites since they are more resistant to miticide chemicals. Furthermore, they are able to survive for long time periods without blood food.

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How to Get Rid of Bird Mites

1. Identify and Remove

The first thing you need to do is to figure out which is the source of your problem. Small nests of birds can be on window ledges, in chimneys, roof spaces, wall cavities, basements, foundations or around porches.

2. Use Zippered Vinyl Protectors

In order to prevent bird mites to spread all over the house, you should consider using zippered protectors to incase pillows, mattresses, and box springs. Hence, you will make sure you will prevent infestation. Furthermore, you should use a good miticide to clean the ceiling, floors, and walls as often as possible.

3. Ask a Veterinarian’s Help

You could ask a veterinarian’s help to examine your exotic birds, gerbils or chickens for bird mites. If you want to do this by yourself, you can try covering the cage with a white sheet during the night. Then, in the morning, you can examine the sheet and check for black specks.

4. Check the Carpet

Your bedroom carpet may make it even harder for you to get rid of bird mites. It is easier to clean tile or wood floors. However, if your floor is carpeted, it might require for you to daily vacuum it. Another solution you could try is using a mite dusting powder that you can apply to your carpet.

Small bird mites on the window sill

Bird mites are so small that sometimes you cannot even see them, entering your house through wall cracks.

5. Use Repellent

By using repellents, you will be able to repel bird mites and several other types of insects. However, when you purchase repellents, you need to make sure they contain one of these ingredients: 3-methyl-n-diethyl benzamide or diethyl meta-toluamide. Furthermore, you should also try to apply it to your clothes.

Nevertheless, some people may be tempted not to apply such repellents since many of them have an odor. When deciding to use this method, you should carefully follow the instructions on the package to make sure you do not leave anything out.

6. Use Insecticides

If you use insecticides, you will be able to get rid of bird mites. This is an efficient solution since it can also prevent bird mites’ invasion in your house. There are numerous kinds of over-the-counter products which can help you get rid of the problem. Furthermore, some of these insecticides are efficient both indoor and outdoor. You will be able to get rid of bird mites’ population really quick, preventing their re-emergence.

7. Remove Bed Nest

To make sure you annihilate the issue, you could remove the bed nest. This is definitely the best approach to use to control the bird mites’ invasion. However, when you remove the nest, you should wear special protection, like gloves and a mask. In this way, you prevent bacterial infections and the transfer of mites. You can find bird mite nests in places like window edges, on the walls, in roof holes and other places.

8. Fix Broken Tiles

Another way you can prevent bird mites’ infestation is to repair your broken tiles. Even if this might not seem so, this is a particularly important matter since bird mites can find their way in your house again. Hence, they can start breeding.

9. Block Holes

If you have any holes or small cracks in the walls, floor or roof, you should immediately take care of the problem. Fix those openings to prevent mites from infesting your house. In this way, you will be able to keep mites away from your household.

10. Apply Cream

By applying an anti-itch cream or a lotion to get rid of bird mites on animals and humans. This cream will help you reduce irritation due to mites’ bites. To a large extent, anti-itch creams also work as a repellent. Nevertheless, they represent a milder form of repellent.

11. Ask for the Help of a Pest Controller

If there are many areas in your house affected by bird mites and you cannot handle the infestation, then it is better if you ask for help. By hiring a pest controller, you will make sure that you will certainly get rid of bird mites. A company which is in charge of pest control will certainly have efficient repellents that can help you annihilate the problem.

Summing Up

All these strategies and tips can help you learn how to get rid of bird mites that have infested your house, harming your poultry or exotic birds. Furthermore, in case you experience mites’ bites, you need to find ways to annihilate the infestation and prevent them from spreading and affecting your whole family. Use a repellent or lotion to treat your bites.

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